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  1. i would off bought one ,i get my coat lol.reminds me off austin healey le mans
  2. yes here one i did earlier in jasmine yellow jag lovers its a ford colour
  3. took it out yesterday for a drive and it drives like a champ.but my mrs hates it,her words looks like any jap car i ever seen,its to low and i dont like it brill,but she had to admit how good it ran and how it holds the road,had few nice comments at ulverston canal were we walking the dog nice run out,and had bloke all over it at petrol station.very good on fuel,waiteing on the coil springs watch this space,
  4. its by roundabout at roosecote hit rampside rd,1st on the left 2nd one south row lol.rampside rd leads you to coast rd,were take my classic car blow away the cobwebs,
  5. ronnie the mazda is mine,black car i got a wave off him,when i was down the coast rd,black car is well known known in my town i would have it in a heartbeat,
  6. regretted minute it went 2000e cortina
  7. black and beautfull with its nets curtains dollies on seats got be rare love to own it,thought my mazda was rare,
  8. cant think off name off last cul-de-sac off befor round hose surs its called cumbria view thier house with a long drive and looks like the drive
  9. yes both sides lol,lad i bought it off like smoke good stuff,the van my mrs fell out with me,cause her uncle had vw van she rembers sound it made,i was in the bad book for weeks,she only told me when it was on the trailer,
  10. no probs am not offended were all into old cars and thats my outlet,hobbie and this site is brill,being dyslexic as its postive points i dont seem to have fear,take on some cars a normal person would walk away from,if see something i want just go for it,pod dont beat yourself up m8 were all in this group for the love off old cars.
  11. right had a brill day its back on the road, clutch is in,did engine flush and filter and oil change,think tappets need setting and it needs a deep clean,took it down the coast rd at dizzy heights off 70mph had slow down for a sunday driver,got wave off toyota crown well known car in my town its black with curtains from the 80s will put pics up only lives 10 mins away,quite shocked how fast it is,feel like you are doing double the speed car very low,back on track
  12. sorry eddie i will show you the mazda,been a mad day,took my son to work and i felt bit tired,so had a good kip then i went out and put the gearbox back in,bit off a pain,2 trolley jacks lined it up,bingo straight in got my 2nd wind bolted bellhouseing up x member,but prop fell out oil all over the floor,glad in way as it looked manky,so am going to drain it,put fresh in,thought i was going to finsh it,but had to pick my son up,in the morning am going to put prop in,starter charge the battery take it out for a spin,thats the plan,its took few weekends trying sort out right pressure plate nearly tempted put old one in but i want it right,watch this space
  13. its not a battle,am not from the woke generation everybody entitled to your own opion,like i said am more hands on.in minute be takeing my son to work,doing my mazda gearbox,
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