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  1. I'll be interested to see how much they drop the asking price tbh. Folks around here always overprice their cars as there seems to be a reluctance on the part of buyers to wander further afield to look at cars - the cars drop off FB/eBay readily enough so, as a ploy, it may work. Couple of driveway dealers I know pick stuff up at the Birmingham/Brissol auctions, bring it over here and make a few hundred quid - kind of hard work but they like it.
  2. Bloody Romans - all their fault.
  3. Not tat really - Brm. brm, 65,000 miles, £5K - seller seems to be a dealer whose selling some of his 'private collection' and this is one of them. Also a clio 172 for £6K and some other stuff https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/207577422073252/
  4. My Mum's favourite movie. I thought Howard better on a horse tho'
  5. I really like that little car. Here a little Swift near me that nobody wants - how about a Taylor Swift lyric (Duran Duran are just so ... last century?) Suzuki Swift (Diesel) miles from wherever you are - reduced by £220 to £1475 because.......... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/112316838780896/search/?query=suzuki swift&exact=false
  6. That gives me 11 months to source a Maestro, fuck it up royally and then abandon it at Gaydon? I'll pass, thanks. I'd not do what's been done to this car unless it was my brother's 'going away' car from his wedding (that we subsequently found he'd been loaned by his new father-in law )
  7. Wasn't that a Brian Eno album
  8. Thank God - I thought, for a minute, it was my PoundLand reading glasses. Crispy car, the seller's maybe flying a kite but, then again: If you don't ask you dont' get
  9. Because they both sold their souls to the NTWICM franchise? I made the mistake about ten years ago of downloading the first 76 albums of NTWICM and I'm still finding hated tracks to delete - why would you actually buy such a weird CD? OK - the car - I'd not buy it with your money it's a tad crispy and what's the tread saying on the inner side of the Rear N/S tyre? Could be 'this is a blurry photo' or 'do not buy this one'
  10. Bargain for somebody (I was lurking watching)
  11. I went to Christmas 'do' around 1990 someplace near Camberley and Bob M. was the host/main act. His intro was close to the grain but his main act after the meal was actually a bit OTT, so much so that some of our party got up and left. That was a bold statement given that we'd all come down on a bus from Staines.
  12. 06 reg Proton Gen-2 drove past me today - shite picture and a screen shot from elsewhere. Not a car I think I've seen before.
  13. Be my guest - all* the cars here tend to have a name - you can have that one *apart from a Pug 206SW 1.4 HDi that my wife bought after much research and deliberation. Four years of bland, painful motoring - I may have neglected to revive it from one of it's deep sleeps.
  14. Top Banana! Excellent purchase. You can play Daddy Cool all the way home now. Is it an Aero Converta-bubble?
  15. Two out ... 9-5 so its a 7-5 or a 9-7? Go Ogle tells me that a Saab 9-7 is actually a thing (yet another car I never knew existed) but maybe unobtanium in UK Saab 9-3 Aero Estate then?
  16. Local garage cancelled my MoT appt later in the week - who'd have thought KwikFit would be open on a Bank Holiday? Happy Days
  17. We were at Cosford a few weeks back to 'cuddle' my wife's C-130 Hercules and had a quick sprint around the place to see what's new - that G-wagen is in the far, far away hanger that gets fewer visitors and it really stands out as everything else in there (e.g. Moggy Estate in RAF colours, half a Chinook) is kind of 'normal'. There's some other autshite in the Cold War section (VW, Trabant, Mini) that you can actually touch so I'd imagine those so inclined could lick it too. We had to leave as I have this terrible urge to try and smuggle the TSR-2 out bolt by bolt. £7.50 'entry' that you pay in the car park and that covers all the occupants. (£1 off if you book in advance). Well worth a detour off the M6
  18. I kno' nuffink' about Saab trim levels - is it a ... Gatwick? 'Ang on I'll ask me friend Go Ogle (Dogging Search Engine) He says: So it's green, orange or brown?
  19. 2013 Boxer 250 - this one came with a sealed/one piece unit filter fitted. It's aftermarket and looks just like the original except it's a one piece/sealed moulding. The originals have a screw off/on lid that's reputed to be a b'stad to seal correctly. There's a tool for those like the image below to aid torquing the thing up so you don't crack it. The inserts for the threaded units will fit the sealed units but you have to 'hack' the fitting to do so. Some of the motorhome guys have done it successfully using judicious force and the tool when the unit looks threaded - but others have had initial success followed by problems with air locks in the system when their re - sealing has failed. Rather than tempt fate I went with a new unit that 'screws' so I should be able to swap in a cheap inner when the time comes - that was the price I moaned about above - these are now about £98 as far as I can see. Original PSA ones are circa £200 and the cheap, one piece ones seem to be £45 or so. Secondhand outers are cheap enough if you want to trust 'em. Theory is that somebody cracked the original and swapped in the sealed unit rather than cough up a few extra pennies and passed any grief down the line. Kind of same as the Bini DV6 cat/dpf when we got that - instead of the factory issue one that splits we found a single piece unit with a shagged DPF in it that we couldn't just split to swap out (or attempt a clean). Annoying.
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