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  1. Twats driving infront at 40mph on clear gritted A roads, who proceed to drive at 40mph in a 50, a 60, and go through a village with a 30mph limit - at bloody 40. Utter annoying twat headed Bastards.
  2. Pictures….because without it didn’t happen lol Ahh my beautiful XR2i and ‘some bird’ (who I later married!) The crock of inverse gold… what a horrible vehicle this was, ahhh bugger. I can’t find a photo of the Mondeo Si…..argh
  3. The Mk5 escort was truly ‘orrible. I mistakenly accepted an ‘upgrade’ in the company I worked for at the time - I had a Fiesta XR2i, on an L plate, wonderful Ford bucket seats, very attractive wheels and of course heated screen, 1800 engine., lovely power to weight ratio. It was a delight to drive but: I could get an XR3i, with a job promotion - so I ordered it with the car fleet people. except Ford announced the Mk5 and my order was switched to an Escort Si on an M plate (as the XR wasn’t available…). The mk5 Si had fog lights and stuff but the interior was horrible, clunky controls, white speedo and rev counter, horrible ride and bloody massive doors. The seats were uncomfortable and the interior all plasticky. It was very noisy. What a disaster decision. My Fiesta went to another field engineer and I ended up trying to shift the escort to someone else. I ended up with an older Mondeo Si in black ( all our cars were Ford and all were black). It was lovely apart from the fact the previous driver was a kipper and it stunk. I am pretty sure I had one of those cassette tapes somewhere!
  4. What a great thread, some tasty chod and some familiar places, as I used to live over at South Heighton. Thanks for posting, 👍
  5. Unlucky Alf

    Rozzer Shite

    I’ve seen some ‘murican stuff posted here already, so here is the not very United States ‘secret’ service police, in DC
  6. Unlucky Alf

    Rozzer Shite

    A secluded lay-by - Sussex Police comparing their DF (Direction Finding/tracker) equipment to ours… looks like a T reg Toyota Avensis!
  7. Has this one been featured yet? A 1993. Spotted near Gatwick last week.
  8. Accidental leaving on, of the handbrake perhaps? I’ve never* done that in the past.
  9. Was working on my mates Fiat 127 Sport. All pretty tight work as the bonnet opened forwards and spare tyre lived in the engine bay of the little silver dodgem. We were working on the carb, in the road outside another mates house, cleaning the jets etc. yes, I dropped one of the bleedin jets down the wrong hole, in the carb. Fark.
  10. Maybee she fell of the bed with all that trembling.
  11. I had a 2.0RTi Sport from new, it was lovely. Company car, first non Ford I had had, after a string of Fiesta/escort/mondeo’s. I loved the comfy drive and was impressed that it showed the oil level on the dashboard briefly, when you started it up. Then I realised it drank oil…I often wondered if that was why Renault fitted the oil level indicator on the dash. I had to fund the oil myself as it wasn’t included in the leasing company deal our company had. It wasn’t a lucky car for me… we got road raged on holiday in it a week after we got it in Norfolk (Still no idea what I supposedly did…) and then I was driven into on a roundabout in Bracknell. To cap it all, it was the only car I have been driven into the back of…..when I wasn’t actually inside the car. ( I pulled over to clean my screen as my wipers had froze up and some wazzuck with a totally frozen uncleared windscreen screen drove into the back of my car like it wasn’t there as I shouted STOP! While I was standing along side it. The repair was shite and rust started to come through the panels, but I left the company and some other poor sod ended up with it. I loved the look of the Mk1 Laguna, styling of the bonnet and the rear lights are perfect.
  12. Can’t say I’ve ever used the lot at hassocks. Agree - F1 at Burgess Hill have been very helpful in the past. I was told get a quote on BlackCircles (that’s how I usually order and get them to fit). - then then give them a call - they claimed they would match it, I guess trousering BC’s usual cut. That suits me as the blackcircles lot had me in circles with a pair of new fits. Usually they have been fine, but this time scheduled dates and times, but failed to deliver tyres to F1, then missed a second and third date, promised me 20quid off each tyre for the inconvenience via email, and that never materialised. W*nkers.
  13. ☑️rusted through wobbly danger machine ☑️Locate galvanised fencing bracket.. ☑️ Grind to what’s left of metal, rust convert it, galvanised fence support bent and pop riveted, paint the lot ☑️good* as new ☑️mow grass for another 10 yrs
  14. Fingers crossed 🤞 for you. I’ve been running on them and I suspect it’s just because I’m unlucky (!) but I’ve had loads of punctures, the side walls seem quite susceptible, and I’ve had a fair few repairs where nails have gone into them. this was one of the most annoying, a bolt, going round Guildford ring road one morning. at least it wasn’t a slightly warn newish one with loads of life left in it…. Ahh bugger.
  15. They seem to be puncture magnets, those Goodyear 4Seasons. I think it’s the compound.
  16. Faster than these ones… GET A BLOODY MOVE ON WILL YA! 🤪
  17. Going down a country lane today, someone up ahead in a 4x4 waiting to pull out of an entrance. being nice and helpful I flashed them out, only to discover the horse box on the back, (that was hidden by the hedge ) as they pulled out. Of course it’s going my way, for 5 miles. Slowly, of course, down the narrow lanes. then our convoy of slowness came across the two side by side Lycra clad pushbikers, that the horse box towing combo couldn’t overtake. Ahh bugger.
  18. Arghhhhhhhhh shite. bloody ear worm now
  19. Some splendid craftsmanship there, just look at that fine quality finish and attention to detail
  20. What about a Hovercraft? Technically that’s an aircraft. Or is it…. 😜 Rules of the air similar, everyone gives way to hot air balloons as it’s difficult for them to get out of the way, gliders give way to balloons while everyone else gives way to gliders, powered aircraft (helicopters/fixed wing) give way to gliders and balloons. Etc .👍
  21. Love the square headrests, brings back such memories! I always had Ford company cars at this time, but my mate worked for a company that had Vauxhalls and so had two or three of these and also one of the new shaped next model. Having been passenger lots in an D, E, G and H reg cavaliers, watching this thread brought back so many memories of the massive boot even the hatchback had (full of computer spares my mate carried round with him). He also had an estate and I was always rather envious of the estate as compared to my escort estates, it was much larger, more comfy and had much more space in the back. I also remember the radio being better in function and audio quality. I really love the design of this mark of cavalier, the tail lights/rear end are awesome looking. Fantastic work, it really is bringing back memories 👍. Thank you.
  22. You would think so, as I did, indeed it seems that the mini excavator stuff is do-able and JCB do sell it now,https://www.jcb.com/en-gb/products/mini-excavators/19c-1e but for larger construction sites and major projects, larger full size electric really is not a solution that works well because of the limited capacity, operational and charging times. take a look at this…
  23. One I pass regularly sorned and untaxed since 2019. And hasn’t moved since then, by looks. It’s got a nice growth of green making its way up the sides now..
  24. Agreed, I used to have a company 120d sport with xenon auto dipping headlights. The auto sensing stuff just didn’t work quick enough, I would end up manually overriding it and in the end I turned the auto shit off. It was a PITA.
  25. ….the handbrake not working, er, problem…… 🤣
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