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  1. Just read about this today. Peugeot 305 4x4! The drive system is from the French company Dangel who also converted 504s and 505s.
  2. Happy Carpets sounds like something that should have been a children‘s TV series in the 70s starring Brian Cant.
  3. I did a paper round from 1976 to 1979. This included a council estate which I remember seemed to be full of Mk1 Capris in various trim levels as well as Minis with widened wheel arches. However, the absolute highlight was a large house in a more upmarket estate whose owner took delivery of a Rover SD1, first one I‘d ever seen.
  4. Not just the turbos. I had a Mk2 MR2 GT T-Bar which I managed to spin on a wet road whilst going in a straight line. Fortunately the road was wide, it was late at night and the car spun on its axis, ending up pointing in the direction I'd just come from without hitting anything else. This was a facelift model with the "tamed" rear suspension. The early Mk2s must have been really brown trouser to drive.
  5. My first crash was in my first brand new car, a 1990 XR2i in red, no sniggering at the back there! I was working in Germany at the time and driving one fine day along a straight section of main road listening to Out of Time by REM when I saw an Opel Omega coming the other way and then stopping to turn left. I don‘t know whether the driver was waiting until he saw the whites of my eyes, because all of a sudden he shot across my path and I T-boned him at about 40mph minus 5 microseconds braking time. After the noise had stopped, I remembered that 5 minutes previously I had filled up with petrol and tried to open the door. It was jammed shut and the electric windows didn‘t work as the car no longer had an electrical system. With the assistance of some passers by, the door (pre side intrusion bars) got bent sufficiently for me to crawl out. The car was 3 months old at the time. The following day and with quite a lot of delayed muscle pain, I went to the compound to retrieve my possessions. The guy in charge asked me how the driver was doing. I told him I was the driver and he looked more than surprised. He took me to see the wreck and I felt sick. I‘d obviously tried to instinctively swerve to the right and the front left hand corner had taken the full impact. The A pillar was completely bent over the roof and the passenger floor had been pushed backwards a long way. Fortunately though it was a rhd British reg car so I was sitting on the other side and my long, lanky frame meant I was also sitting a long way from the non-airbagged steering wheel. The driver of the Omega turned out to be Italian and tried to blame me for driving too fast. The German police weren‘t having any of it and charged him with dangerous driving. I got a new replacement XR2i in red and ever since then always have one of those emergency window smashing hammers in the car with me.
  6. Back in early 2003, BMW built around 500 preproduction E60 5 Series which were lent out to various organisations around Munich in order to perform, ahem, robustness testing. The cars were only mildly camouflaged and I used to see them frequently as I lived in Munich at the time and it certainly allowed me to acclimatise to the styling before it was launched. Anyway, one of them made it into the national press as the driver lost control of it whilst making progress on a country road in wet weather, It went through a crash barrier, demolished a brick barn and came to rest in a ditch. When the local fire brigade appeared they discovered 2 things. Firstly, the driver didn‘t need to be cut out of the wreck as he was standing next to it, relatively unscathed. Secondly, he was one of their mates from the local fire brigade. There used to be pictures of the crash on the interweb, but I‘ve not been able to find them.
  7. My mum once had a 1980 Escort Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus. Being the Plus it was one level above the sack cloth and ashes model as it had electric screen washers and scratchy cloth seats. However it also had the detuned 1.1litre engine which wheezed out something like 41bhp as well as gearing so low, 65mph was a realistic top speed. It also had drum brakes at the front and suffered serious brake fade despite the very modest performance.
  8. Thanks, I like all W124s and agree the basic ones have a charm of their own, as do the W123s. In fact after I bought the Coupe I very nearly bought a really basic but very well cared for doom blue W124 200E estate T Model to use as every day transport as it became clear the Coupe was basically too good to use day in day out. I ended up being given a company car though which rather put paid to those dreams. I'll get one sometime though.
  9. Great thread and a nice car. The W124 is my favourite Mercedes of all time and I owned one for around 7 years, an E320C in metallic blue, built in 1994 with 1 previous owner and 68,000km when I bought it. I like all the W124 body types but have a particular affection for the Coupe with its frameless doors and other offbeat solutions such as the pneumatic seat tilting and the laminated rear glass. I took ages to track one down that was in good nick, hadn't been lowered with psuedo AMG alloys and loud exhaust and I’d actually intended never selling it, but encountered cash flow problems a few years ago so it had to go, I still miss it. Spec included 5 speed automatic gearbox, full leather trim, electric memory front seats and sunroof as well as a few unusual extras such as a timer operated auxiliary heater and the brick sized OEM GSM telephone built into the front armrest. Once I’d recreated a credit card sized SIM card this turned out to still be fully functional, complete with hands free kit and a sound quality you just don't get these days with bluetooth. A brilliant summer cruiser with a supple ride (by today's standards), pillarless windows, big sunroof and growly 6 cylinder engine. Hopefully I'll own another some day, though next time I think I'd go for a saloon or estate. Anyway, After reading this thread I wistfully went through some photos taken to sell the car, and here’s a selection. In case it's not obvious, it has German plates because I live in Germany. Sigh...
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