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  1. That is indeed a T-34. It’s part of a monument to an army unit that was formed in that particular village. There’s also a pillar with a memorial plaque and a cannon on that same site.
  2. It really is. Since my city suffered extremely extensive damage during WWII there are fairly few old buildings left. I hope this one gets saved. I know there were some people who wanted to turn it into a community centre, but the city council doesn’t seem too keen. Here’s an older photo of the building from before it was secured and boarded up:
  3. It’s an abandoned house along a slightly forgotten historic street in my city. Hopefully the council figures out what to do with this building before it falls apart.
  4. After a proper grim couple of weeks we finally got some nice weather so I got to take my cars out. A couple of cool photos ensued.
  5. To welcome spring the Fiat got its annual wash. Now that I've washed it the weather is inevitably about to go to shit for the next few weeks. Also, this car wash isn't really designed for cars this narrow and the extendo rotating brushes that wash the wheels aren't able to reach them. And no, they wouldn't issue a partial refund because of that.
  6. I'll definitely try to make it there. Really hoping to be able to drive the Polonez over, but that's still up in the air. Difficult to plan anything these days. See you guys there! (hopefully :P)
  7. Now that's a cool subject to do a show on. Here are my dad's cars in order of date of purchase (to my knowledge): - Zastava 1100p - actually grandad's car but it's what my dad learned to drive on. Rotted away to nothing. - Trabant 601 - first car my dad actually owned. Ended up getting lent to my dad's brother and later parked in a field where it was set on fire by some hoodlums. - FSC Żuk - was still around after I was born and I have vague memories of it. Sold. - Star 29 - I remember this one as well. It had a really knackered SW-400 diesel swapped into it. Sold. - Fiat 126p 6
  8. Went on my first drive of the year. Feels good.
  9. Transit's turbo came back after a rebuild yesterday. Didn't expect that job to only cost 75 quid (400 zł). Might be able to get it back on the road today. NTB.
  10. The Transit is in for surgery today. Dad got the turbo out to send it off for a rebuild. Over half a million hard km on it isn't too bad I think. The turbo wasn't even completely shot yet, but oil did start to seep past the seal so we decided to get it sorted before it becomes a runaway problem. ;D Dad reckoned we should have just chucked a spare engine we have lying around into it, cause this one is also due a cambelt, but I wasn't about to trade a turbo engine for a NA one.
  11. Cracking journalism as always by the DM. 'Poloenz' XD Full article here if someone wants to read it for some reason.
  12. Fiat did build production lines for both the 125p and later the Polonez, in both cases the lines were modern at the time of being introduced at FSO. I don't remember the exact details of the deal and would have to consult some literature when I get home, but production was definitely set up by Fiat. Poland usually tried to negotiate being able to pay by supplying parts, but I don't think that was a big part of either the 125p or the Polonez deal. IIRC in case of the 126p Poland was paying Fiat by supplying ready to install drivetrains and later complete cars to western markets. Both th
  13. Bielsko-Biała is where the 126p was produced throughot its entire lifespan so they're very big on them there. IIRC there are hotels that give you a night free if you turn up in a Maluch as well.
  14. https://www.olx.pl/d/oferta/zuk-a07b-1992-oc-aktualne-7-osob-CID5-IDIII8s.html?isPreviewActive=0&sliderIndex=5 God, why do you tempt me so?
  15. Poland and by extension FSO were consistently broke. The Polonez project started out fairly ambitious - a large, safe hatchback with zippy engines they can potentially try to sell in America. They quickly realised they couldn't do everything from scratch, so they decided to slightly fiddle with Fiat 125p undepinnings they already had and fit a new body over that. Fiat twincam engines were supposed to come just after launch. Then they realised they couldn't afford modern twincams and were left with old OHV lumps. I guess doing iterative changes to existing models is a lot cheaper than intr
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