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  1. I do not think I have ever seen Lidl "Nixe" tinned fish in a can of this shape. Possibly some sort of Italian special?
  2. Focus Mk1, a car notorious for insufficient capacity of ventilation system.
  3. Brave man. I am facing 10 hrs of driving a black car with non-functioning A/C in 30+ centigrades next week. I think I have a heatstroke even before I actually started. Good luck.
  4. Bitzer

    XM Fettling

    ...is a piece of cake, 30 minutes maximum, plus 8V FIREs are non-interference engines. Fingers crossed with that XM. I only saw the engine bay once and almost fainted.
  5. Bitzer

    XM Fettling

    Not exactly helpful, but... How many times is your Panda mentioned in "Best designs EVAH"? And how does it compare to XM? I have no idea, because I have just made up the competition, but I have very certain opinions about signore Giugiaro and 1.0 FIRE engines.
  6. Honestly, why would a person want to buy trucks from BL instead of Mercedes/Volvo/Scania/Man?
  7. Bitzer


    No. Just no. According to their website, in 2019, they "Received a letter of appreciation from the University of Tokyo, Gravitational Wave Observation Research Facility of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, for cooperation in the construction of the Large-scale Cryogenic Graviationai wave Telescope Project also known as "KAGRA". Could you, please, continue with Large-scale Cryogenic Graviationai wave Telescopes and refrain from designing cars? Thanks.
  8. I do not really know how to put this politely... Maybe it is an overkill. Maybe the easiest way out would be normal tent - building a modern one big enough for four people only takes some 10 minutes. Something like this, for Ł100: https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/arpenaz-4-1-family-camping-tent-1-bedroom-sleeps-4/_/R-p-4123?mc=8378237 Failing that, I think I saw a plan for trailer "shed" made from thin wooden planking in some very old issue of Popular Mechanics. The whole thing was collapsible, unfortunately, I do not recall any details. I believe it would be easier to create something like that than trying to sew a tent from scratch.
  9. Cool, but the question is, as always: "What will happen to a toupée or flat cap when the speed exceeds 40 km/h? And will it turn all females to Kim Wilde?"
  10. I always liked the funny "special editions" with various Fisher-Price oddities. However, all Twingos I ever inspected in more detail were rotten through and through. So it was Punto I instead. Tells a lot, I guess.
  11. What was wrong with five star Renaults (apart from Megane II being utter shite and the worst car I had the misfortune of owning)? That they made Volvo look like an opened can of sardines? My opinion is that Volvo safety is nothing but an urban legend originating from a clever marketing during sixties. But it may be I simply do not like the brand. Or ABBA. Or Akvavit. Or IKEA. Saab, on the other hand...
  12. Every Fiatista/Alfista/Lancista knows it is German parts failing, not Italian ones. The word has it that root cause of 2.0 Twin Spark reliability problems are oil level/pressure sensors made by Bosch. Una carrozza spettacolare 😍
  13. SM in general. It was a jaw-dropping sight, the car looked like it left showroom yesterday. IIRC, it was honey-colored metallic with much brownness inside, driven by a white-haired gentleman sporting pipe and tweed jacket. Midsomer Murders stuff.
  14. I only saw the car once in my life and almost ended up rolling over the crash barriers. Even if it only sits in a garage and never runs again, it is a thing of a beauty and (to be a fcuking spoilsport) money well invested, because these will only get more and more expensive. Congratulations.
  15. AFAIK the variators/dephasers/wuzzever-we-call-the-shite do not survive longer than circa 160-180 kkm. I checked the prices and, honestly, they seem rather eye-watering, not to mention the PITA of their replacement. I had similar advanced* system on my Megane II, which I hated with a passion, and said "never more", but it may be the Ford´s system is better design? I mean, I am considering a C-max, but bog-standard 1.6/74 kW is supposedly weak for this crate and I am not sure I am brave enough to go down the variable timing valley again...
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