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    Rusty old vehicles, Urban Beach-Combing, Local History, English Literature, Language and Etymology. Punk Rock. Noisy Percussion. And other stuff.


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  1. Possibly in blue? With some pointedly relevant decals?
  2. What a stunner! Great thread too. Following avidly. Cheers and good luck boyo!!
  3. I handed in my notice at work on Friday. Used all my holidays up for notice. Last day at work tomorrow. The end. So, I shall either be on the street or in a better job soon.
  4. Following this thread! Great wee find that. Great cars.
  5. Wee bonus 205 with an (almost) Krujoe plate...
  6. Bowler hat? Steed? Jaaaaag? It’s all too much!!
  7. Bowler hat included, one would hope!!
  8. Me too, and a good few years ago too. My 323 buyer rocked up, paid the mega cheap price and was never seen or heard of again. Still rankles with me. It was a dead good car that I wanted to stay on the forum one way or another.
  9. Hmm. Not actually how it all went down. I screenshotted it all just in case too. But listen - I didn’t make it public, in that I mentioned no names and gave no details. Was just letting off steam on here really. It’s a grumpy thread. All a bit unfortunate really. Any urgency on my part was simply due to some heinous personal stuff going on right now. My apologies for any offence perceived. I’ll be off for a while I guess. Not used to this stuff happening.
  10. Not you fella.... was in private messages.
  11. I’ve never had such rude replies to an agreement to buy a car on here ever. In a decade of enjoying the forum. Am fuming. So aye, I’ll be off again for a while. I love this place, but Jesus. There really are some moments when I want to just freak out. and no, it certainly isnae Wuvvum. Who is a solid gent. By the way.
  12. Lovely stuff. Loving the 104s! I have broken my leg and as a consequence would now love to have an automatic again . The 205 is lush! The bank balance is possibly rising again. Hmm.
  13. Whilst I'm at it actually, on the subject of signatures: Mine looks pretty stupid I guess, but my thinking on it was that if anyone else bought one of those cars, then I might* have something useful to share, however negligent. Always wanna help folks if I can. I also like having a record. Whaddaya reckon. Ditch it?
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