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  1. Hello AutoShite Collective - firstly my return key on the laptop is broken so please excuse my horrible formatting. Long time lurker - FIRST POST! I'm Twisty - 32 years old with a serious chod bothering history. My first car (gifted) was a Citroen Ax 1.5D with no MOT and a rotten rear beam. Things have progressed speedily from there: Mk4 Escort 3dr 1.1 Bonus (£180 purchase cost?), Mk 4 Escort 3dr RS Turbo Replica with XR2i engine (£600), MK5 Cortina 2.0 (the most rotten car I've owned thus far), E30 318i Coupe High Lux (High Lux denotes electric windows, sunroof and snazzy side stripes (value for $$$$ = HIGH, BMW got on the commercialization of "features" very swiftly!); stop gap 1996 Clio 2 door as the BMW was broken - big surprise there!(was scrapped after an alternator replacement at home went bad (the Clio) ...If there are only 2 wires and you connect them the wrong way very bad things occur... then a 1986 E30 316i 2Ddr (coupe? I don't want to get into this conversion lol) should never have sold that one; 2 owners and 77k milage when I got it. I went sensible after this - 1998 A4 B5 1.9Tdi - quite uneventful transport device.(apart from crashing it, buying back from insurance company and repairing at home to return to the road) - moved to Australia got a Mazda B2600 Ute (pick up), then an E30 325E, then a E28 535i. Currently living in London rocking a 2002 Suzuki Swift! I'll try and get my phone linked up soon and post some photos! Peace to you all and kudos for having such a cool community!
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