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  1. Gotta say, I was a BIG fan of the Arnold Clark one. Anyone got any left/spare?
  2. I seem to remember it needed a new rear window and some other bits. Just found this anyway. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mitsubishi/mitsubishi-space-wagon-1996-2.0-diesel/1365432718
  3. Sorry for the delay - long day at work etc etc...
  4. Hi - no payment details sent as yet - am poised to paypal you though!
  5. Really looking forward to the rest of this thread. Before and after pics of interior clean up please! And the rest....
  6. Was easily the cleanest and best Jag I've seen in a long while....
  7. The bike is mine. Yes, it’s awesome, and yes, all built out of skips. Turkey Baster included.
  8. Have been very quiet on here for yonks - phone issues, life mishaps and the like. But hey - have some more pics. I have a feeling that they’ll be the wrong way round, and I’ll lose the will to live, but sure. Scrappy (Podders) yesterday and some recent spotted filth.
  9. I can ask my Dad to have a look next time he's down in the garage (I live in Nottingham). Lovely motor, and obviously looked after!
  10. I remember when these came out. Used to drool over the Scorpio in the ‘Cars’ brochure I used to pick up every time it came out - at Wilson’s of Rathkenny in Larne. Got my Dad to stop there every time we went past. It’s now a deserted waste ground. Looks really great Trig! Loving the thread.
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