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  1. They may have rebranded it to Millers Diesel EcoMax actually!
  2. A bottle of Millers Diesel Max will treat 10 tanks of fuel and I’ve found that makes a big difference. £11 online or £13 in a physical shop.
  3. I’ll have a couple or randoms when the time comes…..
  4. This old Merc 190 did a year or two private hire in the not to distant past: https://mtsv.co.uk/info/w201190d20srm22n.htm
  5. The chap who bought my covered trailer has this on the back of his truck when he collected it!
  6. A day to forget 🤦🏼
  7. As it says in the title. Bradford to Pakistan in Mk2 Transits in 1993. The commentary makes it!
  8. Is the Iveco is pre 2001 then it won’t legally need a speed limiter. It can also do 70mph in the outside lane.
  9. This fine, reliable machine is looking for a new home if anyone is interested? It’s at Wilson’s auction, Dalry.
  10. MJK 24

    FOTU 2023

    It’s essential I attend next year.
  11. I’m moving some cars from Exeter to Peterborough today. Just north of Taunton on the M5, in the distance I see an older BMW X3 or X5 pull onto the hard shoulder. Driver immediately jumps out and uses both hands to give the door a proper good slam. He then proceeded to boot the drivers door in before walking a few paces along the hard shoulder away from the car. As I pass, I see in my mirror he has walked back and starts to kick seven kinds of shite out of the front bumper, John Cleese style. I was laughing my head off at the time but now feel a bit bad in case the car is a heap of shite and it’s giving him endless grief when he might be struggling with his bills or whatever.
  12. I do. Though split between a winter classic and a summer classic these days. I swap from one to the other on 1 October and swap back 1 April. The six months downtime allows me to catch up on jobs etc. You’ll need to be practical and I’d advise choosing a car with good parts availability. Also, MOT them in the middle of summer is a good idea. Much easier to work on a car when it’s bright and warm until 10pm than MOTing an old car in mid December which is just pure misery on every level!
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