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  1. Started the year with (and still have)

    2008 R55 Bini, 2013 Pug Boxer

    In and out

    2008 Freeloader

    In and still here (or with various sprogs)

    2013 Citroen C4
    2005 R50 Bini
    1998 Ovlov 940 Estate

    Latter is 'mine' as nobody else will drive it and I really like everything about it except the fuel consumption. It's had a complete front brake system renewal. Backs slated for next Spring. Stainless exhaust and a vacuum pipe - not bad for it's age.
    Bini #1 needs rear subframe replacing or cleaning/coating. Advisory on front suspension bush also needs looking at.
    Bini #2 needs exhaust and rocker cover gasket doing
    C4 got  full overhaul on purchase - EOLYS, cambelt, discs, pads etc etc and sprog likes it (it's also a fairly nice drive in my book)

    Biggest expense all round has been tyres - 2 complete sets plus one axle set - only baldy in this house is me.


  2. 2 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:

    That's ace, the seat colour of the middle of the seats looks like the carpet in my nan's bathroom in 1974.

    There was an estate round this way on FB in the summer in that colour - first I’d seen and I thought it a custom job. Now I know better- maybe @grizz could use it to match the 206?

  3. 3 hours ago, grogee said:

    Addendum: I think I mentioned I dropped one of the torque converter to flexplate bolts into the bellhousing.

    As I reluctantly decided to start Plan B, I realised that there was no way the car was moving without retrieving that bolt. 

    LUCKILY someone at BMW was having a good day when they designed the bellhousing. After half an hour of poking magnets down the inspection hole, I realised there were two tiny access holes on the bottom. I managed to jimmy the bolt along to one of these holes then wriggle it free. It only just came out which makes me think that's what the holes were there for!


  4. 3 hours ago, Metal Guru said:

    My insurance increased a lot this year albeit from the previous year’s unbelievably low price.

    In some ways I’m hoping it’s an increase in rates generally , rather than the fact that my cheap insurance has plateaued due to age (early 60s) and will only increase every year as insurance companies see me as an increasing risk as I get older.

    Cars here have stayed fairly low but the horse wagon has just been renewed at a 40% increase.
    Other brokers on that were quoting almost a 60% increase.
    No idea why that's a thing.

  5. 3 minutes ago, morrisoxide said:

    I think so. 

    From the listing

    Looks like it's hiding a multitude of sins under all that filler and rattle can paint.

    My dad had a neighbour who owned one of those in that exact same colour as a  'posh' company car. I always rather coveted it until the guy sent it back a year early as he hated it - told us that it was an unreliable dog of a car.
    He got an Audi Quattro instead.

  6. Today’s Mini Adventure here….. did you know that if you tighten up the thermostat housing bolts on an R50 with a breaker bar you can:

    1. Make round holes oval

    2. Crack shit

    3. Help blow the rad

    Done some spannering and a smol Italian tune up would suggest that we have a result. EML is off  and no overheating. 👍

    Just a small drip of coolant front right - hoping it’s me not clipping bottom hose on right -else it’s the new rad or the water pump 😠


  7. On 29/11/2023 at 09:46, Stinkwheel said:

    Crap, i can see that going very badly.

    A few years back a mate who used to be an HGV driver towed my old CX safari behind his Saab 9000 and i tell you what that was nasty. Worst ive ever experienced. This, i expect would be much much worse.

    Expect an accident damaged mini and audi for sale soon

    750 kg tow weight on a Bini and I have just stuck new rear shocks on my wife’s R55 and looking at the arse end of the car, I would not fit a tow bar to one

  8. 9 hours ago, Timewaster said:

    Quality reporting from BBC local news.

    BBC News - Smart car in Cambridgeshire with exposed engine pulled over - BBC News

    I'm not a BBC basher (the broadcaster,  not anything else you might think of) but you have to wonder...

    A. Who gave the police statement 

    B. Who thought it was worth publishing. 


    A virtual high5 to the first person to spot the obvious mistake.


    Plod have done a Tweet (or whatever they call shite on X these days - I no longer keep up) and the Beeb have hoovered it up 'cos it has a nice picture. Unfortunately, whoever typed up the copy at the Beeb does not know their arse from their elbow about where the bonnet and boot are in a Smart car.

    Twitter/X/social media is an easy carcass for the media vultures to pick over - our local media outlets only seem to carry such rubbish (saves the hacks' shoe leather I guess). The Beeb is going down that path more and more - very little analysis in their 'news' stories and more of a tabloid feel  as time marches on.

    My last place of work would have us Tweeting a lot to publicise stuff - I always felt it was a bit like screaming into an abyss - but, hey, if the Beeb are trawling who knows? Fifteen seconds of fame may beckon.

    Gawd - I really have my cynical head on this morning.


  9. 1 hour ago, grogee said:

    Massive win here in Southam. The town's most interesting building, which was a pharmacy until they moved next door, has finally found a business! 

    Apparently an AutoShite Superstore is moving in. 

    According to Mrs Grogee it's going to be a One Stop which actually now I think about it isn't interesting at all. 


    Ace! Next time I'm over in Daventry (be 2024 now) we can take the circuitous route home and pick up something beige.

  10. 5 hours ago, JJ0063 said:

    Pending marker has gone if anyone was interested!


    The guy pinged me back just after 2pm to say he'd definitely sold it (which was decent of him).
    I reckon you chanced on the ad as he was changing the moniker?


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