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  1. Especially if they’re called Monica…..
  2. As are all "new" car adverts.............as long as it connects to your Faceache ridden phone, and it plugs into the mains, nothing else seems to matter...................
  3. Box is surprisingly good… in that you don’t notice it!
  4. Genuine mileage, but scant service history…. Timing belt is first priority…drives really well. Bedouin tent headlining, and a recalcitrant glovebox catch aside, it’s in very good condition. Suspect an elderly owner from new
  5. Well, the FTO (aka scarlet harlot) has been replaced by something that could either described as an automotive dead end, or 20 years ahead of it’s time. I owner, 20k miles from new, 1.8 kettle with CVT gearbox….
  6. Absolutely right. Genius? Probably….arrogant arse… definitely. Designed cars with total disregard for the end user, either from an owning or maintenance perspective
  7. You can actually get your discs skimmed whilst still “ in situ”……
  8. As any normal, right minded person would have……
  9. Him and his £150,000 “ bargains”!
  10. colc

    Save a Rover

    I’d hazard a guess at temperature sender unit. Also, try disconnecting MAF and try it
  11. Advert wording both nauseating and nigh on incomprehensible
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