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  1. You are right in that they are perfectly adequate when all is good. You must be lucky with your replacement set with good bulbs, no voltage drops (more of a problem on early cars) and decent reflectors. Actually , in XM world, you are probably pretty lucky in most respects!
  2. Cool. Send me a PM of where you’d like it sent. It take until next week or at the end of the month.
  3. I have a driver’s side mirror (in the wrong colour) and which only adjusts in one direction. Would you like it to try to make one good mirror out of two? I’m thinking to replace the black plastic body in your picture that is damaged. I was going to bin it.
  4. “Previous owner: a convent of nuns” trumps the fuck out of “one lady owner”! Sadly, no one at all will believe you if you were to write it in it’s for sale advert.
  5. Legend. Love to see an old car on a proper trip!
  6. Would something like 3M’s 1300L, a contact adhesive, but a rubber one, be any good or I’ve you already tried this?
  7. Ringtons, nice! I still buy their tea by mail order and have it sent down south!
  8. I can’t think of another way of doing this with one pump so bear with me while I talk about a completely different car! On the C5, one motor does front and rears with a pump that turns either direction depending on the polarity of the voltage applied. Inside there is a shuttle valve which controls the direction of flow depending on which way the pump is told to spin. The internal valve can get sticky and do exactly what you say— put the fluid on the wrong screen. I think it is repairable but not worth it and better to get a new pump if they are as cheap as the Citroen.
  9. If you are lucky, the recruiter got binned and maybe someone else can help you at the recruitment agency? They are all snakes but some of the longer term ones have at least learnt to be human— the children they often employ who try to sound like they know anything about the actual job are uncaring and often fired pretty quickly anyway. It would be nice to get some “closure”!
  10. The XM should switch to hard mode at the front to prevent this but his is a bit off-spec at the moment thats all. I imagine it’s wonderful until a corner or a brake pedal is reached! @maxxo, I know you like a bit of an electronic fiddle so have a look on Club XM about adding LEDs so that you can monitor whether the suspension ECU is in hard or soft mode. Even if it can’t physically do it due to the odd sphere combination, you can see if it is at least trying. Also, you can easily add diodes to the suspension ECU to fix a fairly frequent failure point on these. You can add generic stuff but also worth reading about the E-crofting kit which I think is the same sort of idea but just commercialised for sale. Anything you read about WHM (Wolsey House Motors) and their fix for failed XM suspension is best avoided. AFAIK, they just make a big pointy BX out of the XM, a bit like your CX sphere arrangement.
  11. There is something related to the door open and hard/soft mode. If you are on CX spheres, they will just be on the corners and the corner spheres may be completely flat— so switching modes makes it go a bit mad. The CX spheres are probably covering up flat centres at the very least. Or you could have an electro valve problem that the CX spheres are an attempt to mask (BTW don’t probe those with power as they operate on something like PWM, and 12V will destroy them. There is some sort of diode fix for this if that is the case, I believe. Hopefully just a new set of correct spheres (centre and corner) and it will all be okay. I recommend Pleiades if you fancy a trip down the A1.
  12. They are just very basic resistors, different to moderns so unlikely to be broken. However, I understand the urge to get tunes going ASAP!
  13. But the steering wheel buttons are for absolute winners!
  14. There is a black and a grey Clarion. It is the earlier grey one that can definitely be decoded by the diodes. I see from your picture that you have the black one. Maybe I’m wrong as it seems that you can maybe decode the black one according to this: http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9416&p=113653&hilit=Clarion#p113653 Here is the service manual for it anyway: http://www.club-xm.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7646&hilit=radio
  15. Which radio do you have? The very first XM radios can be de-coded just by physically looking at some diodes. Later ones, I’m not sure if it is as simple as buying a code based from the serial number.
  16. Really pleased for you that you’ve got it back on the road. Even if you move it on the MOT secures its future a lot anyway! Well done! I wonder if you need to drive one on the correct spheres to know if you love it or not? Rather than continue spending money to return to the correct spec. and still be mildly disappointed.
  17. My sister’s come to visit and have her 2001 C5 MOTd while down here. Its on 201,000 miles, has blasted 250 miles down the motorway to us, has had zero prep and has passed after a new ball joint and presumably some work on the rear earths to get the bulbs to stop interfering with one another. I enjoyed its 45 minute trip to the garage early this morning— the 2.2 pulls really well. I nailed it up to three figures— as I’m not used to turbo diesels it felt great! I’m quite pleased with that considering I can’t even get her to check the tyre pressures! Uncovered that under her toddler’s seat is a bio hazard. 🤮
  18. Treating your thread again as a sort of C5 appreciation thread, sorry! My sister is down to visit and I’ve just taken her 2.2 C5 to Chevronics for a service and MOT. I noticed it’s now cracked 201,000 miles now and still drives amazingly well! Parked it up next to a nice looking V6 C5 saloon. These have aged very well.
  19. Sadly “sports” is a waste of time on the Mk. 1. Later cars like your C5 have sports mode to tighten the parameters to cut the extra spheres out and tighten things up. The early one just locks them out all the time. You will however be amazed by how good it is at doing it’s job all on its own in normal/auto mode . The CX spheres may make it a bit odd though but will be very interesting to hear what you think of them.
  20. Great idea, but 100miles out and 100 miles back would be better!
  21. How is the price compared to these: https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h1-osram-night-breaker-laser-next-generation.html https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h1-osram-night-breaker-laser-150-next-generation-12v-55w-pair.html I might have some yellow H1 spare I could send you if you fancy being completely blind but cool as fuck!
  22. When all is in good condition, they are good, if a little too sharp in their beam cut off. But they easily go downhill fast with the yellowed lenses inside, poor reflecting silver, and voltage losses. They should be “sufficient” though Try genuine (so not eBay, Amazon!) Osram Nightbreakers in them for best results I’m told I found them very good too
  23. I think were always are illegal but the MOT regulations recently got much tougher. Previously the hope is that a self levelling car will not be caught out and this is still a possibility but your chances are smaller. Personally I’d try it but change the bulbs from the horrible blue to a more yellow, tungsten colour.
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