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  1. I considered it for about 3.2 seconds when I came out the petrol station. And then came to my senses 😂
  2. Obligatory pez shot. Was a pleasure meeting you @Dan29 homeward bound now
  3. Now stood on a street corner. Hope people don’t think I’m selling myself……
  4. Train was too packed for a Gatwick to the next station. But here I am, Clapham junction, last train to jump on now
  5. Quick little collection thread this evening. First port of call, bus to Gatwick train station. And it’s cold 🥶
  6. So after having the Alfa up on the ramps and discovering a whole heap of work needed doing. I sold it on as a spares car and bought an Audi TT 225, now don’t get me wrong it was a fast car, having a few aftermarket parts fitted to it. But it wasn’t getting used and mrs finchy90 wasn’t too keen on it. A friend of mine offered me his Passat b5.5 estate. It’s a pd130 with 170,000k on it. Had new clutch,cambelt,water pump, suspension arms, wheel bearings and coilovers fitted in the last 6000 miles. just took it on a run up to Manchester to visit family and didn’t miss a beat. 580 miles altogether and averaged 62mpg there and back. plans are to get the windows tinted and just give it a little tidy up here and there. But it drives lovely apart from having to Avoid anything higher than a dropped kerb.😂
  7. lovely looking car there. how are the arches etc on it? they do like to rust on this era of mercedes!
  8. @Stanky you can normally get away with doing it 2-3 times, but most should have a battery guard to stop you from killing the battery.
  9. Hi, thought I would start a thread on my newly acquired alfa Romeo gt. It is a 2008 jtdm cloverleaf that I paid £400 for. there is a very good reason it was that cheap though! the previous owner decided it would be a good idea to install a set of budget coilovers, remove the helper springs and run it as low as physically possible. having it that low he has managed to wear an inch groove into the inner edge of the tyres where the uprights have been rubbing. knackered one wheel bearing, and both front droplinks were finger tight and the top mount nuts were all loose! since getting it home i have sourced a set of good used front shocks and upper wishbones, a new set of 30mm lowering springs and droplinks. a cambelt and waterpump kit as I couldn't find anything in the service history to say it was changed. i'm also planning on pulling the inlet manifold apart and removing the dreaded swirl flaps. i will update at the weekend when i get my hands dirty and see how much i can get done. but some pictures to start
  10. six for me, 2 on the road, rest are sorn: 2004 bmw 318ci (on the road) 2005 bmw 535d (sorn at my parents house) 2005 fiesta zetec s (sorn in need of an mot) 2010 vw golf r (sorn at my parents house) 1989 s2 rst (cousins unit awaiting a respray) 2019 mercedes sprinter (for work)
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