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  1. 33 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

    This is really hardly worth more than scrap value without mot. God knows how long it's parked on grass, it would most likely need £££ in welding even if it wasn't.

    There's 1,001 cars under £1000 within an hour's drive from here that fit into to 'fer fecks sake just scrap it' category - you can up that to £2,000 'barn finds' if you look in Classic Cars on eBay. 
    It's got to the point where there's not much point in looking at the sub £1500 ones as 99% of them are simply dire - there's the odd diamond in the rough (plus it's better than doom scrolling FaceBook)

  2. 5 minutes ago, worldofceri said:

    No way! What are the chances?!

    Thread on a car gets revived after over 18 months, then days later is spotted up for sale…

    A David Ike moment..... 'they' are watching 'everything'


    Could be a co-incidence? My life's full of those :-) 

  3. 10 minutes ago, martc said:

    Just the grilles, but did the FIAT  grille designer tasked with updating the Punto look out of the window at the local Suzuki dealer and thought 'that'll do, job jobbed, I'm off to my mistress for the afternoon'?



    They were co-operating on the Sedici/SX4 back then so maybe some crossover in the design departments on the other models?

  4. 6 minutes ago, Quintus said:

    That's fucking amazing 😍.

    KV6 engine could be a liability but the car is a 1999 so OMGHGF x 2 less likely (?) as, allegedly, this is coming into the ZT/75 era. Blurb does say HG and heads skimmed back in 2010. MoT mileage would put that at about 30,000 miles.
    Suggestion of possible crispiness in the MoT record but it is a quarter of a century old.....

  5. 55 minutes ago, Jazoli said:

    Sure it's not just a coil pack? Every petrol VAG I've owned has required replacements.

    The only petrol VAG I've owned (still here) needed a coil pack and that cured missfire when under load & cold and a lumpy tickover when hot.  Blinking EML when missfire on cold.
    Codes were for cylinders 2&3.  Probably the original coil pack at 77K miles.

    That was a single coilpack for the whole lot and not the individual ones that you seem to have though.

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