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  1. For sale in the charity shop in Farnsfield - nearby my work. Of interest to any of you lot? Boxed -£2!!
  2. Dropped in to Podders on the way home today to check for any c-class bits and bobs. Took some pics naturally. 5B50210F-5800-4157-A78E-C8AB8B9B14BC.MOV 10423D3A-2FE1-423F-A6A4-425A6DF4BE98.MOV BE79DC1F-8876-4366-AFDD-262E376C4BF1.MOV
  3. Podders (Nottingham) today.
  4. Ahhhh MOT achieved - no advisories. Wasnae cheap in the end, and it’s still a rusty ole bag, but boy does it drive nicely with its new suspension components etc. Also probably the only one of its age with a new and fully functioning handbrake! Bristol plans for the weekend. Also beer, sandpaper, primer, Titanite Red etc etc
  5. Headlight washers - non colour coded. Wowzers....
  6. A few more from Southwell and work. The Montys are out the back of an MG garage - been there a while like. And the Jaaaaag is the boss of the scaff company on our campus. The (modern remake) Feu Orange and Norn Iron numberplate mean that I’m defo gonna strike up a chat at some point...
  7. And yes, I have been following the Horsebollox thread (it's great).
  8. Well, the Thrash Wagon went for it's MOT today and predictably enough - it failed. Suspension bits and bobs/bushes, and an advisory for front brake pads. So it's living at the tame garage until Monday - and then it's back on the road and feeling like a new* car again. Which means I'm gonna have to tackle the rust. Tops of arches and bottom (open) quarter of front doors - ie, the usual suspects. Which rust-eating liquids are currently endorsed by AS? Or are they all of a muchness? Will Iron Oxide Red be ok as a primer? Am gonna invest in a flap wheel as well I guess. I have a good bit of Titanite Red left too, so with some primer and paper, I should be good to go for the full bodge. Am not too worried about how it looks - will tape it off and go for straight lines rather than fade ins I reckon. And all of this because I recently grew a pair and took the engine cover off - to reveal......NO BLACK DEATH. Bit of a weep on injector no.1, but that's it. REALLY not bad for a 16 yr old CDi I reckon. No picture of it at hand here (am at work) so have this instead: I have purchased my week of bus tickets already and am gonna enjoy the driving break by going to pubs as often as possible. Any proper BODGEY yet successful rust/paint touch up stories will be great to read!!
  9. Am all sorted now - happy days! Many thanks to Pillock and Cavcraft etc..
  10. I’m mega skint most of the time, but I enjoy a wee flutter on here once* in a while. I wouldnae do it if I couldnae afford it. And I have no problem with occasional human error. I hope to fuck that you aren’t a manager.
  11. Non stop complaining and fucking moaning on here. Chill out you weirdos. Your entitlement dusnae make you any more important in life. Somebody forgot something. Oh no. It’s just a fun wee motoring forum. And you have a keyboard. Don’t enter any more roffles. Dah dahhhhh!
  12. Jeez. Here we go. Y’know, in fairness, we’ve all been funding each other for quite some time now! I never win, which is fine, but I like to think that I own several indicators and rear view mirrors up and down the country... good luck all. Feel free to throw me a penny when I ultimately end up in the street....
  13. Not joking - it’s a deal breaker for me too. Despite never winning roffles, I was only gonna take a hit on mpgs for the ‘luxury family picnic in the rain’ option... Sorry! If the ole spinners go, then my numbers are up for grabs...
  14. Bump! I need to keep paying for other people’s cars!!
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