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  1. Some fuckwit ripped my star off. 🤬
  2. Not posted here in a few months, but not much has changed. Both the FSO and the Fiat are still with me and are doing fine. The Fiat saw a little paint to take care of a minor rust spot the other week: Have also taken this opportunity to revert the door sills to the original black rather than body colour. Glad I managed to get in a proper drive in the FSO before I'm off on vacation late next week. Took some photos too.
  3. I'd like to officially announce that spring has sprung. The FSO is out of storage as of yesterday. And it's just as horrible as I remembered it. ❤️ One of my images seems to get flipped on upload. Odd.
  4. Been stuck at home with an ear infection for the past couple of days. Came out today to quickly run an errand and noticed this on the bonnet of my car: No clue what that is but kind of looks like someone had decided to assault it with sandpaper. Paint wasn’t brilliant on this car to begin with, but this really doesn’t help.
  5. A letter just reminded me that I have to renew the insurance on the 126p for another year. First quote I got was for 368 zł, which according to Google is £68. Not too terrible but it’s just basic liability. Contacted my agent, hopefully he can do a little bit better.
  6. In Poland at least: Mercedes W123 - beczka (barrel) Mercedes W124 - baleron (a kind of Polish cured, smoked meat) Mercedes T1/TN - kaczka (duck) VW Beetle - garbus (hunchback) FSO/FSM Syrena - skarpeta (sock), królowa pobocza (queen of the shoulder; as in they break down so often) PF 125p - kredens (cupboard), duży Fiat (big Fiat) PF 126p - kaszlak (cougher), mały Fiat (small Fiat), maluch (little one; later adopted as an official name) FSC/FS Żuk - żul (junkie, bum; came from parts of the letter k commonly breaking off leaving an l)
  7. Can confirm. Hearses were called Polonez Bella and used Cinquecento or Atu taillights. Nope. It was FSM that built Cinquecentos. FSO did Ticos. Sorry for digging up old posts.
  8. Sorry for spamming up the thread, but holy crap. There's an alrightish looking Tarpan for sale not too far from where I work. :O It has the most desirable engine (2.1 FSO Warszawa plant) and the cool body style with the moving wall (for single row seating and long bed or 2 rows of seats and a short bed). It's been painted with Raptor paint, which is a bit of a shite look unfortunately. These may well be one of the shittiest cars ever produced, but bloody hell do I want one. https://sprzedajemy.pl/fsr-tarpan-237-1986-rok-kulesze-koscielne-2-6bea9f-nr65163229
  9. Not quite eBay, but I wish this was cheaper. First time I'm seeing one for sale in my area. I'd absolutely buy one at a more sensible price. https://www.olx.pl/d/oferta/reliant-rialto-gls-3-kolowiec-CID5-IDMgqSg.html#981e1ea1d9
  10. When I first started driving the Navara to work our health and safety lady commented that she was glad I finally got rid of the silver POS (my CLK). Bit rude that. I still have the CLK and still drive it to work throughout the summer.
  11. Shed withdrawal is definitely kicking in now. The FSO and Fiat, together with the CLK and Transit have been squirrelled away since November and I'm now really itching for a drive. It makes me a bit depressed that it's still probably going to be at least 3 more months before the weather is good enough to dig the Fiat and FSO out again. The dangerous bit of that is, not being able to drive what I already have draws me in to the classifieds in search of more automotive shite. God help me if I end up with a Żuk or a Tavria by the end of winter. I've already come close once.
  12. The Polonez on what's probably one of its last outings of the year. Still as crap as ever. ;D
  13. Not been here in a while and I don’t want to spam up the general threads, but here are a few photos of the Fiat that I’ve taken recently. Both it and the Polonez are alive and well.
  14. Somebody is being rude towards FSOs again. You know how LMP1 cars were the pinnacle of endurance racing cars for a while with LMP2 cars being slower? Well, apparently a Polonez Atu Plus is an: Mean. 😕
  15. Woke up in a good mood. Gave my gran a lift to the woods so she can pick mushrooms. It's one of her favourite things to do. Tall suspension came in handy.
  16. They're around 20p-30p a screw on allegro.pl. Also, for a decent selection of 126p parts check out https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/. They're slightly more expensive than individual sellers on auction sites, but I still use them every now and then. Fairly sure they also ship abroad. Just checked and they have the correct screws in stock for around 40p apiece: https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-lampy-tylnej-krotki-fiat-126p-kierunkowskaz,3,14128,16368 https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-lampy-tylnej-krotki-czerwony-fiat-126p-1517,3,14128,16670 https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-lampy-tylnej-fiat-126p-kierunkowskazu-fso,3,14128,1921 https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-mocowania-lampy-tylnej-fiat-126p-dlugi,3,14128,1068 https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-mocowania-lampy-tylnej-dlugi-pomaranczowy-fi,3,14128,16732 https://sklep.regmot.com.pl/wkret-mocowania-lampy-tylnej-dlugi-fiat-126p,3,14128,16369 I see that they also have BIS/EL taillight covers in stock so maybe the shortage is a thing of the past.
  17. Yep, original screws have plastic heads and look like this: Colour of the head is different depending on where exactly each screw goes. Bear in mind that these plastic heads also have a nasty habit of cracking and if they do all you’re left is a threaded pin that can’t hold anything. I happened to lose one of my taillight covers at one point due to screw heads failing. Luckily I managed to retrieve it after retracing my route and it hadn’t gotten driven over. 😅
  18. Sounds like it needs a tune up, but otherwise looks very solid. Congratulations on the purchase. Small point: take care not to crack the taillights. BIS and EL/ELX 126ps had this newer taillight cover design with a vertical reflector stripe and they can be a bit of a bastard to find to find replacements for at times. Very easy to break tightening them up too.
  19. Would be quite nostalgic for you as I’ve just discovered one of the rear window frames leaks quite badly in a car wash. 😭
  20. I do know one person who's really enjoyed his BIS ownership experience if that helps. He's not had any really major issues over the couple of years he's had his car. That said it's definitely a one eye on the temperature gauge sort of car. A BIS heaving cooling system issues is almost always a case of when rather than if. If you were to go deep into modifying one I wonder how many Cinquecento 700 parts could be of use. The CC700 used a much more developed version of the same engine. They made it spin the other way, but it's essentially the same motor. I'd have to consult some people in the know before I could say how (if at all) CC700 parts could be used to improve a 126 BIS though.
  21. I've not been here in a decent while, so I thought an update would be in order. The Polonez is still crap (as it's always been) but I'm keeping it for at least another year so hopefully I can drive it over for FOTU 2022. FOTU 2021 is definitely not happening, which is really unfortunate. As bonus, here's a photo of the Polonez with a mate from the same factory:
  22. I'm absolutely gutted, but the current covid related rules mean it's impossible for me to attend FOTU. I've decided to keep the Polonez for another year so I'm really hoping to drive it over for 2022. I was really hoping I could make it happen this year.
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