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  1. Morning.could you give me a quote for transporting a Mercedes from PE22 8EY to ME17 4JX....both Autoshite members!

  2. No problem ref engine......bloody thing is trying your patience, is it not?
  3. Multiple fucks.............what a bastard.
  4. Warm....not incandescent!😂😂
  5. I’ve actually used bathroom sealant applied via syringe..... trick is to warm it up so it’s a bit runny
  6. I've actually used PVA to seal a screen before, used a syringe to apply.....worked ok
  7. Another Mac convert here.........
  8. Wonder if the old trick of a piece of wood between the seat and the clutch pedal in fully depressed mode would help, especially if car is left dormant for long periods of time.
  9. Have you tried acupuncture?
  10. Bitter SC coupe.... bought blind off eBay from a dodgy bloke in Brum. Oil cooler exploded within 20 miles. Recovered to garage, who “ fixed it” by just by passing it. In the next 150 miles all the electrics failed ( melted fuse box) the fuel pump failed, and the front n/s calliper seized. Then it developed a weird fault which resulted in the exhaust manifold getting so hot it used to glow.... Sold to a Norwegian via a classic car auction....
  11. iPhone 7s do seem to have more than their share of problems....
  12. Which iPhone is it? My 5 did exactly the same
  13. Brilliant at “ packaging “ to the exclusion of pretty much everything else.......the fact that the Mini handled well was a happy coincidence rather than a designed intention
  14. I’m surprised that Issigonis didn’t design it...... bloody sadistic bastard
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