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  1. Hi. I am currently on a quest to locate my 1974 NSU Ro80. I owned the car here in the UK until 2007 at which time I sold it to a buyer who took it to Cyprus. In 2014 a friend stumbled upon the Ro in a Cyprus driveway & at this point in time the car was in pretty good condition. However, after some recent extensive web detective work things appear to have taken a turn for the worse & possibly as late as May 2020 the car has been photographed at a small holding in a very poor state. I now know that the location of said property is on the E303 road near the junction to Dasaki Stadium. What's more, the search led me to a 2013 post/thread here on Autoshite containing photos of the collection of abandoned vehicles at the property in question but can I find this thread now...no! The Ro was not in these photos which confirms it arrived at the location more recently. If anyone knows of the post please let me know. In addition please see the images below. They show 'my' Ro in the 'graveyard' probably this year along with a Google Earth shot of the location. As I said, I know where the property is but as yet I have no clues to who lives/works/owns there & the very latest circumstances of the car itself of course. Believe it or not, I had the Ro fully restored in the early 2000's & now look at her. Any assistance will be much appreciated. The point of this whole exercise is the intention to possibly bring her back home to the UK...time may be running out! Many thanks.
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