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  1. Shitty weather has meant not much fettling has happened lately but I've had a free day with some decent weather so managed to get a few things sorted today. First up, the 205. Nelson the cat has taken a shine to it. I spotted this "Fischer Box" for sale on facebook and had to have it. It turned up last week and got it fitted today. Looks pretty natty I think! Fished the Eunos out of the garage with the intention of finishing fitting the roof. All done! It's filthy I know but it way better than what was on there before 🤣 it's waterproof too, tested it with the pressure washer And finally had a mini photoshoot before putting the Eunos away again.
  2. Alas no! I've got an ieGeek stereo in my Eunos but I couldn't remember how to do it 🤣 I was planning on leafing through the manual when I made a rest stop but I was making such good time I just carried on until I got home!
  3. Obligatory petrol station shot 😁 Got my first compliment from the cashier at the petrol station, "Propah motah that!" Says the young lad with clearly impeccable taste. Drove the 3 hours and 170 miles home in one shot and it never missed a beat, what a little honey!
  4. I'm now on the way to collect my roffle win 205 😁 I've managed to talk my good friend Jim into taking me bless him. Interestingly this will be the furthest Jim has ever driven, and the second furthest he's ever driven was to take me to fetch an Octavia Vrs that turned out to have a knackered gearbox 🤣 Anywho this is Jim's chariot, a Hyundai Veloster which surely has "Futureshite" written all over it. Wish us luck!
  5. I did indeed! Great bunch, highly recommend them.
  6. Thanks 😊 Yeah it's great value, I saw it on the Bofi Racing youtube channel a while ago and I've not seen anything better since so decided to go for it.
  7. Few more bits and pieces done, first up I saw some swanky looking floor mats on Instagram and ordered some back in April, finally showed up from Australia last week and in they went, really love them! Really love the JDM Chequer look Then last week I was taking my lad to stay with his Gran, a rare journey with just the two of us so took the opportunity to take him for a spin in the Eunos 😁 Needless to say he bloody loved it! Finally the standard steering wheel has been increasingly annoying me. It's all split on the inside of the rim and it catches the top of my legs when I change gear etc so opted for a Motamec Deep Dish steering wheel to give me some more clearance and just overall be nicer to use! The nice thing about it is you can retain the MOMO horn push button from the standard wheel. Looks great and under £70, well pleased with it. out with the old and... In with the new! I really like the look of the interior now. Just need to sort out the ashtray area, tried a couple fo cheap ebay cupholders but they were both shit so not sure what to do. Next up I've got some import sized plates made up of my private plate so I'll get them on. Also got some window bushes ready to fit and a new gear gaiter and shift boot, just need time to do it all!
  8. There was an optional "comfort pack" or some such that added leccy rear windows, a front centre armrest and climate control. Can't remember if all that became standard on the facelift. Love an Octy Vrs, I had a mk1 in dog dick red which remains my favourite car I've had and the one I regret selling. Also had a facelift MK2 Vrs in yellow which was a bit shit alas. It had the early DSG box which was on the way out. I would bloody love a mk1 estate but even knackered ones are big money now.
  9. Some more minor fettling this weekend. One of the rear light clusters was really badly faded and irritating me greatly. I found a decent second hand one on eBay and manages to win it for the princely sum of 99p! £10 p&p mind but still a bargain! Had some free time yesterday afternoon so decided to have a crack at it between rain showers Old unit out, not a bad difference! It was absolutely filthy behind the old light with an astonishing array of deceased arachnids. Cleaned it all out and new one in: Much better. The seal that came with the unit was looking a bit ropey so I've ordered a new set to do both sides, I'll also have a good clean behind the other light while I'm there.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I've been watching some vids on YouTube about what to do but most focus only on the window bushes. I'll do them as well as they're probably knackered and they're only 20 quid or so 🙂
  11. There's been some further progress in Eunos land, first up, ridiculous pool ball gear knob! It actually feels great to use. I had my eye on a nice Jass Performance one but didn't want to spend that much so got this as a stop gap, pretty pleased with it to be fair Next up was to investigate the non-working stereo. It came with an old JVC CD only unit. It wasn't switching on so either the head unit was goosed or something more sinister was afoot. I decided to buy a cheap head unit just to see if that was where the fault lay. Eventually I want to get a nice double din touchscreen thing but that can wait til next year, for now I got a cheap Bluetooth unit off Amazon. I saw Matt on Furious Driving putting one of these in his 200vi and I liked the look of it. Nothing fancy, USB ports for device charging which is handy as the Eunos didn't have any, bluetooth audio streaming and it had a basic digital clock, again something missing from a standard Eunos. For £30 can't go wrong! Duly fitted said unit and..... Great success! Can't tell you how happy this made me. The right hand door speaker doesn't work so something to look at in the future but the electric windows are slow as fook so i'll have to have the door cards off anyway soon. There are some weird little tweeters on the doors which work so at least there is some sound on the drivers side. Also discovered this: (Mostly) working electric aerial! I don't listen to radio so meh but still it's nice to know it (mostly) works. Slowly getting there with making it usable and personalising it, flipping love driving it too! Next up on the to-do list is to look at those creaky squeaky slow-ass windows, replace the gear gaiter and rubber shift boot and give it a good old polish.
  12. It's only bloody gone and passed! First MOT since 2015 🤣 Now to get out and enjoy it!
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