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  1. How to taxi, West Africa style. A million mile 190d. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KNllOMDF0
  2. I know someone with a 2007 model! I think they made it to 2013 by which time it was called Vario.
  3. Rear chassis legs on a Mk2 Scirocco are Mk1 Golf convertible with an extension tagged on. Reassuring when you see that rear end collision looking in your mirrors…
  4. On old Mercedes, the front centre armrest is still mounted to the passenger seat which would obviously be the drivers seat on the continent. For it to be useful when driving alone, the passenger seat really needs to mirror the drivers seat.
  5. The relatively modern BMW E60 5 series came with a LHD wiper mechanism for all markets!
  6. Linking the saving of copper and money with Lotus… The Series 1 Elise had its battery mounted in the perfect location. About three inches above the road in between the front wheels. Keep the centre of gravity low and get a bit of weight towards the front in a mid engined car. When the Series 2 came along, they wanted to save a bit of weight and no doubt money. So the battery went from the ideal location to the worst location. Above the NSR wheel. It’s now as close to the starter motor as is practical. So there’s less current drop which means they can use thinner battery cables. They’re also vastly shorter than running cable to the front of the car. As there’s less current drop, a smaller battery could be fitted. An 063 instead of the previous 075. A further 3kg saving and a cheaper battery to buy. Just don’t mention centre of gravity…
  7. I don’t have a problem with it. You can easily reach the drivers door to adjust manually. You can’t (easily) reach the passenger door so that one side would benefit from being electric!
  8. The really late and recently discontinued Lotus Elise and Exige lost their twin round rear lights for a single unit each side. They also went from 4 speaker stereos to 2 speaker. This was sold to the public as vital weight saving. C’mon please….
  9. The vast majority of manufacturers today… Remove the spare wheel and tool kit
  10. Back to the Panda’s in the OP, I think they had flat glass so that the same glass could be used in the NS and OS.
  11. I think that’s started life as a 9 car. They’ve then removed a deck and chopped it down at the front to enable it to go into Europe. It will have probably been owned by Lantern Recovery or On-Time who do that sort of work.
  12. No. Most are in Africa now. Not popular anymore as cars have got taller making it difficult to use all three decks. Manheim are still running a handful. I think they and Arnold Clark was the last ‘new’ customer for them. I don’t think Arnold Clark have any left. Still very popular with the salvage people as you can fill all the decks and squash the cars a little to get the height down as this little Hyundai at the back of the bottom deck is finding out…
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