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  1. The amount of effort people put into bodging stuff is amazing. Some seriously outside the box thinking to wind a spark plug in there. Is a bolt not good enough?
  2. Provided there's a lintel in there already the easy DIY way would be to buy a door and sidelight to suit your opening. The hardest thing that will leave you to do it tidy the brick reveals to the lower half of the door (snap some bricks in half, bed them in the gaps you made). If you're going to pay someone I suspect you're in for around £1k. And they'll likely have it done in a day.
  3. G-Wagen then? I'll go more obscure. Ssangyong? Big one.
  4. They're nice. Makes a big difference to how comfortable it looks. Do you have any recommendations for LR forums to keep an eye out on for a reasonably priced rolling project? Ideally early S3 ish.
  5. I know it's not the AS way but but if you do scrap it they apparently have good cats on them. When I had the roffle win diesel on my drive I had someone after it as a breaker who let on about the cats, specifically on the V6.
  6. Not doubting that for a minute. I had interpreted Maxxo's use of the word new as brand new. Maybe I have jumped to a conclusion
  7. All in the name of progress old bean. Clean air and all that...
  8. Bloody hard to push through. Worth having though.
  9. Don't know where you're based but I have a repair kit if you want to do it yourself.
  10. Been knocked down and a load of housing built on the site. End of an era.
  11. @mat_the_cat can I ask where you're based? I fancy a series 3 but I'm aware I'm looking at them with rose tinted glasses. Would be great to have a ride in one to get me thinking rationally again.
  12. Bit of gaffa tape over you plate? Never tried that before. Nope, not me....
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