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  1. They should know what they're doing but I have no control over it so guess I just have to hope 😕
  2. Well the old Focus estate is off... to get it's back inner wheel arches welded up. How do I best protect it from mishaps like the poor toasted one I saw on here? I mean the boot is bare, lower rear trim and rear seats are out. Carpet is stuck down half way back and won't really pull away much. No real idea how far the sparks can fly. Welder does lots of work on cars so shouldn't they have something to cover up carpet and bits? And that's before I lose sleep worrying about the ECU getting zapped
  3. Yeah that's another thing I thought about buying a replacement, "just let me jack up the back end and and pull off your wheels and liners" 😀 Yep one of mine was full of mud behind one of the front liners, but somehow just about on the right side of disappearing. The other one just had a slug living behind it. But yeah most of the sills are still solid, tiny hole on one which will need doing at some point, surface rust on the other which I'll clean and seal. I hate to think what's going on inside them. The ends of them inside the arches are going but I think I've caught them in time too. The stonechip they put on some sill welding a couple of years ago looks like it might be encouraging rust behind it but at least I'm onto it now.
  4. Not really a question, just an update since you guys gave me lots of help last year. Of course one of the inner rear wheel arches has gone through on the Focus. Aw poo. The other side was better and I thought I was catching it in time with the Waxoyl. Nowhere near as bad as some I've seen online but it has some small holes. I'll get someone to have a look at how much work it'll be but I feel like I might be needing to learn to weld... I could just buy another but where's the fun in that? Still have to inspect more of the back end which is hopefully just a bunch of surface rust but a lot of the rest looks fairly good. The neighbours must think I'm trying to play a tune as the hammer goes tap tap tap. And if I can get past these bits I think there's a lot of good still there. Maybe.
  5. Oh christ, will do if there's any metal left to put it on 🙃 I will find out very soon...
  6. Well, the Focus had an MOT. Garage didn't want too much to do the major defects so I decided I might as well let them. During the test they didn't work out exactly what was causing the exhaust problem or how big a job the welding will be so I'm still worried they'll find it's worse than they thought but I'll see. They were leaning towards a gasket which would tie up with the previous test. Plenty of things to look at afterwards if it can get done. Will finally be able to invest in tools. How much can stonechip protect things once these problems are showing up? Any chance of being lucky and being able to slow the progress for more than a year or so? Bloody brake load valve is always seized... Repair immediately (major defects) - Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases Front [6.1.2 (a)] - Exhaust lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits [ (c)] - Brake load sensing valve seized but anti-lock braking system functioning [1.1.17 (c) (i)] - Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength Offside Rear (sill) [5.3.6 (a) (i)] - Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced Offside Rear (sill) [7.1.1 (a) (i)] Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories) - Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced Rear [6.1.1 (c) (i)] - (offside front sill corroded away) [this was what was patched up last year] - Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive Offside (sill) [7.1.1 (a) (i)]
  7. Lovely, must get on that and work out where it's coming from then. A tube of sealant for either part is hardly going to break the bank. Very good to know what I'd be going for, I didn't know about intumescent sealant, I do now.
  8. I got to have a better look under the heat shield at last... still being a bastard to get off, can't see what it's still caught on but I'm being extra careful as this could be its last month on the road. Doesn't seem the same as the one you posted Sierraman, from what I can see it does tie up with the diagram in the Haynes book, so hopefully that's a good thing. Pic of right where the '1' arrow is pointing:
  9. Glad the video's a good one, it seemed pretty in depth and clear to me, but I wouldn't have even known about the positioning of the replacement metal so I wouldn't have had a clue! I wouldn't rely on a single person's videos anyway. Thank you for writing that out Juular. It'll be so useful to get me started. I would not expect to look for welding equipment at Aldi so that's handy to know. Definitely would need to have a play on some metal first, not surprised B&Q/Wickes are like that for buying the metal, I'll need to find out what places are even around me. Such a useful and money saving skill to have.
  10. Fair enough 😀 Uhhhhh yeah that might be the awkward part. Well I have a concrete driveway... enough room for me and a machine though. Did wonder about needing to be careful with other people around 😬 Does what the guy does in this video resemble a good job? Because I know some people who make videos are a bit questionable. Would probably need to look out for a used machine to be honest but it's already looking a little less impossible...
  11. Sorry Sierraman, not been able to look at the exhaust manifold for a few days anyway. I'll get back in there when I get a chance... Well I almost organised a pre-mot but somehow completely failed to get across what I want them to do - they were trying to be helpful - I guess I'll be more direct and just ask them to give me a quote for any welding they think is needed to get it through an MOT. Or maybe just say sod it and wait for the MOT in mid December when the old one's about to run out, and get the official verdict? Fully expecting to have it off the road for a while when it runs out anyway unless I'm incredibly lucky with it. It was only really because I'd like to get on with it and it would be better to know before I spend money on a jack, stands etc. Quite happy for this to become a bit of a project. Only want that welding decided on before the MOT expires so I can get it done while I can still drive it. My god the amount of HubNut, Furious Driving and a bunch of others I've watched, times I've read the Haynes manual, it's about time I did something. And oh boy what shite I would go after if I knew how to do enough. I know this isn't a help forum for dummies so I hope I didn't shit up this thread too much.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to do that sierraman, I think it does, I think I can see that left hand bolt - but a proper look might have to be put on hold for a few days because I needed to use it today and now it seems like I'm going to be waiting for the rain to sod off. I'm being very careful with the heat shield because it was already a bit broken up at the top when I got it in '08, however I guess because the garage fixed it up at that time (included in the sale) the bolts/nuts on it came off stupidly easy and I don't think they even needed the PlusGas I put on them, so that was something handy.
  13. I'm starting to really hope I can find the room to put a machine one day. I really must look into it, it seems like a fantastic ability to have. And the difference in cost between paying someone to do it vs being able to do it yourself, in your spare time, with equipment you've already invested in is going to become very big very quickly isn't it (unless the supplies for it are expensive, I wouldn't know). Plus you know exactly what you've done, so if you do get skilled enough for important parts, you know it's going to be safe etc. I can see how it's addictive, I love it when I can fix something that most people would have just tossed away, on top of knowing that YOU did it.
  14. As long as I can replace the bolts I suppose but I'll go as carefully as I can for now anyway. Got some PlusGas on em. Can't say any more for tonight but it was definitely somewhere around the cat and the engine itself. At the age the car is I'm expecting everything to look shitty but the leak's getting bigger so hopefully there's some evidence there. No need to go out of your way but any information is very helpful.
  15. Well... looking from the outside round the heat shield, naturally I can see everywhere but where I want to see. Can't see a mention of a both in one type in my Haynes book (1998 to 2001, S to Y reg) so still hoping to be lucky and I'll see if I can get the shield off when I get a chance. Any chance of getting a second hand one if I do end up needing the whole thing? Or do breakers just sell them straight to people who want the metals from them? If I could get one for a couple of hundred or something, at least it's a bit more sane.
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