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  1. Rovingmatt

    Car chases

    Another fairly brutal chase. Top marks to the Dodge Dart for its swift transformation into a Datsun 510 when it flips over
  2. Rovingmatt

    Car chases

    This is from a film called 11 Harrow House, a really badly made production that I don't think ever made it to DVD. It has all the hallmarks of a classic chase, with a few extra mental moments thrown in. A Lotus Europa, couple of S Type Jags, a LWB Transit and erm, horses, all take part. The sudden appearance of a cliff face in the grounds of a country house is a particular highlight
  3. Hello, I'm*sort of* new here, in the fact that I joined up a few years ago, hardly ever posted and subsequently forgot all my login details. Anyway, I'm Matt, and have a thing for BL cars, and here is the fleet. A 1979 Allegro 1100DL, the 'not a proper TR' 1977 TR7 and 1972 Rover 2000TC.
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