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  1. Yay!! My first car!! 1.6D in White .... man i love them. No PAS , 8 people in the back to the clubs, Man ... those memories...
  2. Donated some. Thanks for keeping me sane during lockdown. Nothing to contribute car wise, but love lurking here.
  3. Mine had once belonged to the police force and had a gunsafe in that position. of even came with the combination!!
  4. nothing to add, but willing to keep you on the first page..
  5. i rebuild my dashboard years ago and refurbished all the gauges myself. some how i cocked up the petrol gauge. the longer you drove it, the fuller the tank became. guess who was stranded on the evening boxing day.....
  6. Yes! An aircooled one!! Have Broken dozens of them for their heads and carbs. well done for saving this one!! If the head isn't cracked between the valves, you have yourself a winner!!
  7. What a lovely thread! Thanks! I never fitted in one, because i like kebab top much... There's a Dutch guy constantly breaking them and parts put on the Dutch version of gumtree. https://m.speurders.nl/overzicht/?query=Fiat+x1%2F9 Hope this helps. Also saw an other guy with some fibreglass front wings L and R on there
  8. Or this beauty , in complete grandpaspec...
  9. If youre willing to loose 2 door.... Volvo 480 turbo... Volvo 480 1.7 Turbo € 2.250,00 http://link.marktplaats.nl/m1509710198?utm_source=android_social&utm_content=vip&utm_medium=android_social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons
  10. Renault 25 , of you can find one.
  11. After years of lurking and reading on this forum. Wow! Your living the dream!! Even with busses!! Not jealous at all....
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