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  1. Yep, parts easy enough to order from Rockauto with 7million different price points and options. Shipping and VAT soon bump up the headline price but even then it seems to be usually cheaper than some of the UK specialists and often quicker too. Just put in an order for some pads, track rod ends and droplinks all of which are priority 1 for front end fettling though having had a look today I expect to end up replacing pretty much all bushes, ball joints, shocks etc over time.
  2. A quick fix today. The driver's door handle was inoperative from inside. Luckily a new one was in the boot. As well as the existing handle being broken the connecting rod was bent out of shape. A quick straighten and swop of handle and I can open the driver's door without winding the window down. Only broke 7000 brittle plastic clips.
  3. Looks like you are doing a grand job of whipping that roffle golf into shape. Also would seem you have no luck with brakes in any vehicle you own!
  4. I have reading material. Proving informative.
  5. Thanks for the utoob. Looks to be same as experience I had, will watch it properly later and hopefully begin investigation tomorrow.
  6. It's wider and taller than a ford ranger style pickup but about same length. So bulky but not too massive. Saying that parked next to a 3 series estate at the services on way back and it made that look very small.
  7. Home. Collection successful. Got an early start tomorrow for work so must not spend all night researching parts and solutions to common issues....
  8. Status update: Over half way home. Issues found so far: 1. Cd player not working. Luckily I brought some tapes with me too. 2. Central door locking appears not to work on key, may just be a knack to it. 3. Driver's door doesn't open from inside. Do have spare part in boot. Hopefully an easy fix. 4. Tracking / ball joints/ tierods need moderately* urgent attention. Having the steering wheel bucking like a hose with a wasp nest up its arse at 50mph is mildly* invigorating.
  9. Chevrolet Tahoe - small version of the Suburban or a Silverado with a boot. I am now a soccer mom.
  10. Music selection for the journey. Appropriate?
  11. Time to head home. 123 miles to go. 3 tanks of fuel should do it?!
  12. 😁 All 350cui or 5.7l of V8 powah. I think it may actually have more than my corvette being a later version of the SBC.
  13. Gratuitous petrol station shot. Apologies it's not a Pontiac 🤪
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