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  1. I didn't find a massive difference immediately after changing the ATF however over the next few thousand miles it became a bit smoother and an annoying clunk disappeared. I wondered if the new fluid slowly helped clean a bit of gunk or varnish off of something? I got to change most of the fluid again about 18 months later when the cooler pipe rusted through so is still like cherryade in there!
  2. When you do the filter there's a sponge bit that goes above it, sometimes these have an adhesive strip to stick them on. Don't stick it on. Put the foam thingy in first as it fits around some of the pipework, the filter can then just slide in. When I first changed mine there was approximately 3/7ths of a small tree in the housing too!
  3. Iirc....... Drain via sump (4l approx), refit sump plug and refill this amount via dipstick. Undo the cooler line (lower one I think.... Double check!) and fit homemade fluid directing gizmo... Have a glamorous assistant start the engine and have 2l of fluid come out (this is what the jug is for so make sure it's got some spare capacity). Once 2l is out stop the engine. Replace 2l fluid via dipstick. Repeat until the fluid coming out is cherry red. Bear in mind that the WIS instructions are slightly off. I forget exactly how but if you follow them to the letter you would end up a litre down on trans fluid. I bought a big Tupperware box from home bargains which was only a couple of quid and marked this up with litres, this made it possible to put the right quantity of fluid back in. Will send you a pm.
  4. It is very simple and tidy. If you want I can post you a homemade tube to assist along with a couple of new washers (won't be able to send until Friday as away at the moment). The fluid only comes out at a moderate rate however it does help to have a suitable measuring jug to assist putting the correct volume back in!
  5. May well be teaching to suck ovulation but.... It's very easy to do this via the cooler line so all the fluid is changed in one go, this became to officially Saab method. If not already then the Uksaab website is a wealth of knowledge and generally helpful bunch. +1 on a Noobtune. These also run significantly better on 99ron fuel. I tell myself that the small increase in economy evens things out ppm (it doesn't).
  6. An exponential rise in toileting could be an issue. 🙀
  7. Make sure you replace the spark plugs too, you don't wanna break your new DIC 😉
  8. We do like an advisory free pass! (Last year was only for a slightly rusted brake line)
  9. There will doubtless be future exciting opportunities to use the code....... Remember: Something's Almost Always Broken!
  10. +1 for Bill at Saabits. If you go on the Uksaab forum there is a code for 10% off on the end of any of Bill's posts...... https://www.uksaabs.co.uk/UKS/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=205437
  11. Not a clue but following with interest...... This bunch of masochists may have some answers: http://c6owners.org/plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?317.105
  12. I did, but I'm also intending to keep the car for at least as long as they last (which is currently looking like flipping ages!). I don't understand the logic of fitting substandard parts to your own car unless it's to fix an issue before flogging it. Whilst finding matching branded tyres on a new purchase is nice it's not a deal breaker, I did go and see a car that had four different makes and three different sizes on (that was a step too far).
  13. I've uploaded a page from the Acpo guidelines. If you look at the wording the threshold for a prosecution rather than fixed penalty is above 96mph. You are recorded as doing 96 which can still be interpreted as suitable for a fixed penalty. It has been known for traffic cops to slightly reduce the reported speed to allow fixed penalties in some cases. No guarantees but I wouldn't be surprised if a fpn offer comes through.
  14. What body part do you have to inset to make the connection? Is some kind of adapter required?
  15. Aldi mini socket set with torx and driver bits. Incredibly useful and well made for about £15 (although webpage says nla). https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-46-piece-socket-bit-set/p/800928402787500
  16. Not sure if this helps...... No complete driveshaft listed but three alternatives for CV joints by the same manufacturer on Autodoc..... maybe one of these matches what you need?
  17. Don't forget Camskill which are often even cheaper again.......
  18. Not you...... them...... Heated windscreen rocks!
  19. No heated windscreen? That was one of the best bits on my old Puma! Absolutely fantastic cars. Not fast but entertaining and nice even level of grip Vs grunt.
  20. Wgl2019

    E10 fuel

    Is your old shitter compatible with the new fuel standard? Check here https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol
  21. I may need to take a little break from Facebook
  22. Unless buying something that is still under manufacturers warranty you may well still have the same kind of jobs being required. Someone I work with had to get a new clutch pack on his 2016 Peugeot after it decided forward motion was too much to ask for (french dual clutch £1500). I think there's a happy middle ground that involves buying good examples of cars rather than a fixer upper that keeps on throwing up new and exciting* issues!
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