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  1. Update 1. Found some pretty mint alloys that were once on a MK2 Jetta but have since been refurbished with new tyres put on. Still need to source some new bolts before I can put miles onto them, a bolt has already snapped in the bloody hub when doing a test fit! Fitment looks good though, much chunkier tyres with a lower profile! Not sure if I’ll have the height for thicker springs now without some rubbing.
  2. Oh wow! That’s awesome, never heard of them before, certainly looks very similar, even older than I had thought! Hats off to you!
  3. 4CYL RWD van that hasn’t seen tarmac for many many decades, no clue what it could be so if you see any resemblance to a make or model leave a reply! No obvious way to identify it as there is no logo or VIN, interesting nevertheless
  4. Already having such a blast haha, certainly puts a smile on my face! Getting a bit of attention too from others too!
  5. A lovely but slightly worse for wear Rapid 130 opposite my local Skoda dealer, now used as a bed for Phormium tenax
  6. Thank you kindly! What an absolute steal for that kinda money! I picked mine up for just under 500, with over double the miles! That’s interesting as it looks the strut brace was perhaps either an opitional extra or just fitted to Felicia’s above bottom trim. Also has a very different centre console (or lack of rather). All the fellys I see seem to miss some fog light trim, very strange?
  7. Will definitely be keeping a close eye for any indication of oil and coolant mixing, after draining the oil it was just old and very dark. the rocker arms and valves were clean too (apart from old oil again). Wow though, what a journey! I'm looking forward to putting miles on Gave the rocker cover a good scrub as it was quite mank looking Replaced the gasket as it leaked a lil oil down the side of the 4th Plug but now all is well
  8. I’ve been considering making a topic for progress with my Felicia for a little while, I want to reflect on what’s been done in a more organised fashion compared to flicking through photos on my phone. I’ve had a keen interest on older generation Skoda for quite some time (100series-Facelift Felicia), I bought this 1999 T reg Skoda Felicia mid April. Would of loved to buy the pre-facelift model but sadly most seem to have been scrapped, however mine does come with the 1.3 OHV engine -the same used in Rapid 136’s, albeit slightly modernised and with Siemens multi point fuel injection producing 68bhp. First pic after a wash. Missing headlight trim, dinged rear OS door, NS fender is a bit bashed in as the original owner must of had a bit of a bash, the whole bumper sits a little lopsided. Hopefully can get the bodywork pulled at some point. Wanted to put in the effort to get her running smoothly with some maintenance: new oil & filter, air filter, coolant flush, wipers, bulbs, spark plugs, fuel filter, valve cover gasket etc. Drained the gearbox and refreshed it with new oil, was grinding going in reverse the odd time, and this solved it. Engine bay needed multiple washes to clean up, looked a right bombsite when I bought it, some neglect was evident from past owner! Blue Lagoon Metallic is the colour for anyone wondering. Next to do is fit new discs & yellowstuff pads which have been sat in the boot for a couple months, need to file the edge of the pads down a tad and find a way to remove the locking pin screw from the disc. The goal is to fitting some modifications, some stiffer lowering springs and alloy wheels with good tyres. Nothing too crazy. The ride is pretty good, very little body roll, the strut brace seems to work well. A very responsive little motor, town and rural road driving is good fun. Updates to come.
  9. Hey there fellas, account is approved and new to the forums? Nice to meet yous. Been working on getting my lagoon metallic Felly GLi into healthy condition over summer, hopefully getting it taxed and insured for the start of August (after a whole palava with the wrong VIN in a V62 document?)
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