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  1. I am several hundred miles away unfortunately but still contemplating. Should have learnt my lesson after the last one really though.... !
  2. Oh My Goodness. Could really fancy another one of these! Awful things but really like for some reason! And it's an auto! Weird. Sadly, transportation to me in Norfolk will be ridiculously expensive though I imagine.
  3. 2 Christmases ago, there was an Alfa 164 (!) taxi working in Cambridge!
  4. Never really thought I liked these- but this is oddly desirable! Good buy!
  5. Excellent news! I tried to view but was told someone else was first in the queue. Enjoy and please let me know when you get fed up with it and need to move it on! Great A/S car!
  6. Yes lots of mot advisories..... but road legal to next June!
  7. Buy it, bring it into the fold and I can win it on a roffle!
  8. Because I'm strange, I did 30k miles in a 2004 Panda Active in a year..... Nothing broke. Ok, put on 4 tyres and a clutch very early on but it was super reliable and very economical. Previously I drove Saab 900 and 9/3 (same shape) similarly daily and they too were super cars but thirsty. Now, I use a 2017 Aygo - some modern toys but not the daft auto braking (although loan Prius when it was serviced had all that stuff and was fun for a day). Positives - 63 - 65mpg every week. Aircon, Bluetooth radio plays my phone. On screen sat nav (actually not a plus as needs a £100 new card on it to show 2021 roads!). It has speed limiter which is useful. Negatives - harsh ride, terrible blind spot, very annoying front wiper, completely useless rear wiper, cost a fortune to service, clutch is on/off, need to rev it too much to pull away and use too low a gear as it has NO power..., it's not a Panda! Kind of stuck with it for a while but the modern way is not for me. I think peak car is yes 1995 - 2005 give or take. I could use Sunny daily as it's softer, smellier(!), more fun, unusual etc etc but the lack of power steering would literally get very wearing and I would double the 33 year mileage in about 18 months! (Don't worry Nigel, Sunny is NOT going to be ruined like that!) Of course what I really need is to stop such long commuting and just bumble around local roads in interesting cars that don't NEED to be super economical and reliable.
  9. Room for another! Don't think this will happen but fingers crossed anyway. Sunny is sparkling and been out a few times now. Will hopefully be over for rackalia in the next week or so, will message you soon Thanks!
  10. Currently in negotiation 😉 Should resist But Can not resist....
  11. Roffle please! Not had a diesel version yet and it could be useful on my looooooong commute!
  12. Hi All, I can't go now so have 2 Spectator tickets available if any use to anybody?
  13. Temporary home for now but under cover anyway. What a smashing, pleasant little car! LX is not quite base - it has protective mouldings and a 5 speed gearbox as a hint of luxuriousness. Sunny has been well cared for and will continue to be. Washed for collection (thanks!), just needs a good detailing and scrub up and all set then for an expedition! Thanks so much to @Spottedlaurel
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