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  1. Interesting information, but none of those are Rover Group designed cars, predating the creation of that last desperate hurrah by decades.
  2. Is the battery not in the engine bay then? I know some mid-engine cars have remote batteries of course, never expected such sophistication from a Rover Group product πŸ˜›
  3. Or just bloody well bump start it. A more suspicious person might think they cut the bonnet release cable to hide that fact that the cylinder head is missing or some nonsense.
  4. Bonus "Oooof" for the Mk1 Celica in the background, and a bonus "Meh..." for the Mk2 Escrot
  5. Good thing they weren't suicide doors!
  6. "Has the 4.0 v8 Most reliable engine ever made and has only done 83k" "Needs a bit tlc, doesn't go over 3rpm" I see...
  7. Not to mention the thoroughly inappropriate Jag wheels, vile whitewall tyres, and that (as has been previously mentioned) utter abortion of a dashboard. What a disgusting act of vandalism
  8. Fuck me, how fast must it have been going, to cause that? 😡
  9. I take it you're about to bid on it then? πŸΏπŸ˜‰
  10. This vid is a couple of months old, so if it's been linked before, I apologise
  11. More like not enough chocolate... πŸ˜’ Doesn't really matter what cartaxcheck lists it as, if some muppet has shoehorned a Clio 172 and box into it, which the pics clearly show to be the case. Pretty sure that destroys most of the value. Although it probably improves reliability...
  12. Except it's bloody well not, is it. It's a half-arsed replica with a Clio 172 lump in it, meaning they've ruined two cars to make this POS The asking price is pure fantasy
  13. That seems implausibly cheap to me. Like, "there's a 1 missing from the front of that price" implausible. EDIT: Ok maybe not quite out by that much, but: https://walkermovements.com/vehicles/erf-lv-4x2-chassis-cab-1969-lma-962g/
  14. Not me, but this turned up in my farcebook feed:
  15. The arse-end reminds me of the Mazda RX500 concept Though since the Alfa is 4 years earlier, maybe I should say it the other way around. I wonder if it was the same designer..?
  16. Makes a change from just leaving your hazards on, and is completely believable in this case...
  17. Toyota FJ Cruiser, called the BJ in GTA V...
  18. I quite like this, and I hate El-aggros
  19. If you look again you can probably see it does have a full roll cage, though the angle of the B posts is a bit odd. The battery isn't secured either, and doesn't have a cut-off... pretty much the definition of "all the gear, but no idea". Oh, and the stereo encased in a metal box with sharp edges, in the middle of the roof... What an absolute pile of dingo's kidneys. That thing wants cubing. Preferably with the person that made it sat in it.
  20. I've never seen a JDM Mondeo before!
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