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  1. Thanks, the Germans liked their large 2 door saloons.
  2. I was wondering if G325WVW had a "stunt double" which was stolen & burnt. It's common for cars used in TV & films to have a duplicate car in case the main one has a problem or to film second unit footage.
  3. I don't think they were sold for long, but the equivalent Asconas managed to stay in production. The cabriolet used the same basic body shell.
  4. The Cresta PB was a lot neater than the PA which went OTT with it's transatlantic looks. It wasn't in production long before being replaced by the PC, which was OK when it was new but looking dated by the time it was axed in 1972.
  5. Don't worry it's interesting to find the quirks of the DVLA's operations.
  6. I've noticed when checking registrations in magazines a few produce a response of Not Enough Information, which I believe indicates the registration on the car was changed (normally to a personalised one) & the original one was put in abeyance in case the personalised combination was moved to another vehicle.
  7. I think they were sold in Denmark & a few other export markets.
  8. Michael Bates, who played Blamire fell ill & was replaced by Brian Wilde as Foggy.
  9. I remember one of my Uncles once mentioning he borrowed an early Mk1 Fiesta which only had one sun visor fitted, Ford also did this with the Mk2 Escort Popular. Other penny pinching included all round drum brakes, cross ply tyres, black rubber matting & vinyl seats & stickers for badges. Around the same time Vauxhall had an oversupply of HC Viva 2 door saloon bodyshells so they came up with a poverty spec special edition so shift them at a discount price. This worked & I think it might have become a regular feature in the range. Renault used 3 stud wheels on the 18 until the mid life facelift. My Dad was not pleased when he got a low spec Vauxhall Omega as a company car, with some penny pinching like manual rear windows, steel wheels, and the keys had blanked off remote control buttons.
  10. The Latin Americans have a lot of odd badge engineered cars, Australia had a glut due to the Button scheme.
  11. The original registration of the Rover was MOC229P, which was retouched to read MOO229R for using in The Professionals. Purdey's MGB was MOC232P.
  12. Come on guys! Couldn't you at least prop it up on bricks!
  13. It used to be common for press cars & such to be registered as Unknown as the model name.
  14. Or this reg Fiat 850 couple that can be seen in a lot of episodes of The Sweeney. y.
  15. I remember when my Family set off for a holiday to France in the early hours of 1/8/1993 we were overtaken on the motorway buy 3 L reg Mondeos. Either they were being delivered or had been picked up from a midnight showroom opening, which was a common event when the year letter changed.
  16. Thanks mate! but the tender is already full!
  17. I had a police car version of the Rover, which is still at my Mum's house.
  18. Quite an interesting mix of cars.
  19. I remember a Renault 14 in some news footage of Dennis Nilsen's flat being cleared out by the police. As well as the Corsairs, Peter Sutcliffe owned a Morris Minor, Ford Capri, Sunbeam Rapier & Rover 3500.
  20. The sort of thing my Gran was doing 80 years ago when she was a Land Girl.
  21. I've heard the Fiat Tipo being called the Italian Maestro.
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