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  1. German market Lada Samara 1.5 3dr 5 speed in what appears to be hearing aid beige. Is this the perfect Samara? http://zlomnik.pl/lada-samara-id-442/
  2. I'm sure this has been posted, but it always makes me laugh. I'm pretty convinced the Maestro was worth the extra cash. ;D
  3. My mum's book is finally here! 🎉 My mum, who's a doctor, wrote a great book on the history of the hospital she's worked at for the past 25 years. Today we've finally received it in printed form, and it was really worth the wait. All uncertainty is finally over and we're thrilled about how the actual book came out.
  4. Gouda is a shit, disappointing cheese.
  5. Today I drove my Caro onto a field, therefore here is my Caro in a field: Also, here's my Caro not in a field:
  6. Would need to shift the Polonez first. 😕
  7. Windshield repair was unsuccessful. They managed to fix the chip, but the crack remains as it wouldn't accept resin. After a couple of tries they said they'd need to drill into the glass to fix it properly, which of course poses a big risk of the windshield being ruined, so I opted against it. I'm really hoping the crack won't spread further, but I will be on the lookout for a second hand windshield with a correct date stamp just in case. From memory the original one is from 10.1995, so I think an 09.1995 or 10.1995 will do. Hopefully the chip being removed will make the damage less
  8. There's a considerable amount of want involved here, not gonna lie: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/341453230147389/
  9. The Polonez is due for a windshield gluing tomorrow. It's had a small chip in it since I bought it, and I thought it'd be smart to have it taken care of before winter. I've been warned that the fix may not work and the windshield might crack further, so I am a bit worried. I'd really quite like to be able to keep the original windshield. Hopefully it'll be fine.
  10. This week is already killing me. I'm the manager of the hygiene section in a small hospital (5 wards + A&E + operating block + fairly large outpatient department) and as of today 7 out of 29 of my staff are quarantined. If even one more person becomes unavailable I'm afraid that keeping up the required 24/7 coverage will become pretty much impossible. I'm already working my staff very hard and calling in favours from them (all above board and within legal limits of course) but I doubt we can keep this up for much longer.
  11. While I find 126s extremely fun to drive, looking at photos like this reminds me why the PF 125p or the Polonez were so much more desirable. Going on a family holiday in a 126p is a bit hardcore. Cheers!
  12. While I had to evict the Polonez from its temporary, individual garage, it now gets to stay with another car made at the same factory.
  13. Spotted a lovely FSC Żuk van. I'd really quite like to buy one of these at some point.
  14. A good friend of mine bought a mk 2 Clio Phase 1 1.6 16V recently. Cool car overall, but God do I love the wheels on it. One of my favourite designs on any car, ever.
  15. Yeah, my 126 also has tinware (and thus intake) settings for summer and winter, but since it's operated manually the chances of it breaking are small, especially as I just keep it in the summer setting anyway. You move the little lever to open a hole on top of the cooling tinware:
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