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  1. Depending on cost and ease are there airbags that can be fitted to supplement springs? Can be altered depending on the weight loaded. Say this as I'm sure you said about having actual van springs installed as more heavy duty but will give a harder ride than the MPV style, depending on cost airbag's could be a good compromise
  2. Yes it is with bronze coloured wheels (thought this was OTT at the time but looking back before having them done when they were silver it actually suits it I reckon) It is mine but registered to my partner. I have seen another green V6 in town but not for a while now. Bit of rust round the rear arches where they all seem to go but hope to sort it this year, after doing the the cam belt etc, big job and I keep putting it off, even have the parts to do it lol I had a silver one many years ago and so impressed I was I thought I'll see if there's any about and this one appeared from Maldon over 3 years ago now I think
  3. I'm in the MX3 wheel camp for sure... I also see it up for sale and having a 323f from a similar era I know how good these are and how rusty they can get!! Great colour and in good nick too, especially for a 1990's Mazda! Got to admit I was tempted, same engine as the lowlier 323's (mine is the 2l V6) and are pretty good and something very different. Auto doesn't seem that appealing though, no idea how it drives in respect to this - I've only ever driven and owned 1 auto and that was a Saab 9000 full pressure turbo so I can't really compare it, was very relaxing to drive though. 😖 Anyway looking forward to some more knocking it into shape 👍
  4. I think the central window controls is a good idea but the ignition key in the centre is due to what I've gathered to stop you mushing your knee against the key in a normal location next to the steering column incase of a head on etc, Saab and safety and all that jazz 😄 They didn't really skimp on stuff, just used the same components for decades 😂 To be honest I've only ever had one car with an auto up on the windows, well handy though!
  5. Just figured out the title is referring to Vauxhall, I thought straight away thinking it was referring to Saab, doh!
  6. Lightness is a big factor too, and drag, are modern cars worse for that now due to safety? Anyway before a valve disintegrated (being fixed) my Daihatsu Charade turbo would get around 30mpg around town but have got it up to almost 50 on a motorway early in the morning and at 60, performance biased engine from the factory but still a 1litre. At the time the diesel version claimed to have the best economy of any new car at the time and that was "only" 80mpg odd, so would the 100mpg be pushing it even if they were only plastic so therefore light? I have fuelly and for the Mazda 323f and Saab 900 Turbo they're both nearly identical, Saab edges it in absolute but not average, 323 around 25mpg over 7,500 miles and Saab at around 22mpg over 9,000 miles but both have hit 36-37mpg on a run, all of them though are under the manufacturer claims of course.
  7. Sheer sentimentality so don't, especially if it doesn't drive as well, doesn't look as good either, can see the brought home bit when born but that's about it, well, from my corner anyway
  8. I'm thinking much of that is trying to do 2 things at once - present an interesting film piece and do the work, even though I enjoy my brother coming round to see me I resent it when I'm doing something to a car as it destroys my concentration and even if it doesn't I never get it finished. You took out the engine out of the Fox and put one back which is beyond me so you're able but being a bloke you can't multi-task 😄
  9. Oh of course you're dead right, what I was getting at is that with the steering wheel on the right to begin with is half the battle won even with having to import from half way round the world. In my cases too there isn't much difference between UK and Japanese variants although admittedly we're going back 20-30 years
  10. 2 of the comments here are never more true, working on cars you don't actually need for the next day and MoT in the summer, so much more enjoyable and relaxing with just these 2 points. None of my family have done anything really serious like a timing belt (dad never had licence and brother rebuilt a Matchless motorcycle but even servicing now he gets a garage to do it) and for me it's half and half of saving money so I can afford to run more than 1 car and enjoyment/getting it done properly. This all started with getting a recon rear brake calliper that arrived with it's adjuster screw badly Helicoiled and I thought I can do a better job than this and that was over 15 years ago. 10 years ago I thought nothing of living in a 1st floor flat and lugging a massive toolbox down the stairs on Christmas day when it was snowing, now, no chance, got a house and can get the car within 10feet of the back door and still won't do it but am still buying tools - I've got the mindset that the cost of getting it done by somewhere else is the cost of the tool and with now having 4 cars it makes sense as I should get more than 1 use out of a special tool, an electric impact gun for crank pulley bolts is an example but I'm not crazy, luckily I have a garage I've been going to for 20 years who service as a sideline their main business is rebuilding engines and got quite friendly with them, even when they moved I followed them, still 17 miles away though in the middle of no-where. They also let me get parts which I later learnt isn't that common now either though they do get the parts in anyway just in case, it's no skin off their nose as its all sale or return anyway.
  11. I for one are glad we do, liking Japanese cars there's so many delicious looking cars from Japan and have the steering wheel on the right whereas nothing from Europe or the US floats my boat
  12. I agree, the wheels look really good on it! Is that a "GD" 626? I have a Coupe in various condition of rustiness and has air conditioning, doesn't work of course and I need to sort the priorities of course - like holes in the floor but would like to get it going but believe its' R12 so specialist will have to be found... Think I found why I reckon your wheels suit the car so well, here's how mine came to me
  13. On the other hand exploring the engine and it's issues helps with channel content surely. As said if it goes belly up get another engine but make sure a breaker bar and socket extension is on the Christmas present list, mine is on the dozen or so tools that I must have list
  14. Can see both sides of it with the Charade, I think for me it's better the devil you know blah blah, you're both learning alot about it and with you both fiddling it equals more fun and just being together is the best bit? As the advert says "what's the worse that can happen?" 😂 It's an easier engine to work on surely as it's 3 cylinders and small, I've found that with my Charade, one less cylinder is a godsend lol. Just an arse doing it in winter, I pack everything away at this time of year and sit indoors doing plastic models lol. I'm firmly in the camp of the whole point of any car is to use it and with mine many parts are next to impossible to find and I often resort to cross matching with other manufacturers and it nearly always takes longer to source the parts than actually fitting them but sticking to servicing scheduling and going over the car listening for and looking for bits that don't sound or look right is half the battle, the other half is having another car ready to use whilst I take parts off to measure up and check against (cv boots a prime example!!) Better to have fewer cars that are ready to use than many that aren't in a fit shape? (Says he whose half of his are no where near roadworthy!) I like Fox, I was viewing when you were pulling the engine in and out in freezing conditions so there's alot of you in that, plus it has character and it least half of it can't rust, but I'm tending to agree with others on here about the rest of the flotilla
  15. In the sense of cost of fuel yes, my partner uses my Mazda 323f which has a 2litre V6 and according to Fuelly is running around 25mpg, she uses it for work and not much else so not many miles and I subsidise her petrol, pay for parts, repairs etc and sort the MoT out as I convinced her to get rid of her horrible Fiesta for this so had to sweeten her up but she's just got back from filling it up, just under 45 litres for 70 quid, this is E5 stuff as it's over 20 years old, but 70 quid to fill the tank up on a ordinary hatchback, never had to do that, dread now how much it'll cost me to fill my Saab 900 which has a 10litre bigger tank, then again I only need to fill it up about every 3 months but now the prices are getting so high I'm looking at Daihatsu Copen's again for her or maybe even her favourite an original Beetle, gotta be cheaper to run around town surely. But electric, no way, can't justify paying the price of them against how often either of us would use it, I walk to work most of the time and she has around a 3-4 mile commute at odd hours where even if there was a bus the times would be no good
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