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  1. Fairmont failing to take up drive may be related to ATF level?
  2. The Vito has a mechanical handbrake. Apply with your left foot. Release with your right hand. Same as a W124
  3. Have you got a link for the injector nozzles, please?
  4. I saw a W126 on the M6 in the very early hours this morning
  5. Bought a Scirocco in January 2000. Found a used condom in the back. Got it out utilising two twigs. Still daily the car nearly 22 years later so don’t let a little muck / people juice put you off.
  6. So including your time, you’ll be wanting £650 then…
  7. It’s your car, don’t let them tell you what’s happening. Plan now what outcome you want and make it happen when they call you on Monday morning. Have a good look over it and make sure it really is just a bumper and lamp. If so, price them up secondhand so you know what it’s going to cost to repair. What’s it like underneath and is the engine a good one?
  8. Can’t you ask for a ‘contract repair’ where they basically give you a few quid to go away and promise to cause no further hassle for them? I wouldn’t accept a car being written off for a bumper and a lamp!
  9. There’s a 1275 Montego thrumming up the A9 as we ponder bed 🛌
  10. Whilst petrol is so cheap, you may as well make hay…. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out! Good luck!
  11. I’m sure 19mpg is possible if you use the throttle like an on off switch and have zero anticipation. If you can see beyond 10ft in front of the car and accelerate gently, I’d expect 28-30mpg on urban journeys of a few miles and 38mpg at a steady 60mph cruise. Chedk the thermostat is working well and letting it warm up as fast as possible. That’s important on something potentially juicy - get the choke off ASAP! Brilliant buy for the money! They drive so well.
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