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  1. It’s like driving in a big yellow hug find
  2. Love these in Mk. 1 form. They are on my want list for one day. Well done for saving some!
  3. Fantastic. Big bit of the XM jigsaw in place now!
  4. My mate’s got an invalid carriage of some sort that looks like that canvas Invacar above. If it is of interest I can probably get some pictures for you.
  5. To give you some hope for your future Avantime purchase, the spare wheel is UNDER the car. What you showed was the second lower boot— they can be combined by removing that second parcel shelf and then it’s really quite big and practical. I loved mine so much but the automatic gearbox on the 3.0 V6 was just intolerable in that they all select neutral about a second after you come to a stop and then thump back in to first too slowly just as the revs rise. Volvos did exactly this mistake with the same box but finally programmed this silliness out with a software update… obviously it wasn’t worth Renault’s while to do this. If it wasn’t for the box, I’d probably still have it— oh and the stupid oversight of zero foot space under the back seats that you also mentioned. I think I have a video of my absolutely caning mine up a mountain pass in Scotland somewhere! The ES9 (or whatever Renault call it—that’s the Citroen name) was screaming beautifully and it did actually handle.
  6. Ah okay, well that’s sort of good news that it’s not capable of being locked in to “1” with an out of adjustment cable. It does sound like a weird way operate at the moment though. Good luck, I’m out of ideas too now!
  7. Is the gearbox controlled by a mechanical cable and is there a “1” position also? I ask because it sounds to me like normal operation should be that the numbers should just be there to select the limit of the highest gear but always start in 1st. It sounds like yours might be going to “1” accidentally when you select “2”. If true then a little cable adjustment could be in order or maybe an inspection of the gearbox mounts as maybe the gearbox is physically moving itself about relative to the fixed selector cable.
  8. Bon voyage! Have a soft spot for an Espace so loved your recent video on that early one
  9. My Dad has decided that he doesn’t really fit in to his Mk. 1 TT now and has mothballed it in the garage with a view to selling it when he gets around to it. It was very much babied and garaged and he drives like a nun. Want me to ask how much he wants for it? He is up in Newcastle though. All I know is that it’s red and I think the turbo version. Not my cup of tea at all.
  10. It’s not too bad work at all TBH— quite satisfying methodical work rather than lack of access horribleness. I seem to remember that you can clean some of the pipes rather than replace them (as they are “due at 100,000 miles) if you want to do it cheaper but word is the parts don’t last as long as genuine ones. I got mine from a Welsh Volvo dealer during lockdown who seem to reknowned for being happy to post parts out. Parts for Volvo Online will do you cheaper pattern parts though. I seem to remember the radiator needed drained so I took the opportunity to put in a new coolant temperature sensor which was also recommended to me. I also took them time to have the injectors ultrasonically cleaned by post while they were right in front of me. Just an optional extra.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/c/RobertDIY This guy is just fantastic for keeping 850s going. I learnt a lot from him for my C70 adventures. Check the PCV system with a rubber glove for piece of mind. If you are lucky no work is required… if required, I’d recommend bumping it up the list.
  12. Is there a tiny rotary switch on there headlight switch that you can adjust country settings on? When I say tiny I mean you will need a little screwdriver. It should be described in the handbook. (this, in the bottom right) But a Volvo needs ALL the lights so would suggest leaving “as is”.
  13. Woohoo and 850 is a fine fine vehicle. Good luck with your wallet lightening at the petrol pump!
  14. Some hope then! I know people just like to say “MAF” to everything these days but on my sister’s 2.2, Chevronics found that the wiring to there MAF plug had been damaged a little over the years as it had to be disconnected or gets a bit tugged to change something fairly frequently (air filter, maybe?). They repaired it anyway and it only occasionally hiccuped before that. It may be worth a look at yours in this respect. Also, to be on the safe side, we put a second hand genuine one from Edwards & Sons on as aftermarket are supposed to be a bit hit and miss. I mention them specifically because they looked after us when the replacement Eolys tank had a gummed up pump and they were very happy for me to go back and try another without and fuss. So I’d trust their parts and them to do the right thing by you if you do want a second hand MAF.
  15. Ah sorry, I was convinced otherwise. I stand corrected!
  16. Me neither, but if the guy who refilled yours has also gone a little over there could be an accumulative effect, plus heat expansion, etc. I think getting the level right is quite complicated to do with temperatures and drips. Grasping at straws on your behalf here! The C6 has the same box doesn’t it? If so, here’s the fill procedure: C6AutoGearboxdrainandrefillprocess (1).pdf
  17. Did you drain some of the fluid off when you added the recent snake oil? I’m just wondering if it just isn’t happy being slightly overfilled?
  18. Exactly, so ignore this if you see it written as a thing you must absolutely change.
  19. Good to know. ORGA code 6176 equates to 6 October 1993 http://www.citroen-ds-id.com/gen/Gen_Organr.html
  20. From what I remember there is lots of talk about replacing a Woodruff key on one of the pulleys but was advised that is sort of old information due to them fitting a weak one early in production. So the Haynes manual, for example, insists that this is replaced but it really only needs done once and likely already done. Good luck with the work. Great progress on the lovely XM!
  21. Gateshead but comes down south to visit me now and again.
  22. I’d say very good condition apart from a bit of rust on the tailgate (look like stone chips that have been left) and some just starting on one rear arch lip. It has also had been mega spent on late in life like yours. The only major upcoming expense I can see is that it hasn’t had the rear arm bearings done but there is a slight “click” which Pleiades tell me means means it will need done at some point. She does such low miles and you wouldn’t know unless you knew to listen for the click. https://frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6629 (not so up to date but you get the jist—- has just had clutch and DMF done plus lower mileage gearbox while we were in there as didn’t realise the clutch has shat itself, not the gearbox at first. It had a horrible single mass flywheel conversion when we bought it but that is binned and the DMF reinstated and the ‘box is perfect now with the addition of a new slave cylinder.
  23. My sister is going to be a student later this year and the C5 2.2 is a bit thirsty for her, plus she doesn’t need an estate so much that her baby is older. I’m hoping to get it a good home on here. If it all goes wrong with your gear box, would you consider it? It is a manual though and suspect automatics are your thing?
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