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  1. Has anyone seen any Metros for sale recently? 🤔
  2. I find this pleasing on two counts; first, I quite like those silly old French wobbleboxes, and second, the 2SC743 (commonly labelled C743) is indeed an NPN transistor!
  3. My blood pressure is fine, and I intend to keep it that way!
  4. I'm actually finding it hard to hate this. It's not my sort of thing, for sure, but it seems a fair enough reason to do it, and it seems reasonably well done.
  5. tsk, it's not an Imputza, it's a Legarsey
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this have the 115bhp 1.8 lump in it, not the 130bhp claimed in the "Auctioneer's notes"
  7. What the fuck is going on with those tyres? Who sees those and thinks "Yeah, they'll look great on my classic Humber, especially in combination with the minilite-style rims!". Answers on a postcard to: That's Life, Stupidest Person in Britain Competition
  8. Possibly, though photos of the other examples might be useful as this one doesn't have the rear screen fuel filler. I do like the proto-Bosuzoku style exhaust though! Also doesn't answer the question about the DVLA record... This is well worth a look: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abarth I remember being particularly impressed by the output achieved from the 982cc in the 1000 Zagato, many years ago. Also fairly impressive that Zagato designed a car body that wasn't utterly hideous!
  9. Seems to be a 2000 with a 1300 front end... Or maybe the other way around, as DVLA list it as being a 1200cc...
  10. This is why you need a delicate touch to steer with the throttle! 😉
  11. It depends what you mean by driveability. Power-on understeer will be worse, but more predictable. Power-off oversteer will be less, and also more predictable. Traction ofc will be better. Getting the slip right is the tricky bit.
  12. No, just lead in my right shoe. I was doing length-of-country motorway runs at 85-95 (indicated) mph, and even around town I would stamp on the throttle pedal like I was trying to put my foot through the floor. Given the aerodynamics of these things, 8-9mpg seems about right.
  13. I don't think there is an economical way of dragging a Disco around. I had one as a company car for a while in the late 90s, with the TDi300 lump, and I used to average 8-9mpg on a motorway run.
  14. Hope this can be saved, but the low price seems to indicate a horrible state of rot underneath
  15. Guigiaro recycling theme: Porsche Tapiro 1970 Maserati Boomerang 1971
  16. Ehhh... the search goes on. I do wonder why VW deemed 5 bolts necessary on such a small car, all the way back in the year of my birth. Though, thinking on it, didn't early US spec Beetles have 5 bolt wheels..?
  17. Presumably because they are Lucas branded and the seller doesn't want to release any magic smoke left in them
  18. With a grille like that it's surely a Foden, S21?
  19. Depends what the fault is. A mate of mine owns an E46 M3, which he spends a great deal of money on (future investment though, prices are on the up for nice ones), and he had an ABS warning light a couple of years back, which turned out to be the steering wheel position sensor. Needless to say, it was a bit more expensive and difficult to fix than a wheel sensor, even with the fact he did the work himself.
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