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  1. Hi everyone. Following my recent post, I have published the first video where I’ll be going over the general condition of the car and the plans I have for it. Reunited after 18 years - 1974 BMW 520 E12 https://youtu.be/axeq3D1dyYU
  2. Hi everyone, Well, this is mine… again! It’s been 18 years since I last owned it. This is a South African assembled 1974 BMW 520 that I lost trace in 2008 and been trying to find ever since. Found again by a good friend which I’m immensely grateful. Full story on a video to be published soon on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/GentilsGarage
  3. Hi everyone. I don’t do detailing very often, but I do a deep clean to my cars once in a while. Only recently bought a DA machine and some products which I hope to use soon. Now that most mechanical work is done on the S80, it‘s time to do the cosmetic side of things. A couple of weeks ago cleaned the engine of the S80. Very pleased with the result! Volvo S80 - Cleaning a engine with 370k miles #volvos80 #enginecleaning #enginedetailing #volvo https://youtu.be/XjjvuyMFcmQ
  4. That’s really good going. I know of a couple of people in Portugal with two Mercedes W124 diesel that have made more than 1.2 million kms and the cars are still daily drive and on their original engines and gearboxes.
  5. There was an update after that Twitter post. It was never an advert for selling it. I had an accumulation of bad events happening in my personal life for the last few weeks and this topped it off so this was a way of letting the frustration out. I had a few offers, but no numbers were mentioned. I started to get a sense of defeat if I ever sold that car, so i changed all the plans I had and decided to carry on with the project but in a different way.
  6. Hahah not “Trigger broom” and certainly not cheating. Apart from engine, many components are changed in a car normally at around 100k miles or less. Consumables such as filters oil, plugs and bulbs, shocks, springs, suspension arms, ball joints, radiators, clutches, exhausts, catalytic converter, brakes, etc… the list in endless. It is on its second engine after the first one went at 350k when the car was 4 years old. The current engine has done over 370k. I think the gearbox is the same, but it has been repaired at some point. It had a second hand interior many years ago and I think that was it. It was heavily used as a taxi, so things get well worn with so many people using it. Worst bit is the rust now at rear arches and sills and that will have to wait until I can afford to repair it.
  7. Hi everyone, Six months ago I bough what it is probably the highest mileage Volvo S80 in the world. The aim is to give this car a new lease of life and get it back to its former glory. I have done a series of videos on my YouTube channel, Gentil’s Garage and while the project is ongoing, the car is being driven almost daily. More videos will be published. thank you everyone for watching! Volvo S80 with VERY high mileage! New project Ep. 1 https://youtu.be/-8e4dlbq2cE
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