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  1. I mention DFT, not DVLA and the first time the idea was mentioned was when Johnson was PM.
  2. That’s true, however there are insurance implication that people don’t realize. If they have an accident and the vehicle is t roadworthy, there won’t be a payout and they can have more severe consequences if they are to blame for any collisions
  3. You raise good point there. The system in Portugal is similar to the Irish where the test is made in the anniversary of the registration, but the centres are privately owned, don’t belong to the government agency and don’t have repair facilities. Booking is direct with them or you can just walk in and queue up.
  4. That’s fine, but it has worked like that but the Nordic countries have a completely different culture. Look at their driving tests which are more thorough and stricter, same with some driving laws. Here it’s rules that are getting relaxed, and that’s where lies the problem because when some rules are relaxed, people get complacent.
  5. Completely agree and I would be doing the same too. I look after my cars, but I can miss something. Besides, I don’t have the equipment to do a full look so getting someone else to do it is good value. Even when my MOt exempt E12 is back on the road, I’ll still be getting it through an MOT annually.
  6. Absolutely. In Portugal it is the same system as in Germany and Spain where MoT stations do exactly just that; Mot’s. The system in the UK can be promiscuous when there is no independency between the tester and the repairer. Not saying that all garages behave like that, but there have been cases where things have been suspicious.
  7. No problem if you don’t click on the link. At the end of the day, it’s a very important issue and it’s good to know everybody’s opinion.
  8. Totally, the £54.85 won’t make much difference as many places charge around £35 anyway, so the saving is insignificant. And yes, garages will have a big impact. Many are closing already as they can’t afford the rising costs or rent and utilities.
  9. What does everyone think of the proposals published on Wednesday? I don’t agree with them and many drivers don’t agree with them either. My 2 pence here:
  10. Love it. Is that Ian Arthur’s car by any chance?
  11. Definitely. it won’t be a full resto like the E30 and this time my personal life is stable unlike 12 years ago. This car is a good base and almost zero rust compared to the E30, so a less involved job as no welding is needed. It’s suspension, brakes, tyres and engine work. Engine needs a proper tune up plus the replacement of all service parts. the goal is for the car to be roadworthy at around April ‘23
  12. Yes, I am. I think I remember you, with that fabulous Henna Red ‘82 E30, right?
  13. Hi all.The video about the full story of my BMW E12 is now up! During its 48 year history it changed countries, was closed to being scrapped, saved by a car nut, bought by a penny less idiot (me), then sold it and then disappeared without a trace for nearly 14 years until it was recently found in the most extraordinary way. It is a bit long, but every detail makes a good story like this one.Link below:
  14. I see. In mine, not only the seals are perished, they have shrunk on a couple of corners and water gets in there too.
  15. Just looked it up. Sound good, but how good is that to remove when I finally replace the seals? That’s what put me off using silicon seal.
  16. Hahah Goes both ways really. It’s good to know everyone’s point of view on what it seems a very divisive subject 😄
  17. I would like to clarify everyone that I’m not here to tell everyone to start using car covers. I’m using one at the moment due to the issue with seals and the fact that I’m unable to get a garage for the time being. It also conceals the car from public view. I appreciate that many of you are against it, but you have to consider that many car owners disagree as well and I think everyones point of view need to be considered. Like everything, there are arguments against and in favour and it also depends on everyone’s personal circumstances. The use of the car cover is temporary and for this winter only. Using a silicone sealant was considered, but I was unable to trace some leaks. So, in order to make my life easier when replacing the seals and having to clean the old sealant, I though of using the cover. In regards to the condition to the paint, it isn’t great anyway as the car has spent a considerable time outside in Portugal (hence the perished seals) and the dash is badly damaged because of it.
  18. Well, I can’t replace them until spring (one of them still out of stock) and I’m not going to drill floors because water can also get into places that are not visible. it’s not always a one size fits all solution.
  19. I did mention in my video that the reason for a car cover is due to perished windscreen seals that let water in. I also mention about leaving in gear/park and move the back and forth occasionally to reduce the risk of flat spots on the tyres.
  20. Yes, the rubbish ones do that. This one doesn’t.
  21. So what would you do if the seals are perished and let water in like mine?
  22. As I mentioned in the video, the windscreen seals are perished and let water in. Without the cover, there would be a puddle of water on the footwells and boot.
  23. Hi all, Not all of us have access to a garage, so the only choice is to keep them outside and doing the best to mitigate the effects of the bad weather: Maintaining a classic during winter - BMW E12 in hibernation https://youtu.be/y9WlVXgpz_c
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