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  1. Solar panel inverter finally died today after eight years of neglect. £417 for a new one which is about half of what the original cost back in 2016. So, is that half grumpy?
  2. My wife looks good in black and silver and she's a '68 model I'm puzzled why folks spend so much effort slinging a pair of B&S plates on a more modern car - the plastic raised letter type (I know there'll be a 'proper' term for them) are ace. We had a Triumph Herald for a time that was like the name plate for Fawlty Towers - my dad was the local headmaster and would often get kids practical joking with his digits (if you know what I mean)
  3. Proper job! She lives! btw - that looks like a DIY bank blagging/ringing kit. You'll be John Bull stamping up some MoT certificates next and stashing a sawn off and some stockings under the passenger seat? (I was taken at how smol the Rolls looks alongside the P38, I always figured RR of that era as being giant cars. Mind you, I was 10 years old when K reg came in so I guess everything looked bigger?)
  4. Is that a Bedford TL at the back? <story> My uncle came out of Malta in the 1970s when Mintoff's wranglings made things untenable for the RAF. He brought back a Renault 8 that was mint. Two years of Scottish road salt and living by the seaside in Ayr killed that car very quickly .
  5. I find this one rather sweet for some reason - 2.0 pez badermatic (is that a rare concoction?) £800 , low miles, &nbsp;Wolverhampton
  6. Walked round the side of the house just after 5pm and found this: That's be the incoming electrickery mounting trying to leave. Rang up the people who know about these things and two National Grid pickups have just left - outstanding service. :-)
  7. Maybe one of these things that (30 years ago) were being punted as the 'cure' to running your old car on unleaded. Surprised to see they are still available? https://www.spitfirefuelcatalyst.co.uk/products/fuel-catalyst#:~:text=Contact-,Fuel Catalyst,-This will allow
  8. In a Berlingo? Raleigh Chopper?
  9. #smugBastardMe - finally won something on AutoShite
  10. It's a two wheeler (bike) of sorts?
  11. Nevermind, the weather's not changed since you left - now I'm grumpy
  12. I fancied a Series 3 Landrover ex-army ambulance as the PPE enhanced target but - on a Blingo 1.4 + A frame? Maybe not. Early Vauxhall Nova with internal moulding(s)
  13. Because LHR is a dog's dinner of cobbled together architectural fuckups loosely coupled in a semi-airport-like format. T1 , T2 & T3 kind of hung together as the 'originals' even if T3 was out on a bit of a (geographical) limb. T4 & T5 are extremely out by themselves and (especially the latter) are quite divorced from the other four. Better to think of them as (almost) separate destinations?? Those in charge of keeping the money down in that there London knew exactly what they were about - have a gander at how hard they pushed to get T5 up and running (even relocating the, rather vast, local shiteworks) rather than lose the traffic to one of the regionals. https://framearch.co.uk/t5/2007/04/24/the-perry-oaks-water-treatment-works/ (I'd take issue with the use of 'disused' in that article as Perry Oaks was only decommissioned after BAA and Thames Water reached a £££ agreement)
  14. Nobody ever said that life was fair (or something along those lines - my mum was always giving us that one, or a smack around the back of the legs - them's were the days) Here's a yellow peril to cheer you up: 1980 Midget, needs 'some recommissioning' and trailered away from Brightwells Auction tomorrow - currently £260 + fees - no reserve. Personally, I'd sooner have a MGF/TF for the summer
  15. That sounds like the start of a Ken Dodd joke.... Anyways - here's some local tat with a £500 price drop ; 1991 Metro 1.1 (Ooooh feel the power) - now £1500
  16. Had that in the past - brake light fuse blows. no startee automatic motor - could be worth a look [edit] - that was a singsong with MB running gear - fuel pump did not kick in either until fuse replaced
  17. Not sure tbh - the car is a 2005 VW. The filter is marked FB FILTAIR 507 44 0031 Not sure that's a factory fit(Febi-Bilstein??) - but it has to be knocking on a bit in any case?
  18. So - Prince of Wales Theatre (never got renamed last year then?). Mormons. Horse and cart? No - that's Amish Mormons, Salt Lake City, salt flats...
  19. Wow - Not me - t'missus has a thing for those so thought I'd have a look....
  20. Funny you should say that.... All screws are to hand but, currently, sat on the floor mats as it got dark and I bet a pound to a pinch of the proverbial that I'd drop a couple trying to reinstall by torchlight. Little known Beetle fact - on RHD they have, religiously, switched everything* over from the LHD models. That means if numpty researches 'where the feck is the pollen filter?' then he lifts the wrong half of the dash out - another six screws. *excluding the card that lists the mini-fuses - that's still the LHD version so all the fuses are arse-about-face in the holders
  21. Probably 2005? The chit chat here made me wonder - it's only £6.39 delivered - so why not? It's hidden underneath two plastic trays and eight torx screws that a triple jointed midget could access easily - I can see why a standard service would just ignore replacing it.
  22. Recent discussion that I cannot find mentioned cabin/pollen filters. Exhibit A, m'lud.
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