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  1. Just a regular bank holiday weekend... If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen! IMG_9030.MOV
  2. Great write up! Christ, modern cars can be hard work 😬
  3. Great post! Nice to see the Skoda’s being appreciated!
  4. Who knows? I would guess list price was £12,000? Who pays list for a Peugeot anyway?! He’s a head teacher so has 13 weeks off work and his commute is just over 5 miles each way. He’s not someone who has the slightest interest in cars, motoring etc. It was never going to be a high mileage car. To him, it’s just a tool to do a job. He asked me about it at the time. He said he wanted a small petrol car that could be parked on the street in a rough area. Non negotiable items were AC, Bluetooth and a digital radio. It was just a box ticking exercise basically.
  5. Sorry for such a late reply! The deposit was £119. The monthly WAS £119 for a 48 months. He was allowed to do 8,000 miles per annum. No idea what the excess mileage charge is. I say was as they’ve just let him buy it outright for £3,390. Absolute bargain as he’s only just gone over 11,000 miles in it. The only anomaly might be that the car was pre registered at a Peugeot dealer in Bradford and had 60 miles on when he travelled from Liverpool to get it. There were literally hundreds of these 108’s and C1’s pre registered 4 years ago so that they would be £20 tax as the min
  6. I’ve seen them. He looks like he’s got them off to a fine art. But it does look like a hard way to earn a living. I wonder what he charges for a typical transverse fwd jobbie? Are people using him over a garage because they’ve let it get so bad that they don’t think it’ll make it to a garage?
  7. Great work! Do you have a thread about the Thema diesel?! That’s something I’d like to read about!
  8. Tidy job on the Adam! What’s the quality of the interior like? A cut above a regular Vauxhall? These were sold as a premium car when new I think.
  9. Do you have a link by any chance? I can’t find it!
  10. Dare we ask how it played out in the end re the settlement from the insurance companies?! I’ve come this far....
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