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  1. Yup - bendy monocoque setup probably not helped by a ton load of kit in the boot?
  2. No reason for it to be frowned on as long as it's just on the thread and not on the end, it's the point that does the sealing; I have used a smear of grease or hylomar in the past. I've used PTFE with the MityVac a fair bit - I even had a pot of liquid thread sealer specifically for bleeding nipple threads that I picked up as part of an auction job lot so it's a 'thing' I guess. Just that I've recently read in a couple of forums (I think one was the French Car Forum) that PTFE is BAD and kittens will die if you use it, also that anything else will 'contaminate your brake fluid' then you die. Not sure how folks work those facts our but with InterWeb echo chambers it's probably a set in stone by now.
  3. The Sierras were OK - by the standards of the day they were fast(ish) and mechanically they seemed reliable enough (all on auto boxes). They replaced the 6 cyl SD1 2600 and were a bit quicker off the mark. Biggest problem was that if hit a speed hump or pothole hard there was fuel cutoff switch in the boot that would activate and leave you stranded for a bit - kind of embarrassing. I was using them in Central London so you're not getting up to much more than 45 mph in reality. Once I moved further out to the likes of Staines then they were feeling a bit sloooow esp on the M25. Around 1987 I got the chance to drive an 'evaluation' Sierra up at the driving school. That was a Turbo Technics XR4x4 - it was rather pleasant. No way they'd have issued it to us - maybe specialised units but I never saw one used in anger. 827s were the remit of The Traffic Gods and folks like the Royalty Protection bods - we were not worthy - never heard much moans/groans/rumours about them to be honest. I'm guessing that A68 driven hard was bending/stretching bits of the cars that the designers had not considered when laying out a wafty barge?
  4. I have a MitiVac sucky-sucky bleeder and on some cars it will pull air around the threads (as stated), a bit of PTFE tape can help that but I think it's frowned on? It's just failed to do anything useful on the Ovlov 940 front calipers and I ended using Ye Olde Gunson'd EasiBleed (guaranteed to piss Dot4 everywhere) which actually worked for a change. Usually t'missus's right foot and shouted 'down, hold, release' works best but she wasn't available last week.
  5. It's the Welsh factor - nearer you get to here, colder it gets. Fact.
  6. https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/discovery-2-interior-light-issue.174732/#:~:text=is this correct%3F-,if so,-you will find Is that any good? Guy seems to be saying that the earth lead goes walkies?
  7. Stranraer 1982. These were used on the London Victoria > Stranraer Ferry then passengers on foot > Larne. I used the service a few times as an alternative to the sleeper train (both took around 9 - 10 hours) but it wasn't a fun journey overnight on either.
  8. We're right out in the middle of nowhere and Parcel Farce does not operate this far West - they run a lorry down from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Royal Mail Depot who then dropoff on their behalf. That works but can add an extra day - usually I'll check and see who the courier is likely to be but, in this case, I didn't . The RM service here is getting v.patchy. Our long term posties are all quitting/quit and there's a shortage of bodies such that if our 'new' guy is on a day off then he's sometimes not covered - two weeks ago nothing Thurs or Fri, this week nothing today. He'll be back tomorrow with a double van load. Evri here is bloody good - partly because most of them are the aforementioned ex-posties so they know everybody & everywhere. DPD are good - they now handle all our Amazon stuff and UPS (who haul out of Swansea so 70 miles away) excellent.
  9. My parcel grump this morning: Yesterday (Thursday) lunchtime order up a front pad set from online factor with 'free' three day delivery. I'd like these yesterday (don't we all?) so I fork out £8.99 for 24 hour courier. Just now I decide to check - ring them up and they answer (so pukka factors that open early - plus one) "sorry mate, it's just been collected, 24 hour - be with you Monday" (minus one) "Who with?" "Parcel Force" (minus hundreds) "They don't deliver on Saturdays, have you another you can Royal Mail 24 for me?" "No - we've none on the shelf" "Monday's not 24 hours" "No - but it is next working day" "From Thursday?" "No...." I gave up cos we're talking around in circles - I can wait but FFS
  10. Is there anywhere left in the UK/Ireland that you can still do this? Around here you're not allowed to take off parts yourself. Saves me a fortune as I'd go in for some piddling, little bit and walk out with half a car in pieces.
  11. A mere 82miles from my house - almost next door - I'll collect it for you. Oh, hang on, forgot our new 20mph limits - don't think a C6 can go that fast - maybe not then.
  12. Sounds like the guy that sold this P38 on 1/9 - forgot to set a reserve or cancel so when it sold he just refused to sell it He relisted it and then sold it for £1222 - in the meantime he got a negative feedback from the original winner. My eBay ninja wife spotted this fact and forbade me from bidding on the second round. I'm not sure if the guy just made a mistake or was being a knob?
  13. Brightwells is £2500 for the Classics - bit of a piss take maybe but helps define their target audience maybe?
  14. You can still turn up on the day and bid - they finessed a half decent online bidding setup during Covid that they've retained. Others (looking at Brighwell's in particular) have done weird things like viewing over two days but timed ending on internet bids only - must work for them I guess.
  15. If the Classic auction is the same as the Modern auction there - if you cannot attend in person then its £400 down on a card to bid. I was 'in' last night's auction and the £400 is 'pending' as a refund back on my card this morning. Costs nothing to watch tho' and you cannot get an itchy trigger finger .....
  16. But we also have this: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/665862722310784/
  17. Oooh - this morning's caffeine driven perusal of the FaceAche TatShow reveals that the seller has now *shock* reduced the asking price to £1395 - a massive* drop of £80. Entertaining..... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/843589957215601/
  18. 'S gone from Gumtree? How about £975, 4 door (one with a dent he says) - it's up in Carnforth tho' https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202309192156672
  19. There's a fair old mixed bag in there these days - last one of theirs I sat through I was looking at a Rover 800 which sold well but a lot of stuff was either passed or took ages and ages to get up any momentum as the auctioneers were chasing every last £££ they could squeeze out of the online bidders and were reluctant to gavel down with any sort of alacrity. Still makes for entertainment on a wet afternoon.
  20. Wasn't it at £695 this morning? I'd have thought they'd accept that (I would) - especially if I had their feedback rating
  21. Aww - that's lovely, hope you switched the engine off so the petrol pump could keep up when you were filling it? Big, wafty, leather bound sofamobile........
  22. @loserone's suggesting that's a BIG SKODA - I'm kind of hoping it's actually a red herring and the Pug is the intended purchase? However applying science: Taking the average radius of a 700C cycle wheel (red), factoring in the extra height of the towbar from the ground (green), and the diameter of the dead tyre in the background (blue). It's either an Austrian built UniMog with aftermarket air suspension that's got a leak or - the BIG SKODA.
  23. Good job the roof comes down on the 206 then - save you pulling the wheels off to get the bike in the boot? Congrats [edit] I'd been hoping for something Dutch - DAF/Ovlov 66 bandy driven thing?
  24. I remember those - didn't see t0o many in Scotland, funnily enough Four years on we got even with this best selling, vinyl roofed vunder-car to take to Munich:
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