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  1. DeanH

    Rozzer Shite

    I now want a Wolseley...
  2. Glad you've got it running again, keep up the good work!
  3. Lovely, not bad at all. If I had it spare I'd be asking a favour of you...
  4. Especially a Toyota..
  5. Those were my thoughts. How many caravans is old Ivor flogging to keep afloat?!
  6. Fantastic reading. How the hell did you get involved in all this?
  7. Interesting to see you on here, followed you up Wakefield Road this week.
  8. Tank is already turned off. Must admit I gingerly disconnected the other filter and unclenched when it didn't shoot gas in my face!
  9. Is that the thing with the brass bowl that contains the small filter? That's next I just need a small spanner to be able to undo it. Couldn't quite contort my hands into the gap.
  10. I've only done one of the filters so haven't filled it up with gas again yet. Hoping it works as I don't want to dive into the vaporiser, they seem quite fiddly.
  11. Lacked motivation through the poor weather so whilst it was good last weekend decided to whip the bumper off and fit the insert that Rob gave me with the car. Of course I didn't get round to putting it back on til today when it was pissing it down again! Before... And after. Also started servicing the LPG system as the car started hunting when coming up to temperature. Quite enjoyed this as the filter cartridge needed splitting down, new seals and a filter insert. A bit more involved than a petrol filter is. Certainly needed changing...
  12. I know of someone looking to find storage for a 20 footer. If nothing comes off it might be for sale. It's in West Yorkshire though!
  13. At least that place treads the fine line, the other one doesn't! 251 Manchester Rd https://maps.app.goo.gl/ifPMSfrDmpynoST89
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