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  1. 9 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

    Now back up for sale for £750 sans MOT. It appears to have had nothing done to it since 2019. Still looks nice in white, regardless. 



    I perused that listing this morning but he says it needs welding around the gutters and sunroof?

  2. I'll just go for the over abundance of fiddly, rarely used 'stuff' that they 'load' a modern car with so that we'll all want to buy one, even #2 sprog's new Dacia needs a bloody O level just to open the door - A level to start it and a 2:2 degree to use the 'infotainment' centre.

    And feckin' over sensitive 'lane changing' indicator stalks that start winking when you dip the headlights - that really irritates me on the Pug - if it could be disabled somehow I'd love it

  3. Summer before COVID bit:

    2008 Bini on a remap with low (but not that low) profiles - hard ride but awesome on the corners

    2010 Subaru Outback 2.5 n/a petrol CVT, lush, wafty dog transport /trailer towing beast

    2007 Berlingo 1.6 HDi - craptothetipcar

    1998 MGF 1.8 VVC, bit of a hanger queen but when it was flying - ooooh 

    2013 Pug Boxer Pony Pantechnicon.

    Like you say, back when cars were cheap....

  4. 13 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

    The other Jeremy?


    I meant Kyle not Clarkson, but now you mention him....

    Clarkson's TopGear persona is utterly hated by my wife.
    I kept rocking in saying 'Ooh just listened to Jeremy Clarkson talking about xyz on Radio 4 - he's really nice'. She'd launch into expletives. Now she's watched two seasons of Clarkson's Farm she is liking the guy's other persona.
    So maybe J. Vine is nice enough too in real life but his radio show winds me up. 

  5. 20 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

    Think he's been banned - do you mean Jeremy Vine?

    Likely enough but he's as big a polemicist as the other Jeremy - cannot stand the man - he's probably nice enough in real life tho'?

    Mind you - a Shitumishsi Impreza could be different, low ratio box and increased ground clearance? 

  6. 1 hour ago, Dave_Q said:

    Everywhere in Scotland sounds potentially glamorous to a southerner 

    Largs and Millport were the stuff of our primary school 'away days' before the summer holidays. 
    Potentially many things but rarely glamorous (as an aside Largs was where the first load of Commandos got trained up in WW2 before they all got shifted up to the barren wastes of Achnacarry - never seems to get much of a mention)

  7. 34 minutes ago, gm said:

    “this service has been delayed by the train crew being delayed by disruption”  

    thankyou for your helpful help :( 

    i have two connections to make today, this one is already 20 mins late - i guess i’m buggered 

    Wife was plotting a Mother's Day trip down to the West Country to see her mum + her own two sprogs - train strikes on the Thurs & Sat plus disruption either side so she's stuck here with me.
    Now should that be on the grumpy or the happy thread?

  8. 23 minutes ago, iainrcz said:

    Walking poo this morning and noticed a black Range Rover sport clamped on the main road up from us. Notice the number plate, twig it's the one that races around like a prick.

    Excellent. Hopefully it costs him plenty of money.

    No tax/insura


    10 hours ago, 808 Estate said:


    Did that once - never again :-) (fortunately pre mobile phones)

  9. 5 minutes ago, Metal Guru said:

    Because no one parks for more than 8 hours there. Just to catch out people who don’t know the area , assume that will be a handy place to park. By the time you realise it’s £100, it’s pay up or miss half the match or gig you’ve paid £150 each for tickets.

    I’ve given up going to major sporting or musical events, it’s just a cynical exercise in extracting as much money as possible.

    Last time I went to Wembley (Billy Joel & pre-Covid - that dates it) - park at Denham, two on the train down to Wembley. After the gig you walk past the massive queues for the trains into London and hop on the out of town train.
    I guess you could park up any place from Oxford  on in if it suited?

  10. 25 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:

    At that price is it really an investment?

    Well, at least two people bidding thought it was?
    Auctions are great fun when you get two folks going after the one item, all the others drop out and then the auctioneer's head is like somebody watching Wimbledon - left, right, left right - before you know it £600K - I don't think I could afford even the buyer's premium on that price :-) 

  11. I get the Silverstone catalogues through the post for some reason and keep them for my father in law to read as they have some gorgeous photos of the cars surrounded by a load of bollocks wording.
    They are not cars for driving in the same way that the fancy wine in the wine auctions is not for drinking - each to their own. That car is probably now living under a dust cover in an air conditioned/heated storage facility - beyond my ken for sure.


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