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    DeanH reacted to Arfur Foxache in 1000+ miles weekend of collections   
    Loaded and about to head north. 

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    DeanH got a reaction from sierraman in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    Well done on having the balls to give it a go, I really hope it works out for you. Where have you based yourself? 
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    DeanH reacted to Jikovron in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    For aslong as I can remember I've wanted to be directing my own path in business but never had the actual confidence to overcome huge self doubt and fears of failure, in 2021 when I nearly met with my mortality thanks to covid I remember hating that I'd played things safe as houses like a boring nobody and literally despite continued health maladies I feel that I've got a second run up at life , so I'm starting from nothing at 35 and want to get pushing forward with what is abit of a dream for me .
    So basically my sister and I have teamed up to create a new garage/engineering works of which provides the usual bread and butter garage services and also more specialised work less commonly found like large manual machining capability and welding.
    We're looking to stock up on a range of common classic parts too so that we can take on most project work without waiting on parts turning up in ebay etc albeit limited space prevents stocking a vast amount.
    So far over the last 8 months !

    Obligatory huge lathe brought back somewhat inappropriately 

    Company car brought down , inappropriately 

    Lathe electrical rebuild done because it was dangerous as hell, 415 through the soaked push buttons etc ,,horrible ! Once cleaned and generally setup it's been put to work straight away!

    this s100 k series swap was quite aquite to drive, getting one to fit the earlier car isn't bolt in like with the estelle and rapid !

    Cambelt snappage job on an iveco 2.3, lots of new valves and lapping required!

    loads of work done, and loads more hopefully to come ! 

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    DeanH reacted to warch in eBay tat volume 3.   
    My brother, who is in his mid forties and therefore technically not a giffer has loads of tin signs stuck to the front of his house. I always make a point of asking him for parts for my BSA every time I visit.
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    DeanH reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery but much much better than Amazon   
    Spot on! 1959 93b 

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    DeanH reacted to HillmanImp in The new news 24 thread   
    "Hi, where are your drills?"
    "Aisle B, back". 
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    DeanH reacted to captain_cal in The new news 24 thread   
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    DeanH reacted to junkyarddog in Handsome bastard, fighting me all the way...   
    Maybe you should have kept this little snippet of info to yourselves lads........🤢
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    DeanH reacted to eddyramrod in Handsome bastard, fighting me all the way...   
    I had a visitor today.  Regular readers will remember @DirtyDaily offering to come and rebuild the suspension pump for me.  Today it happened.

    Here we are, all set up at my back gate.  Listening for leaks...

    And the techy stuff begins...

    New housing that was part of the rebuild kit is at the top, in his left hand.

    What you can't see here is how the lovely new housing broke as DD was tightening the bolts.  We had to re-use the old one.  Fortunately it cleaned up well enough.

    And then he reattached this front undertray that had somehow come adrift.  So we went for a test drive.

    Oh-oh... and that was only the beginning of the error messages.
    So we came home...

    ...and DD found that the battery voltage was reading low.  Apparently this is something these cars are sensitive to, so ok, we whipped it off and brought it in to put on charge.

    Once he'd finished laughing at the tiny battery that was fitted!  It's little more than half the size of what should be there.  And it's on charge now, as you see above.  We'll refit it over the weekend and see what difference it makes, if any.
    DD now totally understands what I mean about this car fighting me at every turn!  He is, in many respects, mystified.  And this is a man who has the correct tools, the correct JLR diagnostics, and the experience.  I am immensely grateful that he took the trouble to come up here for the weekend from Stockport in order to help out a frustrated old bloke.
    DirtyDaily, thank you so much.
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    DeanH reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    Nothing to see here!
    Just an old Volvo estate doing what comes natural. A new wooden 6 seater garden table with chairs plus umbrella base, they looked a bit lost in there. The table is for the FoD and don't worry we have raised our standards as they were from Freecycle!

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    DeanH reacted to loserone in 🚨L1's euro♦️ shenanigans 🍷🚨   
    Rare fleet shot today

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    DeanH reacted to morrisoxide in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    DeanH reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    DeanH reacted to egg in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Between Calais and Boulogne, so easy collection m8.

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    DeanH reacted to Minimad5 in That V6 406 (D9)   
    Obviously I've glossed over parts, and made this appear to be a simple 'Throw on some new bits and MOT'
    But some diagnostic work and time has gone into this, for instance the vacuum leaks, wasn't a simple case of 'Yeah this pipe', the drivers seat repair and fettling of door locks. 
    So now I'm at a loss, its a fully working car that just does what it needs to do, in comfort and relatively reasonable MPG (even the blooming Aircon works), but it's just not me 🤷‍♂️
    If anyone wants to literally give me what it owes me, I'll happily try dig out reciepts etc for proof .... but it's open to be purchased.
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    DeanH reacted to RetroShite in Retroshite   
    As requested!
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    DeanH reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    Thanks for looking. Mrs6C has just found it in the underfloor storage compartment.
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    DeanH got a reaction from Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    Ah, don't think I have that but I will have a dig through and let you know if I do.
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    DeanH got a reaction from Mrs6C in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes - I know it was wrong but peer pressure is hard to resist!   
    Which bit of boot trim do you need? I have an assortment of spares.
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    DeanH reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Electroshite.   
    Homeward journey in the Amazon went well. It absolutely tanned the M6 north. Without the pressure to get to a destination intact, we both opened it right up and enjoyed it. @Ronkey wanted inspiration to get his finished. Get stuck in, because it'll be worth it!

    A couple of stops for coffee, but mainly to tip jerry cans into the frustratingly small fuel tank. That fuel tank seemed increasingly small on the way back as with the car being pushed hard, let's just say the earlier 34mpg was a distant fantasy. But who cares!

    Stopped off at @warninglights place for a cup of tea, and to poke round his collection of really interesting Volvo projects. The Laplander is something to behold and is already looking like a completely different beast to when he got it. I won't give away anything, but this is going to be brilliant.
    Lolvo meets Volvo.

    And home.

    I enjoyed every minute of driving this.
    It was comfortable, surprisingly rapid, and with very few modern touches, totally capable. With the longer diff installed the speedo no longer over-reads like most cars, and a 70 on the needle is a true GPS 70.
    As such it felt like we were flying past the traffic.  It was keen for more, and without trying you'd notice you'd drifted up to GPS 80 and it had plenty left without being remotely loud. And that's before you flick the overdrive off, where you get a surprising burst of power available. 
    The K cam and overdrive puts this right in the sweet spot for motorway driving as it's at the foot of the powerband. Having that at the flick of a stalk means you can really piss off middle lane drivers who don't want to move, but don't like being overtaken by a 60 year old shack.  Tough!
    I am surprised Volvo never offered the M41+OD+1.41 axle combo in production cars, because it's just so right. It does rob a fair bit of your 0-60 and standing starts aren't as lively, but the K cam more than makes up for that, you just hold the gears a little longer.
    Rustival was fun and I would do it again. The very best part of it was seeing people, @Talbot, @chaseracer, @mat_the_cat, @Puglet @Sunny Jim, @Six-cylinder, @Mrs6C, @Andyrew.  Thank you all for such a brilliant weekend. What a great bunch of lads.
    Enjoyed the autojumbles, perhaps a little too much as we came home with a set of four Lucas driving lights.
    The enjoyment of the trip spurred me into getting some more things sorted on the car, so I have now spaffed the best part of a grand on a branched manifold, sports exhaust, a better intake, and a full set of polybushes, plus a load of electrical parts to try and fix niggles and improve the (still bodged) lighting.
    To round things off, when I got home I had a nice surprise waiting in the form of a Professional Prat.

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    DeanH reacted to Supernaut in How much shite is too much shite? Delivery but much much better than Amazon   
    I used to like you, man.
    Used to.
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    DeanH reacted to loserone in 🚨L1's euro♦️ shenanigans 🍷🚨   
    Stashed this out of the way this week.
    Renewal came through for the W211, which is funny* because I've just roffled it.  £684 for the year.
    Meanwhile I've insured the S124 on the same terms for £290, and could get the 182 on the same terms again (business use for both drivers, 4k a year, parked in the street, Mrs L1's roundabout incident not quite 5 years ago) for another £306.  I.e. it's cheaper to insure the S124 and the clio than it is the W211.  MENTAL.
    Could also put the clio on a classic policy for £250 it seems, but then I can't use it for business use.

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    DeanH reacted to Vantman in Truck Shite   
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    DeanH reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    The nearside rear tyre on my Volvo turns 34 next month and is still going strong.
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    DeanH reacted to Rust Collector in The new news 24 thread   
    This morning my mrs told me to sound the alarm and get us to the hospital.
    An hour’s brisk driving in the Disco of Doom and amazingly we had no FTP’s and no major traffic and found ourselves at Hastings Conquest in good time.
    Even more amazingly, my partner wasted no time in bringing child number two into the world.

    I got to name our son (Jensen), and my mrs has settled on Amélie for our daughter.
    I’m absolutely over the moon, couldn’t be more proud of my partner and I’m incredibly grateful for the excellent care once again by the maternity team here in Hastings.
    All being well then they’ll both be home tomorrow!
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