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  1. took me right back to early 70s as a kid bought same kit at hendon raf plane museum 1st kit got me into model makeing,
  2. been busy yesteday gearbox is out.the clutch was knackered,new clutch needs holes were dowle locate needs drilling out bigger,cant get to my drills car in the way lol,its on axle stands,found it very therapeutic took my mind off whats going on being under house arrest lol,lockdown as they call it,loads off clutch dust so going get some brake cleaning fliud.The floor off the mazda has never been touched its unreal so while gearbox is out will underseal it,my laptop wont let me upload pics up,hopefully next week it be back on the highway take it down coast rd,get my daughter look at laptop see
  3. here only one i can afford lol,always wanted a mk2 jag and p5 rover coupe just class
  4. worst heap i ever own were 2 astras mk5 i had 2 off them, one think it was 1800 diesel other 1300 diesel both leaked oil from day i owned them,had one striped off engine new gaskets still leaked oil i was told it was a fiat engine what the hell was a fiat engine doing in a vauxhall mad ,and both daulmasters clutches went well under 100k ,from that day told myself no more vauxhalls,had one reg 2000 estate early shape looked dog rough but was brill car,later ones keep away,
  5. rember my grandad on about him,still thought war as on,brill he existed
  6. its a montrose 626 its a facelift one,mines 1982 one off the last,early ones had different fronts chrome bumpers,
  7. here my money pit or classic ,needs a clutch been bit lazy was bit ill,hopeing soon to get it back on the road,
  8. makes me want to buy one,had mint 2 door b reg in the 90s i had about 5 off them best one 1800 cvh one had it for years only sold it buy mrs auto astra,she was dangeriuos so she gave up driveing,always thought last great car that ford made
  9. weekends work and it will be back on the road lol,belive me struts on the capri make good money and they fit mk1 and mk2 escorts
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