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    Carrington, Nottingham. Sometimes Gwynedd.
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    Rusty old vehicles, Urban Beach-Combing, Local History, English Literature, Language and Etymology. Punk Rock. Noisy Percussion. And other stuff. Currently looking for a cheap gaff in Gwynedd!!


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  1. Bonnet discarded in my friend's horse field in Llanberis. What's it from huh?
  2. Very sorry to hear that Paul. I just lost my brother very suddenly in May, and spent a week and a half clearing his apartment. Wry much know where your head's at mate. Rotten stuff. A pint with your name on it should we cross paths. Chris
  3. Just spent 40 mins in solid tailback on the A50. Has somewhat curtailed my excitement. now drowning my sorrows in multinational corporate coffee and foodstuffs at Keele services. Llanberis at around 10.30pm at this rate. Dammit. See yous all tomorrow - hopefully in a more cheerful mood! I may also have collected a ticket for a red light in Nottingham, 30 secs after leaving my gaff. Harrumph.
  4. Just wondering, is there a water tap on site? Drinkable?
  5. Yes, exhaustive list is written, escape is imminent!
  6. The Capri is still there, but I don't think the Samba was last time I drove past (2 weeks ago). The Capri is a local landmark alone though ha ha
  7. I’m way way behind on most threads. That’s a miserable end. Total fuckers. if I ever win a lottery, I’m buying you a Leyland Leopard Ulsterbus from the 70s. Fuck it. A Bristol RE in the same livery. Chris.
  8. That would be sooooo fun to clean up….
  9. I wonder if it was the gearbox? Out of MOT a year ago now and reasonable history up until then. Didn’t look so bad - bar the smashed windaes… A sad end… Sherwood, Nottingham.
  10. Possibly in blue? With some pointedly relevant decals?
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