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  1. Just spotted this at Heart of England show. Thought it was the one you were looking at but it isn't. Same colour though. I like.
  2. Hmm, this thread has got me thinking about an MG Metro that appeared to live around the corner from me. Haven't seen it in a while, I suspect this is why: Hope they managed to salvage the awesome plate that was on it C65 EAT but probably not. I particularly like the "front chassis legs no longer attached to front cross member" section.
  3. At the local parade of shops this morning.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1968-Lambretta-Willam-Lawil-City-car-microcar-/284729051002?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 How about this? Wouldn't need a lot of room to work on it
  5. One I drove past recently on the way to a site visit.
  6. One that I pass taking the kids to swimming lessons. Clearly likes to have a good stash of spares!
  7. Hang on a minute - I've been to Norway £8k barely gets you two cups of tea and a slice of cake can't believe you can get actual cars for less than that! Edit - Yes please to the 604
  8. Got 4 now. Will PM regards collection / delivery.
  9. I will have a proper look for the fourth in the morning and let you know.
  10. Are these any good to you - partial set of pu bushes for 9-5 front subframe. I can only find 3 currently but should have 4 as I only replaced the rear two in my old 9-5. Think you are local to Coventry so could drop them to you if any use.
  11. Based upon experience - weekly brake light bulb changes and boot no longer opening due to wires breaking where they pass through the hatch.
  12. I remember back in c. 1999 picking one of these up for £30 from an auction for a mate. She ran it for about two years before it finally expired due to neglect.
  13. How about a nice cable group test - how many amps will it take before bursting into flames? EDIT* - Having seen the cost of cables, maybe not!
  14. As I have one this advert is a favourite of mine, 80's overload.
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