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  1. Hi All, I can't go now so have 2 Spectator tickets available if any use to anybody?
  2. Temporary home for now but under cover anyway. What a smashing, pleasant little car! LX is not quite base - it has protective mouldings and a 5 speed gearbox as a hint of luxuriousness. Sunny has been well cared for and will continue to be. Washed for collection (thanks!), just needs a good detailing and scrub up and all set then for an expedition! Thanks so much to @Spottedlaurel
  3. Well, it's been a long time since any update.... Moved to the coast (yay!), lost my huge 11 car driveway and garage and have only on-street parking now (boo!). Had to sell nearly all the cars but have kept Panda (almost 5 years ownership and 40000 miles!) Now running a 2017 Toyota Aygo X-Press on a daily 70 mile each way commute. 65-66mpg, all the modern connectivity etc and it's not a bad little chap at all. Sadly Panda was subject to a hit and run last bank holiday when the village was under attack by a million Hooray Henry's in their far-too-big SUVs. See pic! Now, happily my good friend back where I used to live still has a lot of storage space available so car fun is still a possibility and so yesterday.......
  4. Get a Panda! (Unless it turns out you don't actually like them which we will find out in a future video soon. Hopefully!)
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184467487456 Someone else has given up on poor old "Shonky" the CX!
  6. Well Tempra has performed admirably and has safely, comfortably and digitally excitingly transported me a couple of hundred miles with no issues at all. Torrential rain yesterday and NO leaks - excellent! BUT - I will be moving home soon and losing all off road storage. Since the MOT is out in a couple of months I have put it up for a roffle - hopefully it will find a good home!
  7. Superb cars, I have 2! 30k miles a year in one and it's all good. Can cruise at decent speed once you get there, drive it like a mini / 2cv to maintain momentum and it's loads of fun. Prices are strong at the moment so the blue one OP notes is not far off the mark. @busmansholiday red one is a great price👍
  8. Washed the Tempra for the first time today - been putting it off for far too long but this is finally going to take me to work tomorrow, fingers crossed! So far since purchase, I have hardly had time to do anything with it but got the replacement rack fitted which seems to have stopped the fluid lake underneath! My few journeys so far have been fun though as it has good turbo "boost" and it's very comfy over the appalling roads around here. Plans to go to town on this and give it a respray came to a screeching halt when I spent sold Carina money on the Legacy Spec B and future plans may just include a For Sale ad as I may well be moving home and losing excess storage. bummer. Pics attached - showing one clean car and one filthy one which is next on the list to wash! On the other hand, I have covered about 500 miles in Suby-Roo so far. Still amazed at the performance and enjoying the whole experience of owning a decent car! First refilling showed 32.5mpg which is quite impressive despite fairly frequent use if the GO pedal. Other fleet news includes Panda-Blue still covering vast mileage daily with mininal maintenance. The bonnet lacquer keeps falling off and is down to about 60% now. Funny how the entire rest of the car has managed to keep the lacquer and is pretty good overall. Finally Panda-Red sits in the garage all shiny but not been run for 5-6 weeks now..... Wish me luck for 100 miles in Tempra tomorrow 🤞
  9. Yes, I believe Tempra stopped at the same pump!
  10. Ooh you are near me - but you definitely NOT buying anything from me! Good luck whatever it is and wherever it is!
  11. Yes I had completely forgotten about that @wuvvum However it has not done it with me before. I will remember to pull the battery lead in future. Ok, it must be silly me not silly car in this instance
  12. It's quite well known on here. If I can ever get the bugger out of the garage, I will be able to wash it at last and take more photos! (Must update my thread with this and the Suby-Roo too)
  13. Silly Tempra.... So, after getting the replacement steering rack fitted, tracking done, ordered a few bits that will be needed for upcoming mot pass (yeah right) and then spending hours on hold to get the insurance transferred over... What a lovely idea to take said Tempra to work for the first time tomorrow..... Go to get him out of the garage ready for my 4.30am start in the morning... Flat Battery!!! Ho Hum. Battery now on charge. Maybe next week. Poo, been looking forward to this for days.....
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