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  1. MJK 24

    XM Fettling

    Walk away today and come back another day armed with more info, any necessary tools and a clearer frame of mind!
  2. How come you’ve done so few miles?! Less than 800 per year 😯
  3. MJK 24

    E10 fuel

    Morrisons sold E85 for a period approx 10 years ago?
  4. MJK 24

    E10 fuel

    We could just use something like this? https://www.toolstation.com/b3c-ethanol-shield-fuel-stabiliser/p19760?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PaidSocial&utm_campaign=23847777330380219||TS5_AlwaysOn_PaidSocial_Prospecting_Conversions&utm_term=23847777427020219||TS5_AlwaysOn_FBIG_Prospecting_Lookalikes_UK_Generic||TS5_AlwaysOn_PaidSocial_Prospecting_Conversions&utm_content=23847790977400219||TS5_AlwaysOn_Prospecting_Lookalikes_Generic_DPACarousel_AllProducts-Copy3-Price||TS5_AlwaysOn_FBIG_Prospecting_Lookalikes_UK_Generic||TS5_AlwaysOn_PaidSocial_Prospecting_Conversions&fbclid=IwAR27h7nrGyM67IJASi1kZIkx01cybVhSX31SksN18CZORot0Kov85NR7Bl0#full-desc
  5. Volkswagen had a similar take throughout the 80’s and 90’s
  6. Brilliant work! Super stylish little machines. Clearly built as a budget priced Mk1 TT convertible but the Ford is better looking to these eyes!
  7. That looks a lot happier! The master cylinder and brake lines look very vulnerable without the cover!
  8. Is there supposed to be some sort of cover over the top and rear of the front tyre? It looks like it would fling debris and water all over the inside of that front compartment.
  9. It’s had a very leisurely start to life! I wonder what it’s been doing up until now? A friend has a D-Max, and really rates it. There’s one hurdle that he wasn’t able to avoid but you definitely can - the dreaded rust. He bought a 3 year old example with a full MOT. 64,000 miles, all of them completed in Aberdeenshire. It went on to fail its second MOT due to corrosion. I think £150 of Bilt Hamber goodies applied when you have a quiet day or two this summer will ensure a long and happy marriage together! Do you need a tacho for your type of work?
  10. Glad to see your back on the road! What’s the machinery? An Isuzu?
  11. Hopefully it went well enough that’s he’s game to tackle another!
  12. The chap above suggesting a video of the C5 having its clutch changed by the chap who YouTube’s clutch swaps on the customers drive is a good idea! May give a little boost to each of your respective channels in addition to making interesting content!
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