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  1. I think the dust shield has had its chips.... and the sliders... and the flexi...and the copper pipe..... Why is it that a smol job 'two hours dearest' becomes 'two weeks darling'? Breaking the copper and flexi apart on one side to recover the holder was an interesting time - I've got a cracking farmer's tan.
  2. £5,900 finish? Yes - that's cheap, almost tempting
  3. Only if you're wearing a similar outfit and heels - then we could flog it on the dark web?
  4. Is the 108 getting bigger or does Jersey have teeny, tiny parking spaces?
  5. Everyone I know who’s gone on a Megabus has said ‘Never Again ‘
  6. Not sure your word is, but I have two: feckin appalling nice spot though 😊
  7. Spooky, I'm watching cheese and about to eat greasecake (haggis slices - heart attack on a plate)
  8. The wheels look rather well preserved compared to the rest to the cars - or is that just me?
  9. Bit like the Skoda Octavia Scout - I just look at them and think it's the normal Octavia with big wheels. Saab - I sat and looked at one of these recently for ages as I'd never seen one before, ever. The last 9-5 - bloody huge,
  10. I like it when the Back to School stuff is on the shelves before they break up in July - used to make our kids grumpy.
  11. Bored everyone about this before (on Grogees thread?) but - back in the day..... Post SD1 era Met Police go looking for 'something' to replace the staid, predictable & safe SD1 2600s autos that we were pushing around at street level. Simultaneously, the hot hatch era has dawned and all you need to nick one is two foot of scaffolding pole, a screwdriver and a half brick. We're getting trial vehicles coming out in weird configurations - mainly BL with a little Vauxhall and some Ford. BL produced an EFi engined base trim Montego and then *tada* Maestro - EFi with toned down MG trim - so we had the sexy cheese graters and red seat belts (in front). The cars were very light with decent power. Very, very different to the SD1. IMHO they were the best of the bunch - you could sit behind an XR2 all day quite safely, previously he just had to do a couple of quick side street turns and he'd leave the SD1 behind. XR3 took a little bit more getting after but was still 'stickable'. However, at that time, everything other than the basic, A series engined Metro pandas and the station vans (Transit/Sherpa) was auto - 1300 cc auto Cavaliers, 1750 auto Allegros, 3.5 V8 Auto Freight Rovers - oooh, luxury. I think the move from heavy RWD auto to the lighter FWD manuals was, thus, too much of a culture shock tbh. There were a couple of near misses and a lot of the 'old school' guys felt the cars were too 'tea tray' and skittish. Net result was that the Maestro was deemed less suitable than our final 'choice' - 2.0 Sierra Auto *at that time the Met's policy on following a suspect vehicle was that you just tailed it until either you lost it, he lost it up a lamppost or you backed off because the dude was driving like a total nutter and life's too short. Usually we'd be looking at a 14 year old scrote in an XR3 he's just nicked & used in a random smash and grab at 3am on Sunday morning - he'd wrap that around something eventually.
  12. Maybe - stuff like that seems to be dropping in value at the moment. The 'unclassic' tat sale at Leominster last night had around 180 cars entered - 72 did not sell - see what happens next week. Back to WB: I like one of the next lots - a 4x4 Saab? Mmmmmmm Low cost, hgh liability right there
  13. Rain's off - let's start on the MoT advisories (front flexible pipes + roll bar bushes) N/S - wheel off 👍 11mm flare spanner is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Rain's on - run in, order decent flare spanner Rain's off - fit N/S bush 👍, remove O/S wheel go to disconnect ABS wire - dust shield turns to, well, dust Rain's on - fuckit, indoors, order dust shields and look forward to pulling the bloody hubs off and likely flaring a pipe or two. 2 hour job stretching to infinity. Remind me why we like AutoShite somebody?
  14. Road to the left of the image is on a 40 limit - next junction along there has a 30 sign up on Google Street Spy not sure what the development in the image has - there's nothing on Google but it also looks like it's not fully adopted yet. I'm guessing the developer's will chuck up a new 30 sign (or move that one) once it's fully adopted - the South Holland council planning portal has no mapping facility and I can't find the full application on a cursory search to see what the plans say re traffic orders. It's Atherton Gardens in Pinchbeck - been driving past it (on and off) for 10 - 15 years and it used to be a giant puddle in the winter (with geese) and a summer crop of whatever cash crop was flavour of the month.
  15. Durite battery isolator - properly fitted so that the bad bad boys cannot just swap the terminals over quickly with a spanner. Ideally needs to be close to the battery to keep the new cable run as short as possible. If you have any kit that you want to stay powered on fit a fuse or a resettable breaker (better) in a new earth link from the battery -ve. Ideally needs to be close to the battery to keep the new cable run as short as possible. Don't get a cheap Durite copy - I melted one in a Series 2A with a bad starter - too much current, switch went bye-bye. I have the key operated one in the Boxer mounted through the bottom of the dash - that's more to stop a parasitic drain that we've never found. @sutty2006 has posted someplace else on here about the other sort which the Disco/Defender mud wallowers use. @Dave_Q has mentioned the cheap Sim thingies someplace too (I've got one here but not yet wired it in) Other simple thing is an inline switch on the low tension wire to the coil - that can be anywhere on the dash (hidden in plain view) https://www.autoelectrical.parts/product/durite-0-605-20-battery-switch-100-amp-with-removable-key/ https://www.autoelectrical.parts/product/durite-0-605-50-battery-switch-250-amp-with-removable-key-and-lockout-hole/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mintice-Circuit-Automotive-Resettable-Protection/dp/B07HNV4DYC/ref=sr_1_44?qid=1693549810&s=automotive&sr=1-44&th=1
  16. £755 + 50p for the air filter cover being all Nipped Up £755.50
  17. I'd count it as a 'lazy spot'. Question is though - why is it there? What's a Figaro got to do with a Ranch? (Maybe it's their now dead advertising/delivery car, I guess)
  18. Saw this in a service history today There's a later receipt for rear discs/pads and the spring but nothing for the DMF - 🤔
  19. Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Tonight, and for one night only - at an auction house near* you we present: One of Germany's finest with 299,535 miles on the clock. Who will buy this fine bit of engineering and drive it around and around a roundabout for 465 miles to witness the magic 3 with five zeroes - yes, it could* be you! <<click here to view >>
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