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  1. Sad reflection on some people‘s priorities. Especially those videos of someone falling over and noone apparently bothering to see if they‘re ok.
  2. Spotted today in a traffic jam near Stuttgart, a new one on me, a Lada Vesta. Looks reasonable from a distance, looks totally crap up close.
  3. There are few cars as robust as the Hyundai Getz in my experience. Truly horrible to drive, but after the nuclear apocalypse they‘ll still be there, along with the cockroaches.
  4. I love these Series 1 SD1s. So much nicer looking than the Series 2s. That is a fab colour as well.
  5. Additionally, most Russians would rather have their fingernails pulled out than drive a Russian car. Putin introduced a 25% duty on imported cars some years ago, in addition to the 20% VAT in order to protect the Russian manufacturers. However, people would still rather drive a 4 year old Toyota with the steering wheel on the wrong side than a new Lada.
  6. Used to go to Russia a lot, especially Southern Siberia. The place was always chock full of right hand drive Japanese imports, many of which I‘d never seen before, even in Japan.
  7. I remember seeing pictures of this in a magazine as a teenager, it left an impression in my formative years. It‘s the Michelin Centipede and was used by Michelin to do high speed testing on their tyres. The tyre testing rig is in the middle of the car. I think the engine is at the back.
  8. Never seen this one before, a Ford Granada Mk2 1.7L, Dutch market special for those not in a hurry, with 1.7 litre V4 power and plastic seats to complete the sack cloth and ashes vibe. The one below is for sale. https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/ford-granada-1-7-l-station-gasoline-beige-e87c2ba2-7b45-f132-e053-e350040a49d7?utm_source=ios-share&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=share
  9. I had a Mk2 GTI 16V back in the nineties, took me ages to track one down that hadn‘t been crashed or stolen, which was a big problem with hot hatches at the time. I used it to commute 50 miles to work each day, it was amazing to drive and I regretted selling it the moment I saw the buyer driving it away. Only downside I can remember was the rattly dashboard.
  10. Back in ca. 1981 a mate of mine had a shed of an Austin 1300 which was used to transport 5 or 6 of us to the pub on Friday nights. On the way home on one occasion, the temperature gauge shot up into the red and the battery light came on so we stopped. Looking under the bonnet confirmed that, indeed, the fanbelt had snapped and as my mate had no breakdown cover we were looking at a long walk home. At the time there was an old wives‘ tale that it was possible to replace a fanbelt with a pair of tights to effect a temporary repair. Fortunately on that occasion my mate‘s sister had accompanied us
  11. I knew someone in Germany who had one back in the day, might have been a Murena though, not sure any more. I remember it having a lovely interior, but it was very troublesome and turned out to have horrendous rust hidden under the immaculate plastic body panels.
  12. ...and I reckon the car she‘s sitting in is a Jensen Interceptor.
  13. Nice one, I‘d forgotten those existed. I saw one for sale at a specialist dealer in Germany ca. 1993 and remember looking in wonder at the crazy Alfasud ergonomics such as the heater fan being on the windscreen wiper stalk if memory serves correctly. It’s the only Giardinetta I think I‘ve ever seen on the road.
  14. In a brief moment of madness many years ago I considered buying one of these. It‘s a mid 70s VW SP2, built in Brazil.
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