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  1. Yes, it's one of the best features of the Focus during the winter!
  2. Not really. When I've had cheap tyres they've been OK in the dry but have never felt good for standing water, and we get a lot of rain in this country! At present I've Uniroyal Rainsports on the Focus, Bridgestone all seasons on the TT and Goodyear Eagle F1s on the Boxster, all of which give confidence over a range of conditions.
  3. There's an auto for sale in the North East (nothing to do with me, though) for a bag, so maybe within haggling distance of your price @maxxo since it looks a bit rough round the edges? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265357806498?hash=item3dc88ecba2:g:jbsAAOSwGr1gtg1l
  4. That is a well-maintained car!
  5. Thanks! If you are able to write the early Mac system files to floppies, I'd be grateful (and will of course cover the cost of the disks etc.) The Mac in question may in fact be a 512K model (it's been in the loft a good decade, so I can't remember for sure - I'll retrieve it this weekend) but the disk format for those (single sided 400K) is the same.
  6. Do you know where it's possible to get system floppies for early Macs? I've a 128K M0001 sitting up in my loft, previously working, but last time I tried using it the floppy disks I had appeared to be unreadable and I got the 'sad Mac' icon. Oh yes, the first generation Mac portables were truly abysmal - they were huge, weighed a ton and had a very short battery life...
  7. Not an E class (as claimed in the listing), but currently very low winning bid: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124973186985?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=80522e70ecf4457882800691f07ab640&bu=43005318925&ut=RU&exe=99323&ext=234176&osub=-1~1&crd=20211027045138&segname=11021&sojTags=ch%3Dch%2Cbu%3Dbu%2Cut%3Dut%2Cnqt%3Dnqt%2Cnqc%3Dnqc%2Cmdbreftime%3Dmdbreftime%2Ces%3Des%2Cec%3Dec%2Cexe%3Dexe%2Cext%3Dext%2Cexe%3Dexe%2Cext%3Dext%2Cosub%3Dosub%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid
  8. That is just so wrong, it's right...
  9. 2001 Rodacar (Bulgarian-built) Maestro https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265366414898?hash=item3dc9122632:g:TCkAAOSwW-xhcYKU
  10. Routine oil and filter change on my TT Mk1 (about the limits of my technical ability): Should be good for another 5,000 miles.
  11. Maybe we can discuss less BX and more educationally related issues here? If only you'd studied physics back in the day when O-levels were still around...
  12. Maybe this is something for another thread to avoid derailing this, because there's potentially a lot to unpick there...
  13. These days it isn't part of the Maths GCSE in England and Wales (at least the Edexcel version), so a lot fewer than in the past.
  14. For some reason that pissed me off far more than is rational...
  15. Rubbish! Anyway, @Fumbler I hope you get away without any significant damage to the engine!
  16. Hmm, an I6, not the last of the V8 interceptors then!
  17. Looks brilliant, especially in that colour and with those wheels!
  18. If anyone can point me to people who've bought this, I've got some "fuel catalyst pellets" and a bridge to sell them...
  19. Pedant mode *on*: Laser light intensity doesn't follow the inverse square law, because laser light is highly collimated and has a very low divergence (travels in a tight well-directed beam even over very long distances). The inverse square law holds for light that is emitted isotropically (equal in all directions) which applies (to a very good approximation) to a light bulb or welding arc. This is why your eyes can be damaged by a class 3B laser or above (5 milliwatts or 0.005 Watts and above) while a 100 Watt bulb won't do any harm. Annoying pedant mode *off*
  20. Nice one! (More useful comments are also available...)
  21. The middle aged man part of me likes the idea of a Mercedes 190 2.5d in taxi-spec beige... The yob in me wants a Mk2 Focus ST500... Both sides shout "nothing too modern!" And it has to be an "n+1" car as I am quite happy with my trio of 2009 Focus Zetec S, 2002 TT 225 coupe and 1997 Boxster.
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