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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do that sierraman, I think it does, I think I can see that left hand bolt - but a proper look might have to be put on hold for a few days because I needed to use it today and now it seems like I'm going to be waiting for the rain to sod off. I'm being very careful with the heat shield because it was already a bit broken up at the top when I got it in '08, however I guess because the garage fixed it up at that time (included in the sale) the bolts/nuts on it came off stupidly easy and I don't think they even needed the PlusGas I put on them, so that was som
  2. I'm starting to really hope I can find the room to put a machine one day. I really must look into it, it seems like a fantastic ability to have. And the difference in cost between paying someone to do it vs being able to do it yourself, in your spare time, with equipment you've already invested in is going to become very big very quickly isn't it (unless the supplies for it are expensive, I wouldn't know). Plus you know exactly what you've done, so if you do get skilled enough for important parts, you know it's going to be safe etc. I can see how it's addictive, I love it when I can fix someth
  3. As long as I can replace the bolts I suppose but I'll go as carefully as I can for now anyway. Got some PlusGas on em. Can't say any more for tonight but it was definitely somewhere around the cat and the engine itself. At the age the car is I'm expecting everything to look shitty but the leak's getting bigger so hopefully there's some evidence there. No need to go out of your way but any information is very helpful.
  4. Well... looking from the outside round the heat shield, naturally I can see everywhere but where I want to see. Can't see a mention of a both in one type in my Haynes book (1998 to 2001, S to Y reg) so still hoping to be lucky and I'll see if I can get the shield off when I get a chance. Any chance of getting a second hand one if I do end up needing the whole thing? Or do breakers just sell them straight to people who want the metals from them? If I could get one for a couple of hundred or something, at least it's a bit more sane.
  5. I see what you mean. Sure is a 1.8 with the cat vertically right under the manifold. Depends how early they changed, it's from '99 and if the diagram in the Haynes book is right then maybe I'm lucky and there should be a joint there. The guy didn't take the heat shield off so maybe that's why he thought the whole thing should go? I'll have a look, if the heat shield bolts would like to co-operate. Sounds like it's the difference between a gasket + bolts or £500+ worth of cat and manifold which probably equals dead car. Nice. Fair enough about the book, christ no wonder I was told it was a
  6. Pulling the driveshaft out, yeah will make sure I avoid that, yikes. Get the loose crap off and do two or three coats of the spray, got it. My exhaust manifold goes straight into the cat through the flange, am I misunderstanding? Don't know why the guy who looked said I would need a new cat (for a bajillion pounds), can't really pester him for a reply any more than I have. Rust spots on it don't look good but as you know the MOT did say it was the flange, so...!? I'll have less crap descriptions when I get the bits to have a look at it myself. It overestimates how hard things are, righ
  7. You know what, I was just going to ask about a pre-MOT. I think I should get one and then look at the body myself before I pester you guys any further, because you've been really helpful but I'm aware the current one is nearly a year old and there are so many things that might be too bad or might be ok this time. Every pound you don't spend is great but I'm happy spending a couple of hundred or so each year to keep it going, it's worth it to me for several reasons. Have been told to consider calling time by my usual garage but they are probably normal and see no point in bothering with we
  8. It's pretty sad. Shouldn't have let it get like this but my circumstances haven't been the best. Most recent MOT, December 2019... Major defects, fixed to get it through: Offside Front Outer Seat belt anchorage prescribed area strength or continuity significantly reduced sill (7.1.1 (a) (i)) Nearside Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) Advisories: Nearside Front Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint has slight play (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Front Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases flange (6.1.2 (a)) Nearside Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is
  9. Rust 🤬 Well you're making sure you get all of the use you can from it and saving waste, it's a good thing I know, I don't use my Focus much for how much I spend on it. One day I'll add up how much I've spent on it... worst thing was spending £100s to get the cloudy headlights changed years ago... if only I had time and the ability to get the front off the ground back then... I'm still sad I had to let my '94 Citroen AX go 12 years ago. Was my first car and it still hurts slightly even talking about it. Structural rigidity of a piece of paper in a crash apparently.
  10. Eek, at the last MOT the rear anchor points were marked as "corroded but not considered excessive" as an advisory. Not bad enough to fail but that'll be another thing for the list if I attempt to keep it going. I've already looked on the inside but I know that's not going to tell you much unless it's horrifically bad!
  11. It's an interesting world 🙂
  12. @catsinthewelder @sierraman @dozeydustman Thanks a lot for your replies... really good to have some encouragement. I’m hoping to get a bit more detail on what the worst rusty parts are soon, I know it was a bit vague. But I think the arches were somehow ok on mine, despite moss wanting to grow on Ford's wheel arch carpet, it’s more just... everything else. But yes I’ll have a look at the boot floor if it does keep going. I've been told that the blowing exhaust for whatever reason means I'd need a new catalytic converter (don't know if it's because the end joints would be screwed, or if t
  13. Hello... I hope I'm not messing up the forum here. This is my '99 Focus. 110,000 miles, totally worthless to anyone else. Don't really know if it qualifies as autoshite, but it runs and drives lovely. More just shite now though thanks to rust. More the structure than the wheelarches apparently. MOT due just before Christmas. A longer list of advisories than any other Mk1 I've looked up, even early ones. Am I crazy or just a bit silly wanting to save it? Won't be cheap though especially with probably wanting a new timing belt alongside the fixes for the MOT. I think it's a really good, nic
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