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  1. Greetings all from a recently joined member but long time (albeit temporary in most cases) guardian of many, many automotive icons of varying age and provenance over my rapidly advancing years. My ‘career’ started with a Hillman Imp – a car that taught me a lot about vehicle maintenance – followed by a succession of memorable steeds. Who can ever forget such gems as the Fiat Tipo that, due to a failed clutch and fading battery, had to be push started by the passenger at each stop, who then had to run alongside and throw himself into the car via the passenger door. Or the Alfasud – gleaming on the drive as the prospective purchaser keenly examined the steed only to open the rear hatch where both hinges decided they needed to part company with the shell. Or the rather collectible 1980 Mini Special with a huge thirst for oil that was quenched by feeding it used oil from oil changes from others in the fleet. Or the 1977 Mini 850 that suffered idler gear disintegration on one trip that announced my arrival back to the village from some 5 miles away as the gear eventually almost began to wear itself into the casing. My long suffering wife, best described as ‘fair but cruel’, has never really come to accept my automotive taste and penchant for what others would have long given up on.
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