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  1. Bad luck with that housing. I repaired similar damage on the housing of my AH-Sprite using JB Weld and it worked well. Used a dremmel to get to good metal then applied the JB-Weld. Once dry I shaped it and sanded the mating surface flat. Worked well and I never had any issues.
  2. The 13 year old me that decided to give his grandfather’s Vauxhall Chevette a Redex treatment. I took the plugs out, poured in some Redex per the instructions. Mistake 1: For reasons unknown I decided not to just cover the plug holes but to screw up rags and plug them. Mistake 2: I did this in front of my parents red sandstone bungalow. Quite close in fact. After the prescribed time I cranked it over and unsurprisingly it built a little pressure and blew its ‘rag’ plugs and Redex across the front of my parent house. Eventually cleaned that off the engine bay and house.
  3. My first ever restoration was a Morris 1000 which I bought as a 16 year old. It was a pretty extensive mechanical and body rebuild. The big day arrived and it was time to start it. It started okay but the smoking throttle and choke cables were a give away that I’d forgotten to fit the engine earth strap.
  4. Not me but an old friend rebuilt the engine in his daughter’s Talbot Samba. On reassembling the head he put the gasket on the wrong way which blinded an oil passage.....to the cam. Didn’t take to long to become toast.
  5. Hi all, I’ve been more a lurker than contributor, and realised I’ve not introduced myself. This forum is my essential reading and my thanks goes to everyone who contributes. A brilliant range of vehicles and superb dedication. I’m plodding away at my own little collection of stuff trying to get it in good shape by tinkering away. That’s been my escape in these lockdown times - a chance to escape and get some time out. Don’t get me wrong, my family are great, but we all need that bit of space. I got a bit disillusioned with new cars, and getting rinsed by depreciation. I don’t h
  6. A fine piece of master geekery!! That would have been the 9 year old me quoting that to my father from the brochure, but also pointing out that he should be buying the Manta. The mk2 was a decent car as was the 1990/1 2.0i GL. Nice spec and a good turn of speed from its gruff 8V engine.
  7. My dad had a mk2 Cavalier GL with those trims. 1985 B-reg. It was the update with the grille like the top photo above. The logos were not highlighted in red like the SRi’s
  8. A worthwhile world of pain. Perhaps a good job this is about 400miles away!
  9. I bought a brand new Golf Mk6 in 2010. A 140 Tdi in GT trim. It was a nice car, the mpg improved nicely with the miles, but at 29k and a year out of warranty the diaphragm spring on the clutch fractured and poked out. This conveniently machined it’s way through the bell housing allowing the gearbox to lose its oil. after an initial estimate of £2008 I got that down to £225 with goodwill. At 60k the EGR valve failed - that wasn’t too cheap. This was a cheating diesel but I avoided the remap as I’d heard bad things. Ironically if it had been remapped it would have been warranted against
  10. Gosh - There was a Lloyd under a tarp round the corner from me. As a teenager I knocked the door to see if I could find out what it was and if I could buy it. The wife told me her husband was going to restore it. A few years later it disappeared from the garden. That would of been late 80’s early 90’s. Might have been the same car...
  11. Checklist: Cheap - check Its French - check moi I’m over run with projects - check It’s in Glasgow - checkity check Plentiful storage - not so checky If it was a 25 I’d be after that like a shot! Dad had a new 25 Monaco in ‘88 and it was a firm favourite. Always a pity to see nice old things slip away. Hope someone gets it and gives it some tlc.
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