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  1. 480 went in for MOT today with zero prep. I had it done a few months early as our baby is due just before expiry. Crossed fingers I wouldn’t have to add more jobs to my expanding list of jobs and the wonderful old thing passed! Usually they need handbrake adjustment every year. C6 tomorrow… I ‘m pretty confident in that doing the same.
  2. XM screens are from Borg I believe. Do you have any particular problems? I think they have LCD bleed and flexible connector problems. http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3047&p=31964&hilit=Borg#p31964
  3. Beggars can’t be choosers when I comes to choice of Mk. 1 Espace though.
  4. The only Autogas (LPG) supplier in Cambridge, CamGas, (3 miles from my house and en route to town) has decided that they aren’t going to refill their vehicle tank as they need to prioritise people’s heating tanks for now. A little bit of me thinks this is fair enough but also am a bit pissed off at this decision. The next nearest is 13 miles from home and in a direction I never ever travel, Morrisons in Cambourne. I suppose I’m lucky as I don’t drive to work but petrol C6 funding on its proper fuel is rather costly. Trying to see the bigger picture and accept it but struggling to accept the gas company wilfully not filling it up, rather than actually having run out. Huge sympathies to the people actually properly struggling in Ukraine but the increase isn’t all to do with Russia, the energy market went mad before that. Oh and the heating oil has gone up to four times the price it was in the (admittedly cheap!) pandemic times. Still double what it should roughly be. Had to order 1000L a few weeks ago, due tomorrow. Have heard from friends that it has gone up another 30p/L since I ordered.
  5. “Shitting their kinky, blissed out peak”. I think this is how I’d describe my life if I had a DS or something Well done to The Guardian!
  6. “On an adventure before dementia” seen somewhere in the West Midlands a few weekends ago. I thought this was very clever. I wonder if they thought of it themselves or if it’s a common joke among pensioners having one last hurrah. I can see me being one of these one day. Good on them. (Bumper suggests probably need a reversing camera for safer future adventures.)
  7. I feel I've seen bits of this before. Sorry if its a repost!
  8. This was so interesting to see although the weird speeded up bits look like bad CGI with chipmunks in charge of voice over!
  9. Other than a Fiat Uno as my first car and many Volvo 480s (with lots of Renault inside!) , I think I’ve only owned French cars! I’m quite mad, but happy.
  10. I do wonder if they had a few people on it at once too if they did all of your tasks quickly?
  11. Yes, that does sound like a trip to Chevronics! I think last year or the year before I had a bill that was similar— the funny thing is that there was a newer C5 with lower miles, slower but more reliable engine, on the forecourt for-sale for a few hundred pounds more than the bill to fix the car. To be fair, I don’t think I could have gotten it fixed somewhere else at all and the car has been good as gold since… well until it ate it’s newish clutch for breakfast but that’s not their fault. I’m a big big fan of the place but yeah it can get expensive. I guess they are successful because they really do know how to bill hourly work but they also do know what they are doing with old Citroens. On the other hand I’ve benefitted (occasionally) from other garages clearly undercharging over the years from simple work that has gotten out of hand when things have gone wrong. I think this makes the BX a keeper now as it’s crossed an investment frontier?! I’m hoping that’s nearly everything fixed now?
  12. Wow, this topic moves fast! Thanks for the replies to my mini bus questions about two pages ago.
  13. As I live in Cambridge, I’m used to cars knowing what to do around cyclists and generally they behave pretty sensibly. However, on the few occasions I’ve cycled on the road elsewhere in the UK, it was quite apparent that the drivers just had no idea what to do so “ploughing on” seemed to be the default choice. I think Southend was the worse and I really was close to just getting off and putting my racer through a guys window there. Taking the bike to Newcastle on the train was also an eye opener— I’d forgotten what hills were! I also use to do occasional mega miles in my Mk. 1 BX with the suitcase engine— it was pretty sublime for the job. What sort of headlight bulb connectors does your GS have? H4? If so, there are relay loom adapters that you can easily wire in that have made a massive difference on restoring the full voltage to the bulbs on my BXs and made them much brighter. They probably exist, or can be easily adapted to whatever plug the GS has. Add in Philips Racing Vision or Osram Nightbreakers and you may find a huge improvement (beware of fakes though !) For example: MagiDeal H4 Headlight Headlamp Light Bulb Relay Wiring Harness Socket Plug Wire Kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074ZCXDT3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_5KJEST64GF3P5JW3EGYH
  14. Really liked this public information video. I think the government should have you on TV adverts rather than whatever wonk they’ve got planned to inform us! You could reach dizzying heights of fame such as that of Howard from Halifax!
  15. A small bus question! I live in a small Cambridgeshire village and we have a bus service to Cambridge that I think is x2 OUT (1022 & 1252) and x2 IN (1530 & 2055). This is served by a double decker which, one the few occasions I have taken it, is practically empty. A single ticket is £6.30, an unlimited day ticket is £6.60– hardly a massive saving on parking either which would be £7.30. No wonder it’s full of nice grannies to chat to on the way in with their free pass; I’d say financially it makes less sense for anyone under 65. This is actually an increase in service to what the used to have, although removes any possibility of most people who work in town getting there in time to start work. Having just checked the times out I may actually use it for a trip to town for lunch rather than taking the car or cycling (major CBA these days sadly). Anyway, my question is more to do with the size of the bus than the timings— I should probably be grateful we have anything in the country. This size of the bus seems so incredibly wasteful: although it is always fun to see the fairly skilled reversing in a T-junction manoeuvre that has to be done in the next village when the dead-end is reached! In my mind it makes sense to use these “mini busses” and send them more frequently. Is there some sort of bigger picture behind why an empty double decker is sent through just a few times a day and why there aren’t lots of these little busses going through Cambridgeshire villages? I can see the benefit of much less fuel being used and a downside (to the bus companies) of having to employ more drivers for more journeys that are probably always going to be pretty empty anyway. Am I missing something as to why they buy these gigantic empty busses to send out to the sticks?
  16. Good luck. I like how the breakfasts are numbered. The best days always start with a second breakfast in the works.
  17. Wow, well done. I’ve been following this very closely over on Club XM and has been great to see so much work going in to it. I’m a big hydropneumatic fan but would agree that it is a fabulous system, except when it’s not— as you’ve discovered that pot holes catch it out and wait until you do a hump back bridge at speed. Still, it is such a great ride in most situations. The XM is lovely and rides so nicely. I have a C6 but my XM before it was more comfy for sure. Hope you get to enjoy it. Once you trust it properly, it’ll be a great long distance cruiser. I did about 1000 miles in a rather exceptional two weddings in mine in one long weekend and I doubt there’s anything better than your XM for the job. Congrats on the MOT and all the hard work.
  18. 6Music is just outstanding, give it a go! This accompanies so much of my life. I find Mary Ann Hobbs choices not to my own but other than that I think it’s the best station I’ve ever heard. I do go back to Radio 2 for Jo Whiley sometimes but that’s about it. Specifically alarm clock radio then you’ll be listening to Lauren Laverne and she has a pretty good range of tunes.
  19. The glass tailgate is very often a missing earth which you can add back in with a new wire that you drill to the body. My sister’s has had it done by the PO and it looks like an easy fix. Have a search over on FCF.
  20. OMFG you must be delighted! Well done!
  21. I got this C6 ex-press car from BL Autos for a day or so when mine was in for a wallet lightening. I loved the colour of the outside and the cream interior, unlike my coffin like dark grey paint and black interior. Also, mine being a petrol, I’d never driven a 2.7 diesel a properly— it is a really good engine with the power always there and very little turbo lag (maybe none).
  22. Wheels look great! C5 looks well goofy jacked up on high though!
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