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  1. They are awful but I like em
  2. In the above snap you can see a gold Jimny behind. I bought this for £500 off a bloke at work, having known it for a while, he’d had it a decade and was moving house and needed space, the usual story. Like a plumb I didn’t even really look at it. Picked it up one night, realised the MOT was out and then couldn’t get it out of his garage because the rear brakes were seized. This should have been an omen but we sorted that out and I drove it home then forgot about it for a few months. Then I found myself in need of a few extra coins and with a requirement to travel outside ou
  3. I’ve had loads of Land Rovers which explains both my mental state and my credit report. This one has been in the family for years, it was my mother’s daily transport for a long time, was used in our wedding and is part of the furniture really. It is about as standard as you can get and therefore according to most goons on the internet completely useless for daily transportation. Apart from needing regular visits to the petrol station, it was more than adequate for the 7-8 months or so between the a35 going and me requiring something bettering 18mpg. I’ve not r
  4. Hallo shiters, Some of you will remember my A35, ex-cros formerly of this parish: A great little car, hot 1098, discs blah blah. I absolutely adored it and drove it daily, regular trips to the coast to see me mum and all that. Unfortunately the peanut killing RUST has no empathy. My motor vehicles are a secondary drain on resources to various other items of vintage transport, and in a rare moment of being honest with myself I realised it could be a long time before I could do it justice. So very reluctantly I decided to sell it on. cros
  5. Hi everybody. Not a newbie but I’ve not been on for a year and having ignored requests to update my email I can’t get on to my old account. Same name (just in caps sorry). Alas no A35 now which has left me heartbroken but it has been fully restored with metal instead of rust and is looking good. Still got my Series IIA Land Rover and dailying a Transit connect which I am deeply in love with, it is GR9. Will do a update later as have a few chodders to report on. sent from a horrible Scania
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