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  1. I think these are probably one of the best bargains you can get atm. If the sills aren't rotten and the clutch isn't bad then they're remarkably reliable and not a bad drive. If mine was an auto then I think I'd still have it.
  2. DirtyDaily

    End of shite?

    I've been hearing they expect a pretty big crash in car prices this year for the newer stuff. Perhaps that will translate in to lower values for the shite also? I hope so. I do agree there is very little out there for just cheap money. Anything that isn't completely shagged commands decent money.
  3. https://www.gumtree.com/p/suzuki/1998-suzuki-glx-1.2-red-automatic/1449807459 That's a serious bargain if all genuine
  4. I love comments like that. "It's alright. Just electricity isn't working is all." Also to add: I can't believe that's a genuine bid either with such a long time left on it. Yes it's low miles and yes it's a small auto but that's fucking outrageous for a polo with known issues and 20 fucking years old.
  5. Sorry what pardon? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175570626676?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=XPdiOmnlRSW&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=tNh2MUatQgO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  6. I fear this is the only reasonable option.
  7. It is very funny indeed. I think it's how you get used to driving them. I had a friend who was used to driving agricultural shit who then got a mk3 NA supra. He went for an enthusiastic drive with me and he said "I was expecting it to be a bit faster" and he was changing by 5k rpm so wasn't going in to where it wanted to be at like 7k. I told him and he said it felt so wrong at first but the car then all of a sudden woke up. I enjoy that high rpm stuff more than the low end shove. I get the need for a big car then either a dog. Shame because I imagine the xfr with a supercharger might mimic a diesel low end grunt too. Diesels are dying though! Faster than petrols anyway.
  8. Interesting. Whenever I get in a diesel I HATE the way they run. Like it's being fuelled with gravel. Our S60 D5 runs like a tractor but I appreciate it returns v good mpg and when up to speed isn't too offensive. The best diesel I had was the 3.0tdi A6 which was fairly passable but it just didn't come close to a petrol for me. Though I have found myself becoming a snob with cars recently and anything less than 6 cylinders feels inadequate and agricultural. On the X5 front I thought those v8 engines were complete junk, as well as the rest of the car tbh. The 5.0XFR's on the other hand are supposed to be superb bits of kit. Between the two for me there's no competition.
  9. Epic wow https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1103276990384359/ I have a super soft spot for old JDM Kei cars
  10. So having driven the car the EML returned with codes for bank 1 sensor 1 O2. Cat efficiency code has gone so not like the exhaust didn't need doing but slightly annoying it didn't fix the primary o2 sensor codes but not surprising. New Denso sensor has been ordered so I will get that on ASAP as it does smell a tad rich while it's running still. On the other hand I'm quite pleased it's still needs the o2 sensor as the MPG hasn't been great! I'm sure that'll get a few more MPG's for me. I'm correct in thinking bank 1 is nearside/passenger side aren't I?
  11. Belting engine in them. V nice.
  12. I have been lurking on that thread and cursing you for beating me to it! Cracking deal and a really smart looking car. I'm enjoying this LS430 alot and saw a post on the ls page on Facebook where everyone was posting their miles that the car had covered. This on 211k is a spring chicken compared to some of the numbers on there. A few in excess of 400k miles. Makes me feel better about mine!
  13. 350 GBP. Not the cheapest but a thorough solution to a common problem whilst retaining all cats seemed a good to me. Decat pipe and fitting myself wouldn't have been much cheaper and wouldn't of been as good quality. Exhibit A:
  14. New exhuast day. Sounds MUCH better now. Still has a deep growl and no horrible blowing noises. Also no EML which is nice. Still need to locate the rattle at the back but after work it's too cold to be outside underneath a car. Maybe this weekend!
  15. Sorry to see this. Weird how we get attached to these lumps of metal. I think the fact huggy we live on by keeping other cars is some sort of comfort. I found that when my jag bit the dust in a crash. You have to be reasonable with these things and you really can't save them all. RIP huggy but also long live huggy.
  16. Lovely things. Nearly bought the ex alicante one on here but I was too late. Always wanted a lexus so I'm happy to be in one!
  17. Update on the above. Closed the door and heard a rattle coming from the rear near where the exhaust heat shield was. Pretty confident it's in that general vicinity so I will probably jack the car up, take the wheel off and have a better look at some point. I'll be happy once that's cured!
  18. Update today. Exhaust has been thoroughly looked at. Apparently they find the y pipe coming from the down pipes are always pretty bad and this was no exception. Pin holes everywhere and LOTS of repairs. Whole new custom section going in whilst retaining the cats. Swung by lexus for some oil and coolant for top ups and also the valve cover gaskets and spark plug gaskets to solve that leak. I also removed one of the heat shields for the back box as it was falling off and creating an awful lot of noise as you would expect. There is still something making a noise though I have found when going over bumps. Kind of sounds metalic but kind of sounds like a groaning Bush all in one. Very strange... I have been pushing and pulling and rocking the car to mimic the noise while stationery to try and locate it but no joy. I suspect its something clanging about over harsh bumps rather than softer undulations. I will find it, I have to as its so quiet otherwise its all you can hear. Also picture outside lexus because must. Even next to the new shite, this old shite is a considerable lump!
  19. I've had a few of the cars mentioned: Rover 75, which I got for free... I would say great car for someone who wants something reasonably comfortable, reliable, economical etc. I just found the 2 litre diesel a little too uninspiring to drive and for everyday driving an auto works for me. Too lazy to be rowing gears at 7am on the way to work. Volvo P2, S60 D5 auto flavour. Euro 3 for max mpgs and reliability. Really like this and still have it. My other half's main driver. Very good economy, decent performance, good durability and decent cruiser. 6.5/10 interior wise which is enough to be pleasant. I bought this from this forum and replaced the notorious oil leaking core plug. £600 for the pleasure. Other than a split abs ring it's been as good as gold and reliable and with the achilles heel fixed I hope it to be in service for a good amount of time. Audi B5. Perhaps not what the original poster had in mind in S4 flavour but I will say that it was reliable in my ownership. I did spend a silly amount of money modifying and fortifying but as an estate it was a really solid all rounder. 500hp, estate, leather seats, bose sound system it did a lot very well. I moved house in it, numerous tip runs etc. One I would add is the X350. Not as reliable as preciously mentioned but not far off and I think in 3.0 petrol guise I think it'll be one of the cheapest ways of travelling in A grade luxury. I really like these and will no doubt have another in the future. I'll also add the lexus LS430 because I'm rather enjoying mine at the moment!
  20. So car is booked in with a custom exhaust shop on Saturday for sizing up and doing the work on Wednesday. Hopefully that will solve the o2 codes I am getting. I noticed in the invoices in Feb of this year there is an invoice for a new denso o2 sensor so I have a sneaky suspicion that it's been blowing for a while and previous owner thought it just needed a sensor. To be fair it's still very quiet even with the blow. I am also ordering new cam cover gaskets and spark plug hole gaskets etc. Along with new pcv valve and grommet to refresh all that side of it. GOOD NEWS!!!!! I found a lexus invoice showing a timing belt change at approx 100k miles in like 2004/5 and I thought that was the last hence my slight concern for this. Upon reviewing the service records I can see in mid 2015 on 202k miles it was replaced again so got a few years left in it so no rush in that. With the exhaust sorted and oil leak done it will be purring very nicely. Other thing to check will be the sunroof opening randomly (very common fault by all accounts) which could either be a faulty circuit board or dying battery. I'll check the battery first of course. Secondly the keyless entry only works intermittently. The puddle lights always illuminate so I think this is a fault with the actuator sending an incorrect signal saying it is already open. When that happens the keyless entry mechanism doesn't try to open the car again but when you press the unlock button it then unlocks it fine. With those things sorted I think it will be operating as it should be! How very lexus of it! I'm not too frightened of anything expensive breaking as my first port of call will be the breakers where I can pickup parts relatively inexpensively and I will fit myself. Thats the theory anyway!
  21. So the exhaust leak has finally tripped the EML again. Looks like it is probably effecting the mpg looking at these codes which if I'm being honest I'm actually quite glad about as it is supping the fuel so an improvement will be appreciated! The sunroof opens randomly which I believe may be down to a faulty circuit board in the sunroof ecu. In order to not get caught out with the roof staying open I have removed the fuse for the mean time. I am really enjoying it though, makes a great growl (not sure how much of that is blowing exhaust) and is supremely comfortable. For 211k miles the amount of the cutting edge gadgets still working is very impressive. Can't wait to get stuck in to replacing cam cover gaskets and getting the timing belt done etc. Will be taking the exhuast to a shop though to sort out sooner rather than later. Eta. Ignore the brake lamp error. They work and nothing doesn't work because of it. Didn't come back when I cleared it too. Weirds.
  22. Very different. A6 being the le mans was quite firm and direct. The lexus is anything but! I find that the lexus is doing everything in its power to make you relaxed. It doesn't really accelerate hard unless you put it in to "power" mode, but in power mode it does have a bit of hustle !
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