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  1. I think Mercedes hit “peak dashboard“ from the early 80s to around 2000. Brilliantly clear, stylish and instantly recognisable. Materials used felt like they would last forever, well until you used the horribly cheap rheostat on the W124 at any rate. I had a W202 followed by a W203 as company cars back in the day. The W202 still had that heavyweight, slightly old fashioned, built from gurders feel about the dash. The W203 dash looked far more modern and had all the gadgets, but always reminded me vaguely of a Vauxhall.
  2. Does the machine gun still work?
  3. I like the floating needle effect on the W220 dials but I have to admit to a preference for the monumental W140 dash. Here‘s one I found on Google. This era S Class also had the most amazing centre console ever. Look at this:
  4. I think the E46 dash is pretty much peak BMW in terms of attractiveness, usefulness and the traditional driver orientation. After this BMW entered its baroque period with the unsightly E90 and E60 interiors. Edit: Just realised, that‘s an M3 isn‘t it?
  5. Tesla used to use Mercedes E Class indicator, wiper and gear selector stalks in the Model S. The new Model S apparently has no indicator or wiper stalks any more as they have been replaced by touch buttons on the steering wheel.
  6. Back in the 80s I had a Peugeot 305S. Here‘s one I found on that den of french temptation, leboncoin.fr. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2062880255.htm I loved it and it was my daily driver for 2 years. Mostly reliable, except the autochoke on the fiendishly complex Solex twin choke carb disintegrated and the accessory relay fell out of its contacts as it was mounted upside down in the bottom of the fuse box - who the hell designed that? Rust got the better of it eventually and I was really sad to see it go. Miles nicer to drive than a contemporary Ford or BL product. Just look at that interior and those lovely squishy seats.
  7. Many moons ago I used to have a TVR Griffith 500 in this colour. Apart from the obvious upside down Cavalier Mk2 rear lights and Citroën CX door mirrors, the steering column and stalks were also from a Cav as were the electric window switches as far as I can remember. The driving lights in the grill were from the BMW E30 and the side repeater indicators were from the Fiat Uno. I know this since both items actually fell off whilst driving and I had to replace them without paying the ludicrous TVR main dealer prices.
  8. Toyota actually sold a mildly reworked version of the Camry in the US as the Lexus ES. The modifications were really half hearted and the mid noughties version especially was very difficult to tell apart from the equivalent Camry, even for a car buff like me.
  9. Back around 2000ish, a colleague at work bought a JDM Mazda Eunos. It was visually far better than a UK MX5 as most of them had been barried by then, but I don‘t think I‘ve ever seen a car rust so fast. You could almost see it dissolving as you watched.
  10. Always had a hankering for one of these. I‘m sure many happy* weekends could be had fettling the analogue components based D-Jetronic.
  11. I remember how huge the CX seemed to be. Now it‘s dwarfed by that F31.
  12. My daughter was car sick more often in cars with a very smooth ride. Only ones she never threw up in were an E92 335d and an A4 3.0 S-Line, both rode like they had square wheels. Other than that, she was sick in an E90 320d, an E61 530d, a Q7 with air suspension, a VW Touran and an F34 330d, oh and my wife‘s Panda. We cured the problem by letting her sit in the front.
  13. BMW E46 M3… …Estate! Prototype was production ready apparently,
  14. Apparently this prototype was built by BMW. Has a sort of used look about it, so maybe it was built for testing or something.
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