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  1. Milk

    Famous Five

    It could be something draining the battery down when in use ?
  2. Disregard this thread as the one @BorniteIdentity linked is the one. Thank you
  3. Nothing really to this but what’s miles is everyone’s car at. mines a easy number to beat at 71k from a car from 2006
  4. That looks amazing condition . The ones around here and usually knackered .
  5. All donated to a youth place
  6. There is a youth club actually that teaches mechanics. Il pop by tomorrow
  7. I’ve got a load of handtools that I need to move from my Parents garage. Nothing special in them as I already took them ages ago but full of crap. But too goodbye bin it. whats a good idea to do with it?
  8. @Mrcentoautoshite shared housing? Could be on to something. the only time I had a garage was my rented house from uni
  9. @straightSixdepending where your at we could team up looking for a spot and go half on it? Or if you are a million miles away try find someone closer. I’d do that but I most of my friends are music people and not car people
  10. You might be in to something @somewhatfoolish
  11. Brighouse is like 5 mins away from me! And yes it’s a good sign and I presume most breakers working from them rent the space somehow
  12. In pass through batley often so il have a nosey over there. I presume you live in the area knowing all these spots to check out ?
  13. @Dave_Qil check out the area when I’m passing next . Like I said I don’t needs spacious or fancy so hopefully I find something
  14. I think in my area there is a lot of car and van thefts which makes owners or places weary about what I’m up to.
  15. I didn’t know about boxpod. Presuming it has private landlords on? Il have a nosey. No matter where I am I’d have to keep both inside and outside somewhat presentable otherwise I can’t find anything
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