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  1. 8 hours ago, gm said:

    same here, ordered sun 7th, still waiting :( 

    I ordered 2litres of DOT4 just before this offer on 5th January.
    It arrived yesterday by Amazon Bollox - tracking shows label printed 5th January but actually sent out at the weekend -so 10 days.
    Last Mannol I ordered from Carousel was here next day and that was just before Xmas.
    Both shown as 48 hour delivery 🤷‍♂️

    Bit grumpy but I guess I'll chalk it up to experience rather than get all medieval on the bad feedback doom and gloom thing.

  2. 4 minutes ago, chancer said:

    VM Motori is an italian engine manufacturer. They supplied the engines for the TX4 model taxi when it was introduced in 2007. Previous to that, the TX2 had a ford engine from the transit, and before that the TX1 used the bulletproof 2.7 Nissan lump. 

    I have no idea why there wasnt a TX3 though.....

    Is it the 2.5/2.8 VM that Jeep used in the KJ? Not a bad engine - ours chugged along nicely, thank you very much.

  3. 33 minutes ago, wesacosa said:

    Its a problem with messenger I think. I have had it where once you send message the link goes dead. If its the blue Punto the ad is still live when I click the link

    Yup  - now I'm on the laptop I can see that the ad is still live and also that my laboriously typed message has been sent. 
    See what 'appens.

  4. 6 minutes ago, grogee said:

    I get this too. She's right though, one of my fleet is 100 miles away in my sister's garage, one is in a £60/month lockup and one is on our driveway which is only just big enough for two cars. 

    I have managed to talk t’missus round, typed out a message to the vendor and my FB phone thing says page no longer available 😞Snoozed and loses

  5. 7 minutes ago, wesacosa said:

    and thankfully further away from me

    looks a nice one, at least from the pictures

    It looks rather mint (on the top) wonder what lies underneath?
    It's about 70/80 miles up the road from here now.......... 

  6. 11 hours ago, wesacosa said:

    if its the one I think it is it was for sale in Essex so you would have thought he gave it a decent look over before dragging it to Wrexham 

    He's just bringing it closer to me :-) 
    How about this car - 2010 SLK (cheap, cheap) £2,500. Down The Valleys with 'slight rust bubbles'

    [edit] just read the MoT record - £2500 is more than it's probably worth, at least without a visit and a good tap with a toffee hammer. Looks to be crispy with needy suspension. Meh.


  7. 2 hours ago, outlaw118 said:

    WCPGW? Apart from everything.


    EML on. No V5. Failed last MoT test due to mega smokiness and dodgy handbrake. Retested and passed with same mileage. Just needs the advisory on the steering rack inner joints seeing to. Less than 4 weeks ticket left. £675 tax.
    Killer is - it's not black.

    Hang on - the number plate reads ZeBeDee?


    image.png.8c1d49edea094b4a251ce87d71788afa.png image.png.f255159eb7bb34761ce026c44f2e9490.png


  8. 6 minutes ago, RoverFolkUs said:

    The plastic things are junk - single pulleys wind them on like twosmoke said, use a cable tie to hold it in place if needed. 

    Double pulleys can be a bit of a pain. To get it on the inner part then I just wind the engine backwards. You *shouldn't* do this, but to date I've never had a problem. I put this down to pointing my tongue in a certain position while doing it 😅

    Thanks (and to @twosmoke300) - this is a 2013 PUMA engine without a/c so there's two single belts (one each for p/s pump and alternator) on the crank pulley, or there was, I think, last time I looked.
    Never had any joy with the 'tools' so the bike chain idea sounds good.
    Never* turned and engine backwards either :-)

  9. Toads aside....

    Broadband - do you have a decent 4G signal?

    On copper we were about 6 Mbps dowload and < 1 Mbp up. On 4G sim we cat get about 40 Mb down and 20 Mb up. £16 or £20 a month unlimited data sim from Smarty of TalkMobile (they piggy back different providers).

    Kicked our landline into the sea four years ago. Fibre has been promised twice - OpenReach did part of the area but not us. Another company has just bailed on us too. TalkMobile (VodaPhone) is best for us

  10. 14 minutes ago, brownnova said:

    Yeah it was! 

    I had a 1.2L on a B plate from new - guy I worked with had a red SR. He was quite sniffy about mine. 
    There wasn't much difference in them performance wise if you really panned the 1.2 it could move at a bit more than a snail's pace but the SR had all the fancy trim, lights, seats and so on - mine was an early onset giffermobile for sure

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