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  1. Until you switch on XM headlights! In all seriousness though, don’t be tempted to touch or clean the silver any way other than rinsing with water— it is so delicate! You can also de-yellow the lenses with hydrogen peroxide and sunlight if you have a bit of time to kill and want the best from them. If you are lucky someone may want to buy your Ray-specials HID lights on the forum!
  2. New wheels make it look so good!
  3. If he’s the Paul I think he is, then he is a top bloke and you’re in very good hands then in this case.
  4. You may have realised this already but I was having a poke around Club XM today and realised that this is the car that Ray was driven around France in with a bunch of XMs, in for his last big trip when he knew he was on his way out. So in 2017 this was blasted to France and Spain. http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8734&hilit=Gibraltar Seems it has mega floaty spheres on it, which you may or may not like but should be easily put back to standard if you want to Really pleased you’ve got it going!
  5. Agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a forum like it for knowledge and dog-with-a-bone enthusiasm to get XMs working. Knowledge is key and they’ve got it.
  6. Here’s Ray’s post and I think it is your car, if it used to be L592 EVN http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7873
  7. On pretty much any car except the XM I would say ditch the HIDs but the XM has average-at-best headlights due to a few bits of wonderful design that didn’t quite work out in reality as the were at the cutting edge of modern lights as we know them. There will be some lenses (maybe missing from yours now) and they will be yellowed with age. Plus the self levelling suspension is meant for such things. I do agree that the colour of yours is pretty awful. Can you change the bulbs? I have yellow HIDs in the C6 and they look ace, would look even better in your XM IMHO. There was a huge topic about retrofitting HIDs to the XM years ago on Club XM and someone put a real good amount of work in to it. There can’t be many people who have bothered so maybe it’s your car?! However, I’m not sure of the legality of a conversion nowadays but you could always leave “as is” unless you fail— I think it is a failure but if a good installation you may get away with it Good luck with it all and hope you can get it going soon
  8. New baby boy came home in Dutch wedge style today. 7lbs 11oz. A good start to life I think!
  9. As @wesacosa mentioned earlier, there can be a pin code immobiliser on these. Have a read on Club XM before you go doing anything with it— even unplugging it! I see you have some extra wiring in the engine bay. If you are lucky this isn’t full bodgorama and it just an untidy installation of a starter solenoid relay which is a really common necessary addition on these. That’s a really good looking XM!
  10. Have you seen it’s a known car on Club XM? Ray Noon was a wonderful guy but sadly departed a few years ago now.
  11. Nice one. Series 1 I see and 24V alloys! 2.1TD is a superb engine. In manual I found mine quite brisk Don’t be too scared, mine was quite kind to me after plenty of initial TLC.
  12. +1 for Pleiades, they are great. You really need centre and corners re-gassed to make the system work as designed.
  13. Our baby is being born tomorrow— that’s a grin anyway, but not really Autoshite related. 😁 What is, however, is that the 480 is out of the garage and in daily use this week as the chariot of choice for hospital duties and bringing the baby home.
  14. Aren’t RAC the only option for older cars abroad and breakdown cover? They are certainly all I could find when the C70 (RIP) was taken over a two summers ago. Good luck with the trip. How is the ride… can you stretch to a sphere re-gas to really enjoy what an XM can do?
  15. You’d love yours a lot more if you were to try the early 1.4 suitcase engine! It’s very old school compared to your perky TU. It does have a charm to it though and I’d happily have it back. Gearbox is in the engine sump, chain driven, a bit whiney, rattly at idle…. but charming. With hindsight I did drive the ancient thing quite hard!
  16. B- AMP: yeah it’s still around I think. I found a receipt for it a few years ago and it was a good excuse to email the guy and offer the receipt but really just be nosey. He has a collection of old Citroens which I think are all nicely kept under cover so I’m hoping it would just need a bit of TLC rather than having rotted away, which would be sad. I could never work out why he let the MOT run out and never drove it again— it was in great condition. Sale of the TRS left a bad taste in my mouth so won’t be enquiring about that one. Plus he’s restored it really well so it probably will never be for sale or if it was, at silly money. Nicest Mk. 1 in red I’ve ever seen is the automatic TRS which the same guy has pampered from new and he’s a really nice guy. He goes to loads of CCC event and it glows!
  17. I had A966 XRL, a 16TRS, which was on the cover of a magazine recently and seems to get to a few shows, although I’ve never seen it; and B316 AMP, a 14E which a guy bought for some sort of collection but he never MOTd it again which I found weird as he was desperate to buy it. Dream is to buy back the B-reg one day— I plan on asking on a year or so.
  18. Your oily trim gel will look great, just won’t last so long— Autoglym does last a decent amount of time though. A combination of bringing the oil up with the heat gun and then a few coats of trim gel had the bumper looking new. I reeeeealy want my red BX back now!
  19. Looks great! Get a hot air gun on it. Here’s me doing mine… it’s astounding how it fixes it!
  20. I work away and this is my last shift abroad before the baby comes. On my trip to the airport, 2 hours, my two older and wiser mates insisted on coming with me to reminisce about their own children being born, generally offer advice and just hang out one last time before life takes a big turn. Not just a grin but a slightly damp eye at their wonderful friendship.
  21. Yeah, CCC events always very welcoming and usually open to non-members for just a few quid more. I went for years as a non-member before joining up. TBH Club XM has everything you need for XM life (as I think you are finding as I still read it regularly, though my old XM is on here with @chodweaver) but I thought it was nice to contribute and the monthly magazine is worth a read. Hope to see you at the Chevrons rally!
  22. C6 also passed with a few advisories! Woohoo! Fleet of shite and all going well. Feels strange!
  23. Don’t worry too much over this. It is quite common to not be able to check in online now as some airlines want to physically check some of your documents before you check in now. For example, vaccination, Covid test, insurance, passenger locator form. It does vary massively with airline and destination. For Spain: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/entry-requirements
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