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  1. FFS, Italians from Alto Adige are happy with 4x4 Pandas.
  2. Arrrrrrgh, still gives me creeps after all those years. These were the tires I bought with my first Uno. They were slippery on both dry and wet, the worst tires I have ever owned. IIRC, they vere quickly replaced with some Korean stuff (Hankook?), which was incomparably better.
  3. Not in the EU, but, in a LHD country, they turn passing a long lorry to sort of suicidal experience. Also, to be road-legal, they must have their headlights, rearview mirrors, rear fogs and whatever other bits and bobs changed to LHD standards.
  4. Point taken. However, I still believe that the low prices of used cars in the UK are result of (virtual) impossibility to sell used RHD cars abroad. I am sure there would be enormous and unsaturated markets for Ł500 chod in countries East of Eden (like Ukraine, Belarus etc.), which would, in turn, push their prices up.
  5. Not with the steering wheel on the wrong side.
  6. I have never quite understood the 5W30 specification for both 1.8 and 1.6 16V petrol Focuses. I would not bet my life on it, but I believe the engines were Ford Germany´s design made in Spain, i.e. one would expect the bog-standard 5W40. As I cannot be bothered to search in dark corners of them intertubes or pay extra XY for this rather unusual specification, it is always 5W40. Nothing exploded in the mushroom cloud of doom yet.
  7. Methinks Salfa Romeaab is still a winnar.
  8. Did you really replace your Punto with this? THIS??? (Searches his attic. He is sure his granny´s 12 gauge lupara must be somewhere here... maybe under the rotten couch?)
  9. 999 ccm FIRE was great in Mk1, but it seemed weak/unresponsive in Mk2. Dunno why, maybe because my Mk1 45 still had a proper carb (after all those years, I still remember its type - Weber 32TLF 😁), while my 45 Mk2 already had SPI. Or it may be that Mk2 was simply heavier. Anyway, Mk2 60 with 1108 ccm FIRE I had as my third Uno was, again, nicely nippy.
  10. 2004 (or something like that) Renault Megane II SW with 1.6 16V engine. The bugger tried to kill me on the very first snow when I thought I could drive it like 1999 Focus SW I had before. And that was long before the radiator fan went to see its creator in the middle of a long trip in hot summer, one of the key cards decided it was high time for a strike to show the bloody bourgeoisie who is the true boss in the workshop, electric system went through several infarctions etc. etc. And I do not even want to start talking about the infamous dephaser.
  11. Why should I buy C6 instead of Lancia Thesis or the proletarian* Alfa Romeo 166?
  12. Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider. Due to extremely good looks, they never got to the chod price bracket.
  13. Nein, that was Mercedes Benz A-Class.
  14. This... and following models
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