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  1. As a follower of all Ian's exploits and work and ex Ambulance service it would be remiss of me not to express here my gladness that he is ok,Betty can be fixed and I look forward to his future content regarding the incident and if I know anything about Ian and his lovely lady it will contain stuff we'll all learn from whether it be safety or just good ol' car stuff.
  2. This is another local to me daily drive....Sri too 🙂
  3. Are there stickers still available? I've got 4 empty rear windscreens
  4. This is local to me,dailyed by an old dear,its an SRI...hubcaps tho??
  5. So jealous...that's a beautiful sight 😍.
  6. 👍👍👍 My Disco shot thru with no advisories,when I got a quid I'm defo gonna grab a lottery ticket!😃
  7. Spotted in sunny Devin today (help was on the way).
  8. Anyone seen a Rancho lately?? Should be a prize for that!
  9. Original engine bud? It looks a million times better than the poxy Metrocabs I used to drive in Sussex,gotta be the worst things I've ever driven.
  10. I know it's not technically a "spot" but saw this at Mount Edgecombe car show 2 years ago,ot wasnt there this year. My humble opinion the Hb is the prettiest car Vauxhall ever made. Maybe someone amongst us knows where/how she is.
  11. Cannot believe u haven't shifted the cx,my saab is up for grabs on here,if it goes I'm all over it.

  12. Hi, Andy from Devon (Born Brighton),owner of a Disco 2 (I know..) and Saab 9-3 tid vector sport (stage 1 remap). Found this via good ol' Hubnut vids and love it! New cars suck and so enjoy the retro vibe and love for all things oily and especially the Citroen and Merc stuff. Recently sold my CLS320 cdi (a tough decision for sure,what a car!) Look forward to being part of the forum and looking for a Merc/big Citroen project.( saab is my only collateral) Anyway at this time BE SAFE FOR SMEG SAKE !!!(Dwarfer too) Andy
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