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  1. Great wee car - I'd still love to find a decent one. Mad to see it with the bumpers all oiled up. A rare sight!
  2. Totally agree with Egg. Fave car on the forum I think! Lovely wee car.
  3. Defo calendar material! Another stellar thread - hadn't seen this one before. We had a Hillman Avenger estate in red when I was wee. My brother and I used to always travel in the boot and throw things through the gaping holes above the wheels.
  4. Well well. Bless my ten toes. You’ve won a prize for your lovely new project! Simply send me your address.
  5. Actually, I take it all back. You only achieve true* shiter status if you...........DO IT ALL AGAIN. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/horsebox-renault-dodge-50-series/254566579385?hash=item3b4559bcb9:g:3okAAOSwhtNej2yk "STARTS PERFECT"
  6. Wow. Have just done a mega catch-up on this. Have always loved Dodge 50s, but with the lack of skills and the state of them all these days, your thread is as close as I'll ever get! Massive respect boyo. What a legendary job! I also hear from Volksy that Fotorabia is sniffing around these parts again? Excellent. I've been on autoshite-hiatus for a while, but THIS is the good shit!
  7. Gotta say, I was a BIG fan of the Arnold Clark one. Anyone got any left/spare?
  8. I seem to remember it needed a new rear window and some other bits. Just found this anyway. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mitsubishi/mitsubishi-space-wagon-1996-2.0-diesel/1365432718
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