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  1. Sorry to see this here.... I've not been around long enough to recall the previous issue. Few forums I've been on seem to be able to nail moderation well. Those that do a bit more to enforce the rules always end up rather bland, which is fine if they are just going to be more of a technical resource for owners, but does little to encourage growth or new interesting content. On the other hand I've left a couple of otherwise decent places that had no moderation and just ended up being overly aggressive shouting grounds for some apparently truly horrible individuals keen to be 'top dog'. I've never been a mod and wouldn't want to be either! Maybe the rules could just be simplified a bit:
  2. I like this random photo being included in the advert with absolutely no explanation as to relevance...... I refuse to accept these trophies have anything to do with the car!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1787440704713510/ Rock solid residuals apparently.
  4. Why would one replace the 'oil tank' on one of these, is it a common fault? Other than that pesky cat wire Mot fail isn't too* bad!? 😸 Vehicle Smart MOT data for VOLKSWAGEN T545UAA Failures: • Anti-lock braking system warning lamp indicates an ABS fault (1.6 (b)) - MAJOR • Engine MIL inoperative or indicates a malfunction ( (h)) - MAJOR • Electrical wiring heavily deteriorated Lambda sensor wire on catalytic converter has been cut (4.11 (b) (ii)) - MAJOR • Nearside Front Inner Suspension arm pin or bush excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) - MAJOR • Offside Front Inner Suspension arm pin or bush excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) - MAJOR Advisories: • Nearside Rear Seat belt buckle slightly damaged (7.1.2 (d)) • Oil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i)) • Driver's view Items removed from driver's view prior to test (3.1 (a) (ii)) • Nearside Front Tyre slightly damaged/cracking or perishing (5.2.3 (d) (ii)) • Offside Rear Tyre slightly damaged/cracking or perishing (5.2.3 (d) (ii)) • Nearside Rear Tyre slightly damaged/cracking or perishing (5.2.3 (d) (ii)) • Offside Front Inner Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e)) • Front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (1.1.13 (a) (ii)) • Offside Rear Upper Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c)) • Brake hose has slight corrosion to ferrule All ferrules corroded (1.1.12 (f) (i)) • Nearside Front Brake hose slightly deteriorated (1.1.12 (b) (ii)) • Offside Front Brake hose slightly deteriorated (1.1.12 (b) (ii)) • Engine covers fitted obscuring some items • Undertrays fitted obscuring some items • General corrosion
  5. These are what is known in the trade as "ShitCunts". Well done to the potential victims for spotting what was going on and not being bullied into the sale.
  6. Everyone needs to be healthy, does your fruit juice have too much sugar? You need this amazing* invention..... 40% fewer calories and less sugar (by diluting it with 40% water and charging more per serving). http://tropicana.co.uk/our-products/tropicana-lean/mixed-berries-lean Not sure if it annoys me that marketing bods think people are thick enough to go for this shit or the fact that they are probably correct!
  7. That's the kicker.... Criminal law so by no means straightforward for an individual.... Charges would generally be by trading standards or Police (neither of whom are likely to be interested in a private seller). I would emphasise though that one's knowledge of cars is irrelevant, if selling an unroadworthy car you have to say so or you commit the offence, ignorance is not a defence. Anyhow..... A moot point if it doesn't lead to anything but may be worth bearing in mind if anyone is selling away from the forum....
  8. Sorry, being frugal on the wordage! Must be roadworthy unless clearly stated to the buyer. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/52/section/75
  9. Two distinct things here....... Bear in mind I am talking about a seller intentionally lying or misrepresenting a car not just being a little bit clueless.... If the seller described the car in a certain way such as 'rust free' they cannot then claim to not know about a terminal rust issue, they have set their stall out. If they simply said 'good condition' then that's open to interpretation. In terms of roadworthyness it's a criminal offence under the Road traffic act to sell an unroadworthy car unless you explicitly make the buyer aware (slightly more to it than that but that's the gist). This applies to private sellers and makes no mention of the sellers knowledge of any defects. Linky link: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/52/section/75
  10. Not if they have intentionally mislead or lied to the buyer. The description must be accurate and the car roadworthy. Obvs that then brings the issue of a civil claim for any redress which for a cheap car isn't worth it, a £50k car though......
  11. Unwanted and unused for months car sat on drive..... eBay 99p no reserve.... Potential buyer - "Will you guarantee car will make it the length of country towing another car?" Me - "No. I wouldn't try that. It's not been used in months." Him - "Ok if you say is good I will believe you" Me - "I've not said that. If you buy the car it's at your own risk. Maybe look for one closer to home" Obvs said chap wins* auction and turns up to collect. Sits in car redlining for 5 mins after paying me and then says there's an engine light on. Turns out coolant was low, tops up and leaves after his dog vomits on my drive. A few weeks later start receiving odd emails in the early hours. Start random and degenerate to veiled threats when not answered instantly (at 2am). Complaints about seat being uncomfortable, radio having bad reception, panel gaps etc etc..... Went on to accuse me and our local garage as having teamed up to defraud him but would call it quits for £50! Conversely two other cars sold on the bay were smooth and hassle free so maybe I'm not doing too bad?
  12. +1. Some interesting results out there whilst searching for a forum 'with a slightly sweary name!'
  13. WTF does "It needs repair and stopping hatches" mean?
  14. As a UK based Autodoc alternative has anyone used Parts In Motion? https://www.partsinmotion.co.uk/ Seem reasonable price and stock.....
  15. "On a number of occasions it would fail for no reason. I have read that this can be due to a number of reasons however I did not investigate" That clears that up then!
  16. I have quite often joined one make forums when thinking about potential opportunities for chod. Saab and Volvo forums are good, generally people like the brand's but acknowledge their faults. I guess that the majority of content is for older cheaper cars which may temper expectations a bit.... The missus has a leased Seat Arona and that forum is bizzare, I think most on there are not 'car people' so some truly strange opinions. I wonder if similar is true of the MG Facefuck group.
  17. Why the actual fuck would anyone bother to scour online adverts to complain about the price and send mild abuse to the seller? I know it's good to have a hobby but still....
  18. If you don't mind doing a few quick changes how about 20l for £35. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mannol-Defender-Semi-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-10W-40-501-01-505-00-SL-ACEA-A3-B3-/164218182787?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  19. Am I right in thinking fully synthetic oil is a fairly recent thing for most American cars? I've seen a couple of vids on the YouTube almost pleading with viewers not to change the oil so much and explaining how much better modern oil is..... Conversely I suspect that the extended intervals seen on a lot of modern cars are excessive and whilst fine for the first owner (leaser?) and whilst car is under warranty may not lead to a long and happy ownership experience after this.
  20. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3627063517356055/ Something just gives me the creeps about this potential crime scene.
  21. Scan tools...... Don't know if this would be suitable or not, I have a Swedish spec one, works on the Ovlov but is hated by the Saab! https://ljmcardiagnostics.co.uk/products/icarsoft-lr-v2-0-jaguar-professional-diagnostic-scan-tool-icarsoft-uk Enjoyed reading your thread, fair play for the tenacity!
  22. Subframe bushes can be done without removing the subframe if you replace with poly. Basically drill and holesaw the old ones out and use a jack to push the poly mount in from below, can be done on axle stands although a two post lift would make it a lot more agreeable! I would however consider dropping the subframe and treating with rust converter and chassis paint, this also allows a load of otherwise inaccessible parts to be dealt with (alternator, power steering pipes, oil pressure switch, rear engine mount). I wonder if the suspension fail is for the shock mount? If so they are £35 and easy to change https://www.partsforsaabs.com/product_info.php?products_id=5318
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