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  1. 124Cab

    RR P38

    Versus this, the velour which I have.
  2. 124Cab

    RR P38

    Strangely enough mine is a DSE, it's just had the leather deleted. Fitted with climate control, sunroof and a leather steering wheel. The true base DT thats had no options has no climate, plastic steering wheel and a sort of bizarre cloth herringbone material. I'll see if I can dig out a picture of that. A very course material.
  3. 124Cab

    RR P38

    I have a 98 BMW 6 cylinder 2.5 manual in Rioja red which I love dearly and intend on keeping a very long time. It's one of the better ones and I specifically chose a life long national trust member poverty spec car with manual cloth seats, manual gearbox, no wood cappings on the doors etc etc. Full history. Yarnolds Land Rover dealer number plates. Been tucked away most of 2020 but will get it out of hibernation when lockdown finally does one for good. It's been converted to coil springs which I see as a must if you want no fuss and drama in your life. It's bit rolly poly in comparison t
  4. Evening all. Patina has a friend! 230K tip auto with 100k on the clock and a heap of history. My new daily as im doing 300 miles a week and need something robust feeling. 950 notes well spent I hope... And yes that horrendous bead thing was included in the sale... More pics and dramas to follow no doubt.
  5. Pics of the rusty shite would be great also!
  6. Are the panels in the same colour? Always fancied one of these, like the colour and spec on this one. Is the economy staying up where you'd originally got it to?
  7. Just spent the last hour or so from start to finish on this thread - really rather epic!
  8. Indeed they are, off an early prefacelift W124, around 1988. I believe the square hole design came a bit later on. Not ideal, but the 8 holes currently fitted are diamond cut and about as nasty as you get! Azurite blue I believe, a facelift colour.
  9. Yes indeed, I did think exactly the same thing! I am going to have to tackle the front wings, but perhaps I could lacquer the bare welded patches, steam punk style?
  10. It is one of the first things on my to do list! However, if I find that the hood ECU, struts, micro switches, pump and all other hood paraphernalia are totally borked, I may convert it to manual. I've a friend who's done his with great success, disconnecting the pump and creating a lever to operate the rear bow release via a cable and the rear cover release by bonding the Mercedes emergency release tool to the nut between the back seats. However I live in hope! I'm willing to chuck a reasonable wedge at it to see if I can get things functioning correctly before I start the butchery.
  11. Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I also find her to be quite the charming old ruin. In two minds about leaving the body the way it is... it seems so out of the ordinary for one of these. Hopefully after a nice letter written to the previous owner will shed some light on its history. I've picked up a less ripped passenger seat base as a temporary measure to make it slightly less uninhabitable! Year 2000 British horse trial member pass in the windscreen... answers on a postcard as to the profile of the previous lady owner...
  12. Little old lady and her dog indeed! I assume said woofer spent most of its time wet, clawing at the passenger seat. Year 2000 horse trials membership sticker in the window. Assume she was suitably well healed and just as unwashed...
  13. Ah, a fellow masochist! What models of P38 do you have? Presumably all eroding your bank balance at an alarming rate, leaving your mental health on the edge and your relationships in tatters? A braver person that I!
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