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  1. I can ask my Dad to have a look next time he's down in the garage (I live in Nottingham). Lovely motor, and obviously looked after!
  2. I remember when these came out. Used to drool over the Scorpio in the ‘Cars’ brochure I used to pick up every time it came out - at Wilson’s of Rathkenny in Larne. Got my Dad to stop there every time we went past. It’s now a deserted waste ground. Looks really great Trig! Loving the thread.
  3. Yes to all this. I am fully aware now of the possible miseries that I have taken on, but oh my GOD the level of (yesterday’s) spec is unreal. Grom bluetooth kit, motorised uppy downy (with separate remote control) dash satnav, fully heated leather electric seats etc etc and aye, that engine... I have now been fully schooled in how much it may die soon, but for now it’s amazing. Need to do some big miles in it soon as the commute is just not enough. Current chagrin is the mismatched HID headlight replacements. Need that shit gone. Am sure the original set up would have been fine. The right hand lens washer was unplugged too. Plugged it back in and it went a bit mad. So at least the motor works. Some fuckery has happened I guess, and also guess that it was the HID shite. Wanted ad for headlight unit now placed. Still have more fun stuff to find though, pointless gadget-wise. Steering has a ‘blip’ (can’t quite describe) when turning right. Gonna live with that rather than talk about new racks ha ha. Will it make it to May’s MOT? Prace Bets Now.
  4. Am sure picking up a new car is supposed to fun....
  5. Funny. Am off to pick it up now. With my fear and dread.
  6. This thread has filled me full of dread. Almost exactly like the dread I would have if I had just purchased an estate V70 with the very last of our magic beans. *shiver*
  7. First bank loan ever gonna happen. Scary monsters.
  8. My trigger finger is hot. Might actually buy a Rav 4tomorrow with a hangover. Vehicle desperation is happening. 03 plate, high miles, estate version, family owned, history etc. A grand. Talk to me. The bus (two every morning) can no longer happen. Nightmare. And as usual, there are no live sales on here. So.....
  9. LOVELY 'CavCraft spec' transporter though...
  10. Waiting for one? Jaysis. Wednesday let’s go. I need to move on with my life (on buses every day....)
  11. I'm happy for some vague form of excitement to happen tomorrow. The more i see how red it is, the more i want it. Anyone dropping out, I may even buy their tickets. 'Cos who needs money eh? Not I. Apparently.
  12. Can you just check that my payment went through to you please? How we looking for Saturday draw then folks?
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